the joys of weird audio

I have a folder of mp3 files that’s called ‘weird audio.’ Most of it is stuff I ganked from WMFU’s 365 Days Project, but there’s also a few gigs of bizarre and rare recordings I found during several late night trips down the vinyl sharity blog rabbit hole.

Mostly, I chop these things up to make RFB Mixtapes, but from time to time, I put the folder on shuffle play, and enjoy a truly weird experience, including music from Telly Savalas, interviews with Burt Reynolds, strange commercials and PSAs, and tons and tons of 1950s and 1960s Hi-Fi muzak.

Today, I shuffled the folder for background music while I prepared an audition, and stopped for a five surreal minutes while I listened to this recording of Leif Garrett welcoming you, lucky 1970s teenage girl, into his fanclub.

I’m not sure what I like more: how obviously Leif Garrett is phoning it in (it sounds like he didn’t even bother to read the ‘personal welcome’ someone wrote for him before recording it) or how clearly you can hear him flipping the pages while he reads it.

I wonder if the poor hapless soul who wrote this thing ever listened to it, and cried out, "My words! My beautiful words! He ruined them!"

12 thoughts on “the joys of weird audio”

  1. Wow… congratulations, your tastes rival mine for weirdness, and there’s demosceners in Europe that tell me on a regular basis “Man, you like some weird shit.”

  2. Vinyl sharity gives you experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have.
    For example: Have you been caught humming something and had to admit you were humming the tune from a VD PSA?
    “VD….is for everybody….”

  3. Some strange and some insight into your mind. VH1’s 2003 LOTR comment was great. It served a purpose: Just a Geek. Nostalgia is what makes us historically challenged as the 50s and 60s introduced the U.S. to Cuba and Science Fiction. How you have Leif in your streaming mixtape is hilarious. BTW: Where’s my book!

  4. I never liked Leif Garret when he was a ‘teen idol’. Bubble gum pop, like today’s ‘top 40′ crap, but the guy almost redeemed himself doing a cover of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ with the Melvins on their Crybaby CD. πŸ˜€

  5. One of the stranger things I have in my “collection of things I wouldn’t normally listen to but don’t want to delete” is Brent Spiner’s “Ol Yellow Eyes Is Back” CD. I’m afraid the performance is a bit more reminiscent of Data than Brent.

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