your earth moves beneath your own dream landscape

I found this photograph of Wesley, Beverly, and Captain Picard that goes with the scene I posted earlier today. I look like a total dork who is so excited he’s about to burst, but I’m cool with that — it was exactly how I felt the day we shot that scene. I never noticed until just now that Gates looks like a proud mom, and Patrick looks like a proud, uh, Patrick. I wonder if they were channeling real emotions like I was, or if they were just acting really well?

I had to scan it at a low resolution, because I’m pretty sure Viacom’s goons would come after me if it was printable and whatnot, but if you always wondered what that scene looked like, well, now you know.

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  1. Just a random nit pick but I’m surprised that it looks like Wes is in uniform :) Thought he dropped out of the academy when he left with the Traveller O:-) Just the dork in me noticed that lol

  2. I can just visualize the workers in the costume department sewing feverishly to put together such sharp uniforms.
    They’re likely still hanging somewhere in the studios’ closet graveyard. Sad… so sad. Those shoulder pads deserve a second life!

  3. Man! Look at those Star Trek sideburns. Did they do that special or do you always wear them like that?
    And am I a huge dork for noticing that there seems to be a Star Trek sideburn?

  4. I had always wondered about Wes and Worf being in uniform as well. Not that it matters, cuz ya look good in it.
    There are soooo many things I could say about the ‘proud mom proud…Patrick’ thing, but Ill be good.

  5. Is this a good time to confess to the crush I had on the good Doc (rawr) for so long?
    I thought I’d put it behind me until I saw that picture…

  6. First, I’m not sure what Scott means – sounds like he watched Wil for the sex appeal until he left, then transferred to Gates? Some kind of bi-nary star system, Scott?
    Anyway – Wil, what do you think about Ms. McFadden in the new Microsoft commercial?

  7. Great shot. Looks like everyone’s having fun. That’s what I always seemed to sense from watching the cast as the series and movies progressed…everyone seemed more and more relaxed and to be genuinely having a good time together.

  8. I thought this was a photo of when Wesley hands Captain Picard a really nifty chapbook about being a step parent. Wes picked it up in an alternative universe on his travels, because, ya know, *he* knows in the future that Picard becomes his step-papa for awhile and Wes thought it might help.
    P.S. Mine showed up in the mail today. I’m #188!! What a great read, Wil. Thanks!

  9. I’m sorry that didn’t make it in the movie! *cry*
    By the way, what was the premise for putting Wesley back in uniform after he left in such a non-Starfleet way?

  10. Man, I really hated that movie. I’ve found myself actually hating all the Star Trek movies with their lame reasons to have Worf appear and disliking the past two series, yet I’m always going to be a fan of TNG and DS9, I think.
    About your character being back in uniform, though. Lame. Having you at the wedding is a great idea but putting your char. back in the fleet is just stupid.
    Heh, did you have one of those “She plays my mom on this but she’s so damn hot” kinda moments?

  11. Thanks for sharing this, it’s a wonderful shot! She does look very much the proud mother.
    Is she a mother, by the way? In real life, I mean.

  12. Um, hi. This is my first ever comment to you, since I’ve been lurking around your blog for absolutely ages.
    This is not meant to sound weird. But I have had the most ridiculously crazy crush on you as Wesley for years and years (doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon). There’s something about Star Trek uniforms (coff)…and I guess because you were the young one on the show, I was drawn to you (I’m 21 now, but they repeat TNG and Voyager (which is my absolute favourite of all time!) all the time over here in the UK. I’m nowhere near being anything like a Trekker, but I do love Voyager. And you. Ahem :[
    Anyways, this was an embarrassing debut. I love your blog, and I wish you shipped out to the UK! Keep writing. I only found you randomly when you popped into my head and I googled you, and it was a massive shock to see you had a blog. It’s lovely to know about what you’re doing and about your family. :)

  13. Its okay jhankins. You are not the only twenty something girl who had/has the hots for Wesley Crusher. I’m 22, and grew up watching TNG. Hunting for Wesley episodes on re-runs is a guilty pleasure of mine. 😉

  14. Ah, Wesley. Those were the days, weren’t they?
    By the way, I am a proud mom of a Wesley and a Patrick. (twins) Can you tell I watched a LOT of Star Trek?

  15. Kelly – that’s me, not jhankins! Glad to hear I’m not alone…Sky One does regular re-runs, which is always nice 😀
    I also have a *huge* crush on Robert Beltran (he of Chakotay fame) despite the fact he’s about 30 years older than me!
    I still wish they’d show the original series again…

  16. Yes, that scene is in the Deleted Scenes portion of the Special Edition DVD. I rather like it. Even the technobabble about the dual-refracting dilithium chamber.

  17. Glad I’m not the only young’n (young’n?) who reads…especially considering that TNG debuted the year I was born. Now I don’t feel so out of place!
    Wil, I think it’s incredible that you have gained the utmost respect of people not much older than your stepsons. I’m sure you have fans even younger. The fact that you can relate to people spanning multiple generations says a lot about you as a writer and a person. Keep on acting, voice-acting, writing, parenting, doing cheesy but addictive specials on E! and VH1…but above all, keep blogging. You are simply an inspiration.

  18. Now you have to tell us what actually went on in that scene.
    Was there any explanation of how he went from being the next Q to being in Starfleet? Oh… wait… maybe he’s not actually in Starfleet, perhaps, like Q, he just showed up in one?
    On a side note, Stewart looks a lot like he did in his episode of Extras, that was frelling HAWESOME!

  19. It’s kinda sad how they took what could have been a good story (from what you say, it was, and from what the writers said in some interview I read somewhere), to the pile of targ droppings I saw in the theater.
    Kinda like what happened to City On The Edge of Forever, and what you said happened to The Royale.

  20. Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong. She’s not the proud mother in that picture. She’s looking at him looking at you. (Dammit, this stupid place needs bold and italics.) She’s looking at HIM looking at YOU. She’s proud of him for seeing you. Beverly or Gates or Patrick or the Captain, I have no idea. But she’s looking at him, and he’s beaming over you.

  21. No- it is a proud mom moment because she’s looking at Picard’s approving look of Wesley. Picard always had trouble getting along with children, and I’m sure as a devoted mom (who had a crush on the captain) that was hard for her. Now she’s looking at two most important men in her life getting along and talking together and she feels like a proud mom- her son is all grown up, and despite not having a dad around he’s turned into a cool guy. Maybe she’s also thinking a little bit about what could have been and being a bit proud of Picard too- maybe thinking to herself that he might not have been such a bad step dad after all.
    You know- as much as I’m sure this was just another reflection of stupid haphazard stuff being thrown around by people who didn’t really have respect for the star trek franchise or for the characters- I still like to think that somewhere out there (far far away from rick berman) there could be another good star trek series- and some of the inconsistancies like wesley’s unexplained apperance could be fun ‘prompts’ for the writers. You know, ok, so this has happened, now think of something that explains why.

  22. May 22, 2006

    Last night when I went to go to bed I discovered that the trip had been hard on my CPAP and the facemask and broken. Dominica helped me and we managed to tape it back together with packing tape enough to hold the pressure in for the night and let me …

  23. Hi Wil~
    As a fellow blogger, I stumbled upon your blog link. Love it! I actually have a WW story to share… Growing up, I had the BIGGEST crush on you & River Phoenix in “Stand By Me” (what pre-teen girl, didn’t?). Flash forward about 17 or so years and my parents are in Maui and somehow run into your parents (who are apparently incredibly nice, btw)… Anyhow, my DAD proceeds to go ON & ON to your parents about how his daughter has the biggest crush on you, blah, blah, blah. They called me that night, recounting the events of the day and I was truly mortified. Not that you aren’t completely crushworthy now- but no THIRTY year old woman wants her parents telling someone that she has a crush on their son (sorry, but I no longer have movie posters lining my bedroom walls)! Hahahaha. Anyhow, I thought it was funny. I’m sure your parents get that all the time! Please thank them for humoring mine! And thanks for the years of pre-pubescent crushing! : )
    ~Fab ; )~

  24. Kelly: I’m so with you. My sister caught “The Game” last month. She refuses to delete it from her Tivo. We watched it the other morning and just sighed together at how cute Wesley was (and Ashley Judd, she was so hot – yes, a girl can say a girl is hot).
    Back on the topic of the picture – everyone looks so happy to be together, it must have been a really great day.

  25. I agree with the Captain. It is good to see Wesley back in uniform. You look happy and that’s always a good thing.
    Completely off topic, my son’s fourth grade class had a recorder recital last night. Right after the third duet performance of “Hot Cross Buns” one of the kids threw The Goat before running off stage. I kicked myself for not getting a picture of the metal invasion of elementary school.

  26. I think its great that you have the moment frozen in time like that.. so you will always have it. On another note.. this reminds me of how disappointed I am that they never did do anything with the travellor angle which really would have made great content for a movie in its own right..

  27. Smokin’ hot with the uniform and the Starfleet sideburns. Seriously.
    You really should come to Chicago – I’ve been dying to get my Just A Geek and Dancing Barefoot signed!

  28. Hey Wil – Nice picture. It sort of salvages the scene for me in my mind. Because when I read the dialogue I had to think “well…its no wonder this was cut” cause it was pretty weak.

  29. Fab, what a funny story! That’s the best fan-moment I’ve ever heard!
    Kim, I will be sure to teach my son to throw the goat after his Christmas play at church this year :)

  30. I try to make a habit of posting a comment when I link someone else’s blog in my own. (It’s, in case you’re interested.) Gotta admit, though, I’m a little intimidated, or star-struck, or something. Just A Geek introduced me to the creative outlet of blogging, and your story(ies)–some kind of down to earth inspiring.
    Eh, but you’ve heard it all before, I bet.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Be good to each other,
    Rev. Josh

  31. Wil, they aren’t acting. They are both proud. I’ve seen it in candid shots of any of the main crew with you. They all think of you as their family and are damn proud of you. Never doubt that.

  32. Antennapaedia: Yes, there are indeed Star Trek sideburns. Wil mentioned them at the Dancing Barefoot signing event (I think that was it), and they might have been mentioned in one of the blog posts around that time.

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