not so stealthy

Yesterday, the stealth bomber flew over our house seven or eight times.

Not so stealthy

It totally would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for my dogs, who bark like crazy whenever blimps or other low-flying aircraft go over our house.

Look! Up in the sky! Rrrroooooohhhhhwwwwwooooo!!!!!

I guess it was doing a flyover as part of a December 7th memorial.

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  1. That’s pretty cool, the shot. My dog (who looks like a much older Ferris, btw), also barks when there are intruders in her airspace. I gave up on trying to convince her that 747s are not gigantic metal birds. 😉

  2. Indeed, I’m sure they scared the stealth bomber away. They look like they take their job very seriously. LOL. That gave me a good laugh today. Thanks.

  3. Why do you hate America, Wil? Why must you photograph and post our nation’s secrets on the interwebs and tubes where the terrahismists can see them?

  4. A stealth bomber,not “The stealth bomber”, there are more than one. (20 flying currently)
    -Roy, airplane pedantic, Roy.

  5. I used to work in El Segundo in an office park surrounded by aerospace companies. A co-worker had a buddy who worked at Northrop who told us the Stealth was going to do a fly-by one morning. So, we all trundle out to the field behind the office, and there it was, like something straight out of Bat Country, the Evil Bat Overlord itself.
    The noise it made in its wake was something I hope never, ever to hear again.

  6. We live next to a air force base where it is home to the premier operational B-1B Lancer unit bomers so we hear them all the time….and if your on top of a tank battery (oil filed) they will dip thier wings if they see ya

  7. One year, on opening day for the Dodgers, a Stealth was scheduled to do a fly-over for the beginning ceremony. Since I work at the Police Academy in Elysian Park, and it’s across the street from Dodger Stadium, we were sure we would be able to see it from our parking lot, and were waiting outside. The damn thing flew in behind us, right over our office building, and so low I thought it would touch the roof. Scared the crap out of me. But it was an awesome sight.

  8. Creepy? They’re gorgeous. One of the most fascinating things ever to crease a cloud.
    It’s a sad fact that most of our coolest technology’s current based around killing each other, but that’s kind of a part of being human, and you’ve gotta take the rough with the smooth.

  9. When I was stationed at Edwards AFB, we used to see the occasional B-2 flying over Lancaster and Palmdale. There is ONE stationed at the base for testing. That particular one came out of Whiteman, which is the only active B-2 base.

  10. Hmmmm, these are the planes that aren’t stealth if there is any precipitation. May actually have issues with flying in rain, stealth aside. And now it becomes public that the Wheaton family dogs are a first alert system. (The planes do look cool, but are only stealth under the best conditions.)

  11. Wil: I was stationed at Whiteman AFB (where the B-2 is housed) and my old supervisor’s wife was the base photographer. I have some cool photos of the B-2 over the flooded areas of Missouri in 93, as well as a photo of the B-2 with the Wright Brothers plane if you’re interested.

  12. So, Wil, is Riley a Basenji?
    I am sure you may have mentioned in the past, but I didn’t have one myself before!
    I’d love to hear more about your dogs, Riley in specific!

  13. Awesome!
    I saw one fly over head once here in Minneapolis. It was a few weeks after 9/11 and it was headed towards the airport. I didn’t get a picture of it and my husband didn’t believe me. :(
    But it was super cool to see in person!

  14. since some dogs respond to fire engine sirens (as opposed to police sirens), i’m not surprised that your dogs were alerted to the bomber. stealth bombers are only stealthy to human hearing :) handsome dogs, btw.

  15. Great to see pictures of your dogs, always wondered what they look like. Wanted to ask who is who, but Alicia’s comment told me.
    Really REALLY cute dogs – and you boys can keep the bomber, I’ll take the dogs 😉
    Kisses to Ferris and Riley from Germany,

  16. It flew by me too, Wil, so not to creep you out, but I am guessing we’re not too far apart after all. I was working when I heard a roar, and having lived in Norfolk for many years, I remember the sound of fighter jets. I ran out and, behold, it did a fly by. Impressive to see!

  17. Totally cool – the stuff these mad scientists come up with.
    The really interesting thing is that in a battle situation, if you can see / hear it and you are in the target zone, it’s too late.

  18. Isn’t it amazing, mankind tried to fly all sorts of funky chickens, unsuccessfully, for eons. Now we’ve mastered the ability to fly weird objects like the B-2.
    It makes me think of when I was a kid. I was pulling carrots in the garden, when all of a sudden 8 Huey choppers flew low to the ground over the field, complete with men on M-60.
    Seems my neighbor, a mile west, was growing an alternative crop that met with disapproval. They wanted to surprise him, it definitely surprised me, I was like relax there only carrots. Little did I know 10yrs later I would be jumping on and off Blackhawks I never got used to it. Rotors freak me out, I had a cousin decapitated by a Huey in the 80’s he was one of ten killed when the tail rotor went out of control during a military ceremony.
    On another topic, today, I heard something I’ve known my whole life. My state is the most corrupt one in the union. It’s funny the irony Gov. Blagojevich was responsible for building the worlds largest shooting complex, now he can’t even have a gun, thats funny. It wouldn’t surpise me to hear that my cities past administration paid him to get it.
    Cool dogs by the way. Mine like to bark at my neighbors paraglider when he spies and flies over.

  19. Did Ferris and Riley bark at the space shuttle Endeavour when it flew over your house a couple of weeks ago? It was a Sunday afternoon and the shuttle landed at Edwards AFB.
    Freeman :)

  20. Oooo! Nice picture! Heh, your photos are always interesting…I love looking at them!
    In other news…Wil, I don’t know if you watch the internet show Pure Pwnage…but on Saturday, December 6th Troy Dixon (who plays “T-Bag” on the show) died in a car accident:-(
    So, so sad…

  21. A few years ago (now that I think of it… more than that… possibly 6-7 years) the B1-B (not as stealthy the B-2 above but with a very low radar cross-section) was partaking in exercises at CFB Gagetown. The flight path took it very low over our house. I remember telling a good, and extremely intelligent, friend that this had happened… where he replied to the effect “no you didn’t! you couldn’t have… it is stealth!”. The preconceptions and gaps in knowledge can be rather large I guess :-p

  22. Wil,
    Your dogs seem to keep you aware of any local surprises. It also looks like you take great care of these pets. These are good things.

  23. At least the bombers look like they can fly nicely. The fighters are much stranger looking. From many angles, the fighters don’t look light they should be able to sustain flight at all. The first time I saw one of the fighters, it brought to mind a favorite line from Hitchhiker’s Guide: “The Vogon ships hung up in the sky much the same way that bricks don’t.”

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