a preview trailer for the TNG box set special features is online

The Really Super-Awesome Trust Us You Totally Need To Have This One Even If You’ve Already Bought All The Other Ones DVD box set for Star Trek: The Next Generation is about to hit stores, and I got a chance yesterday to see a preview of the special documentaries John de Lancie and I shot, in this preview trailer at Star Trek dot Com.

If you are totally into TNG and don’t already own any of the seasons on DVD, I suppose it’s competitively priced at $40 or so per season. Otherwise, I think it’s grossly overpriced.

If you already own the good seasons (3-5, IMHO) you’re pretty much looking at this for the special features disc, which according to TV Shows on DVD contains:

  • The Next Generation‘s Impact: 20 Years Later
  • The Next Generation‘s Legacy: 2007
  • Star Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion
  • Select Historical Data 1
  • Inside The Star Trek Archive
  • Intergalactic Guest Stars
  • Alien Speak
  • Select Historical Data 2
  • Inside Starfleet Academy Archives: Sets and Props
  • Special Profiles
  • Dressing The Future

So that looks pretty awesome to me, and I guess there are lots of specials added to each disc, including stuff that was once exclusive to Best Buy or something like that, but it still feels way too expensive to me with a suggested retail price of $440. I mean, WTF, CBS?

(Thanks to WWdN reader L.E.M. for the links!)

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  1. The extras that you mention seem pretty cool, but yeah it’s way overpriced, even with the Canadian dollar making par today with the U.S. dollar.
    In fact I was just watching TNG on Spike, the episode being Worf’s alternate realities. The episode in which we see an imaginative “Lieutenant” Wesley Crusher and it hit me about the Family guy episode which Willy is gonna be on. Obviously they spoof TNG, and I see Stewie becoming Capt. Stewie Picard.
    “Ensign Crusher, set course for Earth, and change my diaper!”
    Good luck bro,

  2. When you consider that the Star Trek TV series have always been priced fairly high for DVDs $440 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. Of course for that much money the packaging could be cooler. (Anyone remember this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Alien-Quadrilogy-Deluxe-Head-Limited/dp/B000C0Y57W) I would own more Star Trek DVDs if I didn’t feel like I was getting pantsed everytime I bought one. FWIW I have the same problem with HBO DVDs. I want me some Deadwood and the second season of Rome but I am not gonna pay $90 per season.

  3. Well it does look nifty, but I think I’ll wait until they remaster it for HD. I’m sure they are going to dust it off and replace some of the early video effects with cool new CGI, like their redo of TOS.
    I bought Season 5 on DVD and then stopped. I was so annoyed how sparse the special features were. So now they have the special features they should have had years ago. *GRUMBLE*

  4. Honestly. I have never been into any show enough to get it on DVD… except maybe project greenlight but there were reasons besides liking the show that I supported the show. And I totally agree with sandie, any special edition without a gag reel or bloopers is just wrong! 😛

  5. Looks like the special features with you and John are the bomb! Can’t splurge on the set at that price, though….not if I want a Wii….hmmmmm, TNG or Wii? TNG….Wii…Damn you Wheaton! Looks like I’ll have to hock my wedding ring or something. I have a problem with instant gratification, can you tell?

  6. Every so often I contemplate picking up the DVDs for the Star Trek series and then CBS releases a new version and I roll my eyes and wait some more.
    I somehow don’t think that was the intended effect of their eighty billion versions of the DVDs–making me not buy *any* of them, that is.

  7. This it off topic but just as Jonathan Coulton was beginning his set at Club DaDa in Dallas last night he announced that he had received a Twitter message from you about parking your car. Made me smile cause I remember reading about how excited you were at meeting him recently. The feeling must have been the same for him.

  8. Wil, I’m not sure what you mean that $40 per season is expensive. In my experience, that’s what shows of average popularity would start out at. My memory is that TNG started out at about $100 per season when it was first released on DVD, which was way too rich for me. THe only show that I’ve seen that started out more expensive per season was X-Files, at like $130 per box.
    What I’m saying is, that’s pretty cheap, and with the interesting extras you mention, I might have to go out and get me some of that.
    Thanks for the pointers!

  9. Craig: I think that $40 per season is fine, if you can pick and choose, but if you already own some or all of these on DVD, paying the total of $300-$400 just seems excessive to me.
    Of course, my perceptions are very clearly tainted by my experiences over the years as a Star Trek fan, constantly getting gouged by CBS and con promoters at every turn.

  10. Wil, You do realize that a day before the DVD Box set is released they will have you and any mention of you deleted from the special documentaries!

  11. Amazon has it at $304.
    I’ve never gotten the DVD’s. Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, I got those Columbia Videos on the monthly setup (and have long since ebay’d them). At this point, I have the DVD collection of the animated Star Trek and I’m happy with that.
    OTOH, I’ll keep my eye on this set. It will likely come down in price, and it might be worth snagging at that point…
    Thanks for the heads up and the opinion 😉 No rushing about, here.

  12. If I did not already have all seven seasons of TNG on DVD, I would definitely buy this. But since I do, there is no way.
    It just seems like the entertainment industry, music and movies, have for years now been desperately trying to sell us everything multiple times. I bought some episodes of TOS on VHS, then Laser, then the first release on DVD. Having bought every episode of the first DVD release, I’m done. I could give you multiple examples of this same pattern in my music collection as well (LP, Tape, CD). I don’t need to buy everything a second, third or fourth time, just because there’s a new “special edition.”
    Let’s see a new series or movie. That’s what this fan wants, not new packaging.

  13. What if they just sell the “extras” DVD for $20-$30?
    I’m perfectly happy with my S1-S7 DVD box sets, and can’t/won’t buy the new set just because.
    But if they made the extra disc available on its own – I might be tempted. Web only purchase?

  14. I don’t own any of the seasons on DVD, so $40/season would work for me – if I had $300+ to splurge all at once. Unfortunately, I don’t. Too bad, since the extras look super cool. I mean, you filmed a segment at JPL’s Open House, which I love. How rocking is that? I almost want to buy it just to see if you talked to anyone I know (I work at JPL – it’s cooler than cool).

  15. I’ve always wanted to pick up the TNG sets, but even at the very best sale prices I’ve ever seen, they’re far too expensive for me. I mean, I can turn on my TV just about any time of the day or night and find an episode of Star Trek on somewhere.

  16. The pricing is the same for DVD series sets of shows from the UK.
    Heck each series box set of the new Doctor Who retails for $99, but I tend to jump on it the week of release when BB knock them out for $59.99
    Heck, all three seasons of Father Ted costs almost $100.
    Some networks do tend to try and fleece shows’ fans by charging high amounts for their shows on DVD.
    But at least Stargate’s now got cheaper, so I should start picking those up.
    I digress. I look forward to seeing the features discs on the new boxsets, as I’ll no doubt netflix the relevant discs, instead of having to buy the sets yet again (Man, it’s getting like the Star Wars releases, over and over again.)

  17. Well I will do my usual trick of waiting and waiting until most people have even forgotten it’s there and get a ‘almost new’ from EBay or a seriously cut price one from the shop, therefore I’ll let you know what I think about it in about 2 years time!

  18. (smiling) About $40/season totaling $440 for all SEVEN seasons must be that “new math” that my nieces are learning in school. When I went to school 40×7 was 280. Or did I miss the last 4 of TNG’s 11 seasons? Based on the Amazon price quoted ($304), the season sets would appear to be somewhere between $43 and $50. Expect the low end if bought in a complete set, and the high end if bought separately. That’d be my guess.
    No matter what, a FAR more economical price than the $90-120 per season I paid for DS9 as it was originally issued. I vowed never to do that again. My new limit was set by the Buffy slimcase re-issue at about $20 per season. If the rest of Star Trek ever gets there, I’ll be waiting (and they might actually make MORE money by selling to more than twice as many people at half the price…)

  19. I agree with those wishing we could just get the bonus disk. I love my box sets, and don’t need to repurchase the content.
    By the way…I think more people would have liked season 1 if the uniforms looked like they did in season 3-7!

  20. I was seriously about to buy the bootleg version of all 7 seasons. the only problem w/ the bootlegs is that the special features never get copied. this made me hold off on my “purchase”. I’m definently getting this when i get back though. one thing i don’t see is any mention of blu-ray or HD. any word on that?

  21. I’m in line with DrJubal, Prydonian and Gaber about hoping the Special Features disc is available separately. A quick glance over the “lots of specials added to each disc” look exactly like the features on the seasons 1-7 DVD set I already own. The only new content appears to be that final special features disc.
    If they are the same pressings with different paint on the discs, please be comforted to know that the seasons you appear in do have your portrait with the other major crew members during each disc’s startup introduction sequence.

  22. Yeah… I’m seeing a cost much closer to $300
    Anyone with DVD questions might find elvistech.com a pretty good contact.
    Just got back from the ARCLIGHT yesterday where they talked about the New Star Trek, Iron Man, and just about every movie coming out in 2008 and 2009.

  23. The preview just made me very excited to go get it. Of course I say this because I don’t own any seasons of TNG on DVD… just a few vhs tapes that I’ve cherished for years. Your documentary looks really interesting and it will be fun to see what you were doing all the times you said, “Uh, yeah I was at the Science Fiction Museum filming… stuff… that I can’t tell you about… until later…”
    Coolness!! :)

  24. I am ready. ready. ready. for this! I don’t own TNG on DVD and am excited to watch them all and the special features.
    Too bad my blu-ray player sucks ass. But that’s another story.
    The journey through TNG will take me from nights in the Harvey Mudd campus center with just 1 or 2 other people, to saturday night TNG parties at my best friends place after graduation, and on through buying my own home and knowing, deep down, it was the best show on television.
    Not having anything but broadcast TV and internet now, I’m really looking forward to it. Oh, and I used your link, Wil, so the champagne is on you :-)
    p.s. Or Salvator. It is Oktoberfest, after all. I’m drinking one now, as a matter of fact.

  25. I can remember the first ep. and those moose-knuckle jumpsuits! lol.
    – I have my own trek-related g33k moments
    – I worked on a film that starred Jimmy Doohan- was a cheesy slasher called “Through Dead Eyes” – Was apprentice sound editor. Jimmy was a sweetheart.
    Also met Tom Hulce at the editing studios we were at- dude is short! But he was very friendly.
    – I also got to meet with Robert Wise (STTMP) and showed him my senior thesis film; he said it was a “nice little film” I was giddy the rest of the semester.
    like your blog, Will. Make it so.

  26. *sigh* Maybe I will be able to get a good deal on ebay for it. There’s no way my hubby would allow me to spend $440 on a DVD set, and I don’t think any of my friends would buy it off my Amazon wish list. 😉

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