John Scalzi is in Los Angeles and will be the guest of honor at LosCon this weekend. John threatened to throw the hissy-est of fits if I didn’t come down to the con and do a panel with him, and since he sends me velvet Wesley Crusher paintings when he’s happy with me, I’m not going to tempt fate; I’m heading down to the con on Saturday afternoon for some super happy funtime.

John describes it on his blog in this fashion:


Wil Wheaton and I take to the stage and do… what? Hell if we know. We’re making this up as we go along. But we might take audience questions and suggestions.

This is going to be really fun and awesome. It’s $25 for the whole day on Saturday, so if you’re in LA, and you have the means, I highly recommend coming to the con.


  1. It is *so* choice.
    These are the times that I have the sadness that I am currently living on my beloved East Coast. The sadness is fleeting, but still. I cling to the hope that will get you here someday. Oh yes. Someday.

  2. Son of an encephalitic whore.
    I’ll be in LA, but I’ll be having Super Happy Family Fun Time with relatives flying 3000 miles into town, which trumps my measly 900 mile flight, so they get to choose our shindiggery.
    *makes sad puppy dog eyes*

  3. There is something about this post that makes me think Moshi Schwartz, and I don’t know what it is
    times like these I wish I didn’t lose my Wonder Woman invisible jet so that I could fly down there in a nanosecond and attend the Con.

  4. I will be there in my Voyager costume and of course my two girls will be in Next Generation costumes. And I will put some of it up on youtube. Can’t wait to see you, It will be lots of fun.

  5. If I wasn’t working Sunday and scared of flying in general, I’d SO hop a plane to L.A. for Super Happy Fun Times.
    Unfortunately, there’s that pesky fear of flying…and the fact that I’d have to fly out Saturday, which is when I plan on recovering from Super Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Family Fun Times. Damn it. :(

  6. Hey Wil, I know this is off topic, but I just gotta say it — adverts in the rss feed? I get that you should be making money off your blog, I really do. It’s great and I love reading it, but is the revenue from the ads really worth it? Maybe a funding drive from your readers would help or something. I’d gladly donate some cash NOT to have the ads!

  7. OMG! I go to LOSCON every year!
    Not because it’s exciting (zzzzzzzzzz…) but because my friends go and there are some cool room parties.
    And it’s such a short drive for me.
    I started going when JMS/Joe/El Straczynk was giving his Babylon 5 presentations, back before the pilot even aired. And I kinda kept going after that.
    Anyway, I’m babbling, see you there!

  8. I wish I had friends that loved me enough to send me a velvet Wesley Crusher. Now THAT is friendship.
    Have fun at the con. New Mexico is quite far away from LA and the cool things here are few and far between. . .

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