it’s a big hat. it’s funny.

Ryan was home for Thanksgiving, and he just kept walking up to me and saying, “It’s a big hat, it’s funny.” He mimed the chewing of the gum and everything, and we just started randomly saying it to each other all weekend.

I mention that so you have some context for this:

Of all the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches on SNL, this one is my all-time favorite. Norm MacDonald is just perfect.

Here’s an alternate link to funny or die for those of you who are outside the US.

(And as long as I’m linking to SNL videos: Extreme Challenge. I was “meh” on this at first, but it gets funnier every time I watch it.)

20 thoughts on “it’s a big hat. it’s funny.”

  1. That’s my favorite Celebrity Jeopardy ever. I was feeling a little sick today, and that made me feel better!
    Thanks for the lulz, Wil! Wait, did I just use “lulz” out of IMing? I did…shit…*melts embarassedly*

  2. wil- as soon as i saw your tweet i started to snicker to myself. i used to say that all the time in my classes and they never got it. i finally got around to showing them the video and then it was funny to them AND me!
    turd ferguson was classic.

  3. Norm is always so self-deprecating about his performing talents, but whenever he does a character (Letterman, Dole, Reynolds) it is just so spot-on. Unbelievable.

  4. The guy doing Connery is awesome, I loved the sketch where he says “I’ll take ‘The Rapists’ for $200″…”Uh, that’s ‘Therapists’, Sean”.
    I was at a Master Pancake Theater (a live version of Mystery Science Theater 3000) showing of Goldfinger, and one of the comedians shouted that out during the scene where Bond jumps Pussy Galore in the hayloft.
    Here’s a compilation of Connery-isms from SNL Jeopardy:

  5. Unfortunately for us “furiners” that link you included to FunnyOrDie is for a different skit, as it doesn’t involve my countryman Norm at all.

  6. HAHAHAHA! Classic!
    “I hate my job.” Stated so deadpan. Heehee!
    I use to say that a lot when I had a corporate job. Not so much anymore. Coincidence? Oh hell no! ;o)

  7. Funny thing: I just watched the clip (the on funnyordie, since The Powers That Be have decided that Hulu can’t show videos in Canadia) and I noticed that, at no point during the sketch does Burt Reynolds, a.k.a. Turd Ferguson, utter the exact words “it’s a big hat. it’s funny.”
    It’s kind of like how everybody says “Beam me up, Scotty” when those exact words were never, ever uttered during the entire run of The Original Series.
    Ha! I win at relating everything back to Star Trek! Now, where do I go to collect my award?

  8. Having never seen this, I watched it and laughed and laughed. I shared it with a co-worker and now every time we see each other, we start mumbling lines at each other like “That’s the sound your mom made last night”. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You know, that was my favorite one as well. My favorite part is, and always will be…
    “Well, V is a Roman Numeral… So, despite your best efforts… You answered correctly. Lets see what you wagered… Suck It Trebek…”

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