I want you to remember this face. This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy

How about if I wait six weeks to call. I could tell her I found her number while I was cleaning out my wallet, I can’t remember where we met. I’ll ask her what she looks like and then I’ll ask her if we fucked. How about that? Would that be money?
    -Mike, Swingers

There aren’t any real developments on the SciFi hosting front, and I only have one really great Fark Cliche left, which is why I haven’t written about it recently. Like I said before, I have to just let go of these things after a certain point, accept that it’s entirely out of my hands, and keep moving forward with everything else in my life.

But so many people sent me supportive e-mails and left supportive comments, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging with nothing, so here’s what I know: we followed up last week, and found out, for certain, that the people responsible for the show really liked what I did. As far as I know, I’m at the top of their list for the job. But we haven’t heard anything from the network people, who are ultimately responsible for making all the decisions.

And that’s where we’ve been, sort of floating in the doldrums on the Sea of Waiting. As far as I know, the show is still going to happen. As far as I know, when it does, I’m one of the first guys they are going to talk to about hosting it. And as soon as we open the box, I’ll let you know if the cat is dead or alive.

Until I know something new, let’s all ponder the meaning of life with these owls:



44 thoughts on “I want you to remember this face. This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy”

  1. good to hear you think you’re at the top of the heap. i’m in a similar position. my wife and I are moving to vegas in late may and here I am still trying to russle up a job. had a few leads, but no one’s called back with a definite “yes!”

  2. Thanks for the update. I keep hoping everytime I read your blog that the good news with be there (and I’m not necessarily talking about the Bible). This is just a temporary hiccup while they smooth out all of the awesome details. Hang in there!

  3. Well crap monkies! I feel like we should write someone saying we would like to test drive a Wil Wheaton as a host. The worst that could happen is that you could be the next geek version of John Travolta, minus the scientology and the ability to dance.

  4. I was hoping it was one of those things where you had the job but your were not allow to talk about it.
    Have no worries, me and the magic eight ball are still pulling for you. although I do fully expect to see the HA HA man cliche, when you finally get signed to a show.
    And it will Happen. I Believe it!

  5. I wish you good luck on the gig! Even though I, as a word nerd, hate the “o rly, ya rly” thing that has become so popular.
    Also, please allow me to share with you my profoundly dorky moment. Watching CSI the other night, a commercial came on for some Microsoft thing, I thought I recognized the voice and then I thought suddenly, “Oh hey! It’s Wil’s mom!”
    Then I paused and realized, no, no that’s not *Wil’s* mom, that’s Gates McFadden. Yeah, it’s amazing how a childhood of watching TNG can just permanently implant those relationships in your mind.
    And that is my story, by Liz, age 27 and one half.

  6. Okay, first off, still knowing you’ll get the job cause you’re obviously the person who is best suited for it.
    Secondly, the owls reminded me of the Ozark reading test.
    MR NUT
    Always rooting for you Wil.

  7. I’m hoping to see you get the gig– I’d like to want to watch Sci Fi again, and I’d fail a Wil Save to get it. :-)
    And the Fark page was a hoot, you should pardon the pun. Especially loved the picture of Spookie Prince Charlie with his thumb in Laura’s bum.

  8. Hope you get the gig! I spent yesterday watching little snippets of teh Wil on VH-1’s “I Love the 80’s”. It was hawesome.

  9. Luck, luck, luck! Pulling for you here in Dallas.
    And it’s totally sexy that you put quotes from Swingers in your posts sometimes. I love that movie.

  10. Hey Wil! I thought you’d find this story humourous. Some geek working at some nameless company (pretend it’s Initech) tricked his manager into naming their company mascot, a snow owl, ORLY, complete with a Dilbertian definition (“Organizing our Responsibility to Learn Year-round”). Hilarity ensues:

  11. Feel the love Wil! We all truly hope you get the job, if not.. When we find out the name of the show and the network it is on and the crappy host they got for it.. WE WILL BOYCOTT!!!

  12. My husband showed me those owls the other day in an animated thing where it switches back and forth. I think I laughed for around twenty minutes or so. There might have been a little rolling on the floor too.
    Indeed, whatever is meant to be will happen. Worrying about it and fretting over it won’t help. Been there. It only gives you olcers…or a really bad headache, in which case I would suggest Excedrin. Works really great.

  13. Wil:
    Good luck with the hosting gig. Applying for work can be difficult I’ve been in similar situations. I’m sure something will come your way soon!
    Last night I was watching your film “stand by me”, I hadn’t seen it before and it was most excellent. Who was that young man? Wil Wheaton! Good job.
    Your colleague Corey Feldman was also good, I miss seeing you guys in films, tv etc..
    Interesting side note that Corey Feldman did some work up in Canada in recent years in a tv series called “Big Wolf on Campus”. Very cool as the 2 Coreys played fictional versions of themselves (they had become vampires on the set of the Lost Boys). Fun stuff, eh?
    Good luck in all your interests and projects Wil!
    Patricia from Canada

  14. You missed the two best owls, Wil: O Vraiment? and O Rlmente?.
    You’re a bit late with the owl phenomenon, though – you’ll be posting Chuck Norris facts next. 😉
    Good luck with the job – would be great to see you on TV more (though I doubt we’d get it in the UK but I’m sure I’d find it). Was shocked to see you in CSI the other day – I hardly recognised you behind all the hair!

  15. I’m still pulling for you on this gig, Wil. Good things come to those who wait – even if we’re all sick of it and we know you deserve the job and so do those guys up at the network, so I don’t understand the hold-up anymore than the rest of your readers do. =P Ah, well.
    Thanks for the owls. I had never heard of this O RLY? thing before and they were hilarious.
    colacola – I used to watch ‘Big Wolf on Campus’ all the time. Didn’t know it was still going on in Canada. Good to hear Corey found some work – I miss him almost as much as I miss you sometimes, Wil. Among many other stars who have gone on to other things… Whatever happens to talent these days?
    Answer: Talent runs away and writes books and a blog I can waste my homework-time reading. XD Keep it up.

  16. Wil:
    Just looking at the owls again. Love ’em!
    Nicole – “Big Wolf” I thought had finished a year or 2 ago, I checked IMDB but of course it wasn’t listed under Corey’s IMDB listing. Why do people forget about Canada…we’re coooool…
    Actually a surprising number of american actors do Canadian projects but they don’t get heard of much down in the states. It’s apparently easier to get work up here (’cause we’re small and it’s easier to network). Right now David Boreanaz is starring in a film being shown up here in the theatres but will only go quietly onto DVD in the states.
    Yeah I miss seeing a number of actors on tv and the movies, such as Wil, the Coreys etc… I wish we could rid of those ridiculous reality shows that they’re showing now…
    Patricia from Canada

  17. Hey, I think it’s good news that the people in charge of the show like you, even if the network people haven’t decided yet or whatever. It is hard to wait though…

  18. Hi Wil,
    Thanks for posting a link a few weeks back to Neil Gaiman’s Blog.
    It is almost as entertaining as your blog.

  19. Good luck, Wil! I’m sending my mojo and praying that none of Jimmy Kimmel’s relatives snatch this gig away from you 😉
    You are indeed the best man for the job. Godspeed, man!

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