abe vigoda still alive, wheaton still waits

As day two of the Big Wait draws to a close, I still haven’t heard anything. After a lifetime in this industry, I have learned that the chances of booking a job drop logarithmically with each day that passes, and I’m less optimistic than I was yesterday. The glass still appears half-full, but there is now a chance that it could be filled with deadly poison.

To put the waiting into perspective, please enjoy this picture of Mustard Man:


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  1. Wil – As per the last picture.. They would be
    NUTS not to hire you! Maybe we as fans should storm their offices with calls, just an idea :P, might freak em out if they suddenly had a lot of people clamoring for you :)
    No matter what happens, you rock in our eyes :) GOOD LUCK!
    and the mustard man is..er.. scary.

  2. Still waiting, Still Cheering. I hope for good news for you-as we ALL do !!
    (Seriously, what is WRONG with that mustard dude. He’s freaking me out more than the squirrel with the big hangdown–yeesh)

  3. Here come the Mustard Man-themed nightmares. Thanks for that, Wil. *dies* =P
    And I’m sorry to hear that’s the way busness goes in the business. Sincerely though – I don’t know what they’re thinking, if they really are skipping you over. Losing you would be such a mistake of their part (not to mention the bills they’ll rack up when the fans clog the phonelines in your defense), and if you lose this, well – you get tons of sympathy and virtual hugs from us lot! So you win, no matter what.
    Just now, however, I refuse to give up hope. Who in the world did they find who was better for this role than you? *ponders the existence of Evil Wil*

  4. Love the Fark cliche photos.
    I have been watching ST:TNG on Spike during my afternoon workouts at the gym and I keep wondering how a guy who was on such an iconic show would not be the logical choice for this gig.
    I’m pulling for you over here on the East Coast and am sending some bitter ass cold mojo Cali way so maybe that will wake these asshats up and make them jump on board the Wil Wagon.
    Anyhew, you stay classy Wil Wheaton. And hope, no news, is good news?

  5. Are you trying to tell us something with these FARK posts, or is it just for kicks? Inquiring minds want to know…
    But seriously, I enjoy reading about it. I am also on the east coast pulling for you.
    Shame I am married, I hear Mustard Man has a date contest going on.

  6. Ah yes, nothing says lovin like a Large man getting caught with his hand in the mustard jar.
    Remember you still have the James Brown music festival.
    Don’t give up yet Wil! I have not.

  7. Wil, would it be wrong of us to e-mail them telling them look you NEED to have Wil host this show.. it’s the least they can do after all of the made for TV crap on the weekends lately!

  8. I live in this damn town, and I hate the freaking Industry.
    I have two things to offer you during your wait. One: a funny story, and two, a link to something cool.
    Funny story: Ciye Cochise, the grandson of Cochise, was a stuntman/horse wrangler for a while in Hollywood. He went out for the role of his grandfather in the movie “Broken Arrow.” The casting agent sized him up, chewed a little on his cigar, then finally spoke. “Nah, y’aint the type. NEXT!”
    Next, the link: a French photographer took his camera and his collection of Star Wars toys out on the streets of Paris for some photos. The results were magic.
    Guerres D’Étoile a Paris…

  9. That made me chuckle in the midst of menial IT tasks I have here at work presently.
    Yesterday afternoon I managed to catch the 2nd half of ST:TNG series finale. Bear in mind, I hadn’t seen it since I was a teenager. I still choke up and get the wonderful warm feeling when Picard joins his friends/crewmembers for that poker game. It just felt right.
    So on behalf of the frosty east coast, still wishing you the best no matter what the outcome. :)

  10. Might not be good to email.. people could resent what they might perceive as an orchestrated campaign. Plus, the producers of the show may be so removed from the monitoring of the website email that it wouldn’t help anyway. All that being said, dammit I hope this works out!

  11. Hang in there Wil, I know the wait can be a bit unnerving… but I’d be willing to bet everything will work out, even should you not get this particular gig (though you still might!).
    By the way, totally digging Radio Free Burrito and I look forward to the next episode. Good work!

  12. Okay, somber time… blah blah… “The glass is still half full, but it might be full of a deadly poison”…
    That might be the best quote I’ve heard this year. :) I’m so going to steal this… hehe

  13. Hey Wil,
    I know what you mean about this whole waiting thing. Being told college acceptance letters would be in the mail “mid-march” had me rushing to my mailbox since the 8th… now nearing the 22nd I have yet to hear from these elusive schools.
    I really love your glass half full thing– I totally agree, but I am at the point that I just want to freaking know if I was accepted or not, I don’t really care.
    Good luck dude, I’m musterin up some mojo for you. (get it– Muster? haha, I crack myself up sometimes (: )

  14. Yup, been doing “the wait” a lot myself lately. Hopefully some positive news comes soon!
    And just a random tidbit, I was playing NTN trivia tonight and during one of the matching games, it was matching the autobiography with the author, and it listed Just a Geek. It was the only one out of the list I actually knew the answer to…

  15. OK, woman drunk on red wine trying to sign into Typekey is just so unright…
    So, dude, all the energy around me and everyone I know is just so crazy positive right now, It Must Come Through.
    Man, how L.A. was that post? I’m so going to bed now! :)

  16. Following a dream is hard, f-ing work. Waiting sucks, so don’t. Move to the next target. No, run to the next target and don’t look back. If they want you it will happen. But in the meantime you have more important work to do. Keep moving, don’t stop. Good luck!

  17. Waiting IS the hardest part. You simply can not turn off the dialog in your own head. Wil, you are worthy of the job and no matter which way it goes, and I hope it is the way you wish, you are still a good person with great value to many. That is the important part, even though it might be low on your list right now as you continue to wait.
    Mustard man…. takes me back to fast food working days in college!!! Nightmares may return!! :-)

  18. If I wasn’t a vegetarian, I’d say he looked tasty …
    … hmmm … mayhap just a nibble? Is that considered cheating? I do like mustard …

  19. Not in the biz, so I’m completely naive. Will continue to hold hope. Seems like a great gig and don’t know why they’d not hire your talent.
    blah blah blah more sunshine blah blah blah 😉

  20. You know Wil, I have nothing but big respect for anybody who can put up with this level of stress and keep coming back. It’s testament of your dedication to the art.

  21. I had the weirdest dream about you last night, Wil. You were at a sci-fi convention and you were a custom scent designer, and people were going nuts for your blends. I don’t know if that bodes well for your current search or not, but it was exceedingly odd. You seemed to be having fun at it, at least. That’s got to be a good thing. :)

  22. hmmm, no one has yet to mention a “Mean Mr. Mustard” reference yet? I guess I am the first…
    Sending good vibes your way for this sci-fi gig.

  23. I watched “How William Shatner Changed the World” last night, and there were a couple clips from “The Next Generation” that included you. I found them rather amusing, much as I did when they aired originally. (I never had the “Wesley MUST DIE!” syndrome. I mostly found his predicaments amusingly annoying.)

  24. That is a dirty mustard man! I keep holding out for you – it would be a great show! The family will work the mojo overtime for you.

  25. Time for more RFB! We fall more in love with you with each episode.
    Damn that hosting gig and logorithms, too! Maybe it will all fall into place miraculously in the next few days.

  26. I’ll work some mojo for you, too.
    I think sacrificing a jar of mustard to the Mightily-Testicled Squirrel God may get you the gig.

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