I just realized that, last night, I front-paged a really huge Lost spoiler. I forgot that lots of non-US viewers read my blog, and I wanted to apologize for that. That sucked, and I’m sorry.

I’ve spent the last 10 days catching up on the entire series, first on DVD and then through iTMS. I have never been so enthralled with a series in my life, not even when I first watched The Prisoner in my teens.

I think it’s so cool that there are things like iTMS (and, uh, other ways which I don’t personally use) to experience an entire series like this. By making their shows easy for me to watch, the producers of Lost have earned a huge fanboy who will now buy merchandise and listen to their podcast, and evangelize on his lame blog about how great their show is.

If you like any of the things that I like, and you’re not watching Lost, you absolutely must. Right now. When you think you’re going to watch American Idol, or Bones, or Medium, or re-runs of that awesome space show with the kid in the sassy grey spacesuit, or anything else at all on television, don’t. Just get yourself the first season on DVD, and spend your allocated television time watching Lost instead. Then find some way to watch the second season (iTMS worked great for me) and keep going. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is quite possibly the best drama in the history of network television, ever, and I don’t say that lightly.

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  1. I must admit that when I read that tiny snippet about Locke, I went “Doh!” Especially considering that I too started watching Lost from Season 1 last week and am almost caught up on Season 2. I just thought it funny, that yet again, we are running parallel lives. That’s why I read your blog daily (spoilers or no).

  2. Wil, i’m glad you’re hooked too, but TIVO bones, man, it’s a great show in its own right!
    shameless plug: i recap the lost episodes on my blog over here –
    4 8 15 16 23 42
    (well maybe i’m a little ashamed. but people seem to like it! um, the blog, not my ‘ashamedness’)

  3. I got addicted just before the start of the season.Watched the first season DVD’s in just over a week. Now I am hooked. I have some theories, some I talk about in my own blog. There will be and update tomorrow. 😀

  4. Booyah! Absolutely Wil!
    Best.Show.Ever. (network, that is)
    The character development, the backstories that reveal so much more than our first impressions, the phenomenal ensemble, the stunning location, the most diverse casting on network TV, the brilliant dialogue, the labyrinthine plotting….
    One can go on and on. This is the only series that is Appointment Television in my book.
    Love the interplay between Jack & Locke. Terry O’Quinn has never been better. And how can you not love Hurley? Jorge Garcia is teh bomb! I wanna know whussup with Michael going all Commando? Can’t get enough of Harold Perrineau.
    Ditto for the incomparable Mira Furlan as Rousseau. She is a miraculous actor, one of the shining lights of BABYLON 5, who deserves all the success that comes her way (and doncha just love the characters with surnames of the Great Philosphers (Locke, Rousseau)?
    I can’t adequately express the frustration of being told we’re getting a new ep, only to be confronted with another re-run. Haven’t made the upgrade to TiVO yet, but the old analog VCR is still set weekly to record each new ep. The first season has its own place of honor on my DVD rack alongside TNG, B5, FARSCAPE and the Diana Rigg AVENGERS.
    Compelling is too inadequate a word to describe this series. May the TV ghods bless it for a long, long run.

  5. On the one hand, I’m all fangirl “woo! Wil responded to something I said!” On the other, I’m noting that whence you’re a newbie to posting, it’s best to muzzle your natural inclination towards hyperbolic commentary to make a point. 😉
    (The gripping hand notes that watching a show all at once is a lot different than watching it in serial form. I thought Buffy was the most overrated show ever, until I watched 5 seasons in 3 months. Then, it was love, pure love – I could see the development immediately, and had immediate payoff for storytelling devises that undoubtedly would have irritated me if I’d caught it while the show was running.
    I’m more than willing to extend that kind of dubious reasoning to Lost, simply because so many people I know like it. But I’ve yet to get into it, and were someone to ask lil ol’ me what shows I thought were worth watching this year, Lost wouldn’t be on the list. Bones, however, doesn’t suffer from the story arc issue – while it has a very definite progression, that progression is B plot, not A plot. Which is, perhaps, how I like my serial television in serial form.)

  6. Yes, yes, by all means, YES. I got into LOST at the beginning of season 2 and immediately went out, bought season 1 on DVD and watched the whole thing through twice. (Hey, I’m at home with a 7 month old, I have time during naps, and I have seen all the ST:TNG episodes on Spike at least 3 times each.)
    I think what captivates me about this show is that every time they finally answer a question (and the answers are still somewhat vague), they bring up 2 or 3 more puzzles. And the acting is great – believable characters even in the “bit” parts.
    There have been a few episodes during this season that haven’t been, IMHO, as intense and engaging as others, but I find that to be a much more rare occurence with LOST than with any other show I consider “appointment tv” – with the possible exception of BattleStar Galactica.
    Anyway, I’m so glad to 1) find your blog, and 2) find that we have similar taste in TV.

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