i don’t know what i’m to say, i’ll say it anyway

If you are of a certain age, there are probably three seminal music videos that blew your mind at one point in your life: Money for Nothing, You Might Think, and Take on Me .
(Sigh. Okay, fine, and the extended version of Thriller. At least I’ll admit it. Shut up.)
Anyway, my friend Jun (who is also of a certain age) sent me this literal version of Ah-Ha’s Take On Me yesterday. I was amused, and thought I’d share.

64 thoughts on “i don’t know what i’m to say, i’ll say it anyway”

  1. Wow…this was one of my favorite videos as a kid and it brings back some memories. Suddenly I’m 9 years old again, watching MTV and/or VH1 with my teenager sister. She’s hoping that they’ll play a Menudo video, but “Take On Me” comes on instead. She grumbles in annoyance and goes to get a New Coke while I happily watch the cool motorcycles, relieved that I’ve been spared 5 more minutes of my sister’s obsession with Ricky Martin.

  2. Tomorrow, when my principal asks me why I haven’t turned in my lesson plans for the week (again), I fully intend to tell him that it’s your fault.

  3. What’s really cool is remembering that back in 1986, this was the most expensive music video ever made (due to the computer graphics and computers of the age) until TLC released “Waterfalls” in 1995. (The girls in front of the waterfalls being animated was expensive to animate..I guess.). Kinda cool. I remember being 10 years old when this video came on MTV and me being an MTV junkie (who wasn’t back then?) made me think, “What is the point of this video?”

  4. Here are 10 videos that either represent the 80’s better or are just better videos or songs.
    1)Van Halen – Hot for Teacher (can you say epic)?
    2) Van Halen – Panama
    3) Van Halen – Jump. Kind of the end of New Wave and the resurgence of Rock.
    4) Modern English – Melt with you.
    5) Mexican Radio – Reminds me of being in Tiajuana.
    6) Naked Eyes – Always something there to remind me.
    7) The Romantics – What I like about you. Without a doubt THE CLASSIC 80s song.
    8) Scandal – Goodbye to you. Not the WARRIOR. LOL
    9) Stray Cats – Stray Cat Strut
    10) Stray Cats – Rock this Town.
    Honorable Mention : John Cougar – Anything

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