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Okay, Annie pulls out into a huge lead with her latest entry at Jesus’ Favorite. The entire thing must be read (do not attempt to do so while eating, drinking, or in an enviroment where you are expected to be quiet. You have been warned) but here’s a clip:

Shane:  Don’t tell anyone, but I think Annie is the coolest person in the world.   

Wil:  I know.

Shane:  Really.  I wish I had half of her coolness.

Wil:  Tell me about it. She is so kicking our assess in the bet.

Shane: I KNOW! Thank God we’re in an airtight borg free red dawn
tasha basha zone, so no one can hear us, ‘cause I would DIE if she knew
how awesome I thought she was.

Wil:  I feel the same way.  I bet whatever she is doing RIGHT NOW is super awesome.





Annie also linked to her sister’s blog, which is about a frequently updated as Jesus’ Favorite, but with 15.875% fewer thinly-veiled references to how awesome Shane and I really are, and how living in the shadow of our awesomeness is less awesome than the actual casting of the awesome shadow.

But it’s still pretty awesome:


Blog, "Did you grow up in a wealthy suburb?

"YES. BUT, I did not drive a BMW at age 16. I had my dad’s old caddy.
It was a 87′ Sedan…ok…and it died within the year of me owning it
because ANNIE drove it into the ground. ALWAYS getting the HAND ME

Blog, "Did you go to Catholic School for 14 years of your life?"

Steffie, "YES, hence my hang up with Jesus’ Favorite."

Blog, "Were you Homecoming Queen for the all boys school next door?"

"YES. But only because my senior picture was half-way decent and I
correctly answered some stupid question about "CaddyShack" and knew
some stupid football answer about how many downs it takes to score a
touch down…(which is a trick question…right???)"

(That is how they judged the girls..nice huh? The feminist in me is REELING.)

Blog, "Did you wear LL Bean shoes and have Polo glasses?"

Steffie, "Sadly, yes… no excuses for that one."

There must have been something in the water up in a certain catholic school in  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, because those Sertich girls are crazy with the funny.

We’re coming for you, Annie. We have a +3 cape of kicking your ass, and a scroll of Hawesome. You’d better make your save vs. nerds, or you’re totally going to lose a level.

21 thoughts on “ways + means”

  1. Wil,
    You have some of the funniest people that wander in and out of your life. Nice to see that not only did you get Annie sucked into the blogworld thru your bet, but you also got her sister! Keep up the good work. I just started my own blog a few days ago, (http://iamhoff.blogspot.com) and you set the bar very high. I need to learn somewhere, so keep the posts coming. Also, keep the RFB going too…it’s some great stuff!

  2. Dude. For real, you are in serious jeopardy of losing your Man Card if you don’t snuff her. She’s really stickin’ it to you. Losing your Man Card is bad enough, but to have a WOMAN rip it from you? Really. How can you walk around in the open?
    -Your Loyal Servant (who will indeed follow another if her king loses his Man Card to a GIRL!!)
    Post Script:
    The best part about her post was when some super nerd told her what 1337 and that 5fd20whatevertheheckitwas was.

  3. So this would be “Episode II – The Clown Wars?”
    And, I must admit, you and Shane are sucking a bit of nerd wind right about now, but I “sense” a comeback coming.
    The farce is stong in you young Wheaton PodWalker. . .
    Perhaps in “Episode III – Revenge Of the Wit!” we will see little Annie get her cumupants . . .
    Is that spelled right?

  4. R-Gee,
    Sorry about that ;-). I’ve been trying to apologize for about an hour…typepad wasn’t letting me log in for some weird reason. Ya gotta admit…this is some funny stuff. Not sure what the DM guide would say about it, but I am just a fellow traveler who poses no threat. Just looking for entertainment!

  5. Quote Nyarl-“cumupants”
    Quote Davelog-“I think what you said was some kind of marriage proposal.”
    Not nessasarily…you could have/do that with out marriage or even knowing the person. So I have heard. I’m a good girl and wouldnt know from personal experience. *wink* :o)

  6. Awwww, cum on.
    I know how to spell comeuppance.
    A mere comeuppance would be far too easy for Wil and Shane to perform on Annie.
    But a cumupants – now that I want in documentary format in the next Radio Free Burrito Podcast!
    I’m sure Annie will soon be feeling their combined Waaaaaahhhhhhth!

  7. Annie…
    Well, her blog entries have been great, but she’s totally blown her end of upholding the terms of the bet. Every day for a week you said. 6 entries over 2 weeks is what was delivered.
    Sounds to me like she has to start over. *score!*

  8. iamhoff,
    Ain’t no big thing. I was certainly going to be first, but I had to go through the whole new user registration process. I just rack it up to a bad beat.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed reading both Annie and Steffie’s blogs. Steffie in particular reminds me of several friends of mine, which makes reading her blog in particular all the more entertaining.
    You and Annie and Shane are hilarious.

  10. Wil, I’m not working and can’t afford Depends right now. Please. For the LOVE OF GOD! STOP!!! (sound of chair dripping) THE HUMANITY

  11. You know your pal Shane has taken a hiatus. I think that’s a hidden body part. I don’t know how he got it and I don’t want to know, but now that he’s taken it can we see it? Since he’s on vacation, maybe he can post it on Annie’s blog. She’s way cooler anyway.

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