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Well, I turned in Games of Our Lives, and I get to walk away from the computer and do some marathon training, but before I go, I thought I’d point out some of the stories I’ve worked on recently at CardSquad and SGNews:

At SGNews, (which is safe for work):

At CardSquad:

In poker-related news, this
Sunday I’m filling in for Isabelle Mercier in the Tournament
Leaderboard Heads-Up match at PokerStars. Two weeks ago, I filled in
for Joe Hachem and won, bringing my record in those matches to 3 and 1.
I’m hoping to make it 4 and 1 this week. Even if you don’t have a PokerStars account, you can download the client for free and watch me play, if you’d like. I’ll put up all the details on that later this week.

Okay, I’m off to run, then walk, then run a little bit more, then curse about how much my side hurts, then run again. Anne will have a post about the marathon in the next day or so, maybe even tonight if I can bug her enough to write it.

. . . one last thought, because I think it’s important to mark moments like this: I have a really great life, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I can head out at 1:10 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, after writing stuff that I’m proud of and enjoyed working on all morning, to train for a marathon that I’m running in to raise money for cancer research in June. Later today, I’ll get to play Risk with Ryan and Nolan, then watch Lost tonight after having BBQ for dinner with my family. And I know that, if my dog could talk, she’d say, "I love you, Wil, so I’m going to keep hitting you with my paw until you get up, take me outside, and throw the ball."

Okay, maybe it’s more about the ball than it is about me, but I’m still one of the luckiest guys in the world.

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  1. Thanks for putting the notice – unfortunately, SFW has some wiggle room. The suicidegirls news site is blocked at my place of work…so, now Ive dinged the filter again *sigh*…the web police are going to get me *gulp*

  2. I agree with your Card Squad Story on the F-bomb.. It really is stupid to give a penalty for use of the word. This is just more insanity in the world that doesn’t need to be there.
    But what can ya do?

  3. I would so totally drive the crap out of that Landspeeder.
    Realizing that happiness isn’t found in having things but doing things makes you wise. Having a life that gives you the space to discover that *is* lucky. (Remind me never to sample ALL the perfumes at the counter. It makes my brain feel “wobbly”.)
    I’m off to try to shave off some of the $1500 I owe to Uncle Sam. (Can’t I just visit the pain monster for a day?)
    I’m glad you’re truly happy. =)
    (The smiley face shows that I mean it!)

  4. I’d like to second cuberds comment… we’ve been totally dry of podcasts since the week-long experiment, haven’t we? Have the podcasts died?

  5. Um. SGNews not entirely safe for work – the photoset thumbnails at the bottom of the page are a bit not SFW.
    Otherwise, interesting news item – though an MP3 player that runs off of memory cards is nothing new – several companies here in the UK were selling just such an item last year (and, indeed, still are!)
    They run on an AAA battery and double as an SD card reader, plugging into a USB port.
    Egoman is one brandname of these things, and there are others (though they are probably all produced in the same low-pay factories)

  6. I can’t take credit for this, but it is way funny. So giving creadit to
    -Look here, Ug! I’ve invented drawing! See, here on the cave wall! it’s me hunting a mammoth!
    –That’s great, Erk. Can U draw SUM bewbies?
    -No! I… well, yes, but… that’s not the point. I just invented art!
    –More spread teh legz, plzkthx!
    -No, you don’t understand. I’ve created a new medium of transmission for ideas and information!
    –STFU F@G! I //@//+ TEH PR0N!

  7. Wil,
    This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been reading teh blog for months, now. Just gotta say, you’re right on the money about the F-Bomb rule, that modded car is the shit, and I just checked the demand list at eventful and there are more demands for you to speak than there are for the president to resign!
    Keep up the greatness

  8. Reading about pain in your right hip reminded me to ask something: When are you going to write about the Miracle Balls?
    And, yes, I think you are one of the luckiest guys in the world. Remember that when you are feeling down. ; )

  9. Wil – I’m suprised you didn’t reference Battlestar anywhere here in your blog re: the F-Bomb. I think the use of “frak” is frakking fantastic and has actually made it into my daily vernacular.
    Everyone knows what I’m expressing, but for some reason no one gets offended.

  10. “William F-Bomb” Shatner just doesn’t sound the same.
    Lost was incredible last night, it truly is one of the greatest shows ever.
    And speaking of greatest show’s ever– Wesley’s Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam was on latst night– one of my favorites!

  11. This is not the only SW car in California. Obi-Shawn Crosby was tooling around in his famous H-Wing until it got totaled in an accident last year.
    H-Wing Site
    The H-Wing is not as thorough a mod of a car as this Landspeeder mod, but it’s still “most impressive.”
    Shawn is also somewhat responsible for my humiliating myself on the whole goddamn Intarweb with my lightsabre tutorial. ^_^ My complete saga of creating a lightsabre without metalworking tools is here:
    The Hardware Store Jedi
    I learned how to do this from Obi-Shawn and his buddy David Milano at their workshop at Anime Los Angeles this January, and documented my own build experience step by step, thanks to the unblinking eye of my camcorder.
    There are links on the HSJ site to an HTML tutorial, a full downloadable “LoFi” QuickTime tutorial at Archive.Org, and part one of a four-part Flash tutorial on YouTube.
    (Parts 2-4 need to be edited down from the original iMovie project, encoded as QuickTime, then uploaded. Trouble is, the project is at college, not at home.)
    I’m actually pretty proud of the tutorial, all told. It’s silly but it was enjoyable, geeky fun.
    Oh yeah, podcast would be nice. ^_^

  12. About the disposable MP3 player, a friend of a friend designed it. My friend was sent one to check out. The one he has is not multipurpose, it is set up in a Books-on-Tape format.
    Cd’s and cassettes just aren’t cost effective when it takes 30 of them for a big book. Downloading is great for some, but not for the technically inept.The Books-on-Tape market is great for this format, because you can put hours and hours of low bandwidth mp3 in a disposable device cheaply.

  13. Saw my third ever Star Trek episode last night and the first one in a long time. It was from season 1 with the vaccine and the blond lady gets kidnapped and has to fight to the death. The first 15 minutes I was like “I thought Wil was on this show, where is he?”. Then in comes little Wil and he gets to sit up front and he’s all excited. It was cool.
    Going to be watching a lot more Star Trek, methinks.
    Just wanted you to know there’s one more blog reader out here that came in for the content and not the Star Trek factor.

  14. You might want to check out “” as well. That was a very cool music site, that I mooched on for awhile before my office decided it to ban it as too high a bandwidth use.
    As a side note, I just wanted to say that while I hated W. Crusher with a fiery passion that would light the heavens, I think that W. Wheaton is a pretty cool dude. Thanks for reminding folk that Geeks are people too.

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