They’re here!

They're here!

My printer shipped a limited number of The Happiest Days of Our Lives to me earlier this year, so I could take them with me to the various conventions I appeared at over the Summer.

The remainder of the first printing arrived about twenty minutes ago, and it’s quite fitting that I feel the way I did in this picture:

42 thoughts on “They’re here!”

  1. I’m working my ass off (and NOT playing Halo 3) to get the Monolith Press pages all put together and ready to accept orders, reviews, and everything else.
    My plan is to have it done by the end of the week.

  2. w00t! So excited to read it, Wil. :) It will certainly take a proud place right next to Dancing Barefoot and JAG on my bookshelf after its been read.

  3. The thing about this book cover is that it will still look cool in 20 years because by then fashion will have swung right back around to the year this was taken!

  4. You know I would love to complain about all the other impatient people pushing you to get things sorted when we all know your working as fast as you can, but I can’t, so I’m now jumping up and down on the spot shouting in a high pitched ‘man’ voice ‘I WANT’ ‘I WANT’ ‘I WANT NOW’ I also want (would like) mine signed with your famous motto (to be) “Twenty pounds of awesome in a ten pound bag”.
    Right while I’m talking about things I want (would like) where is your Datalore review?

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