girls in corsets juggling knives

If you like:

and you’re not on dial-up, you simply must go watch this video from The Ditty Bops.

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  1. that was awesome.
    I’m hoping you get an iTunes commission, since I’m sure I’m not the only person that went and bought that song after viewing.

  2. The ditty bops have been getting heaving rotation on my cable company’s digital music channel “Adult Alternative” for months now.
    cool vid. VERY slow load load peeps, give it time.

  3. I’ve actually heard that song before on our college radio station (doesn’t college radio totally rock?), and yes it was very Squirrel Nut Zipper-ish. I just didn’t know who did it before. Thanks for putting a face to the song.

  4. I’ve been listening to The Ditty Bops for awhile now, and am very excited that they’re starting to catch on. Very talented, and very cool! First time I’ve seen a video, though.

  5. Love the Ditty Bops! Dresden Dolls are neat too.
    The girls that make up the Ditty Bops are both just gorgeous to boot.
    I was thrilled when they started using their music on Grey’s Anatomy on ABC right from the get-go.
    As soon as I saw them on Conan a while back I was hooked. Thanks for the vido link Willy.

  6. The Ditty Bops

    This is an extremely cool video from The Ditty Bops. The music is catchy in a Squirrel Nut Zippers kind of way.
    I just heard of them thanks to Wil Wheaton (in Exile).
    Watch The Ditty Bops – Wishful Thinking Video.

  7. Wil, the Ditty Bops play around L.A. a lot, and they put on a *great* live show (great music, and cool outfits, and just lots of fun all around). if you ever get the chance, definitely check them out live.

  8. I discovered the Ditty Bops because they’re involved with the bike movement in L.A. There was a Bike Kitchen related ride that ended up at a Ditty Bops show, and they have a bikini bike calendar as well (
    So not only are they hot, talented and exceptionally entertaining live (I, too, saw them open for Tori), they also support alternative transportation in L.A. – which makes them even cooler than previously thought.

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