i love everything about this

It's another one of those holy shit how am I going to get all this done? days, so please enjoy this video and song while I crush everything.

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  1. At first I was about to fly into a berserk, frothing rage at the mere thought that this artist could create something so fluidly (pun intended, if you wish) on a blank piece of paper. Fortunately, on a second, closer look, I see that there are indeed sketch lines on the paper prior to the inks going down. Thank god – I only lost a little of my ever-dwindling artistic confidence instead of all of it at one go.
    Of course, I’m sure that if/when I finally lose it all together, it will be to some sort of cephalopod-related nightmare. (Or possibly to that picture of Wil in that horrific clown sweater!)

  2. Jawboneradio is that good of an artist. He’s been interpreting Jonathan Coulton’s work since back in the Thing A Week days. If you go to the link to his blog post from the YouTube video you’ll see what I mean.

  3. Have ot say i like the song–your Twits on JC made me check his page. I’m hoping to get more of his music–meanwhile i’ll listen on his website.
    The pic done to the music is AWESOME! Very talented artist!
    By the way, where in all of Christendom did you get that attempt at looking like an Atrocity of a Clown??? Oh man, that’s something you can use to SCARE SMALL CHILDREN!!! I admit, I’m a Knitter myself, but MAN! I have a picky husband myself (who I use as my “practice dummy” on new projects), but I’d make something LOADS more appropriate for a grown man! I’d suggest hiding that in the back of your closet & use it as a costume piece for giving out Halloween Candy at BEST! You poor baby!

  4. I heart your new profile photo so much! The last one consistently reminded me of your Criminal Minds episode – that character scared the @#$%#$ outta me. This new photo is scary in a different way, but at least it isn’t Floyd Hansen! The fact that I remember the character’s name emphasizes how much he scared me!

  5. “Hey man. If somebody draws something and then you draw the same thing right on top of it, not going out-side the designated original art, what do you call that!” -Chasing Amy

  6. I’m pretty sure that he starts out making the basic sketch outline himself, and then he spends the rest of the video inking and coloring it.
    That’s how pretty much every artist I know works, anyway.

  7. Hey Wil!
    Thanks for linking me. Yes, I get that tracing thing all the time. And what I do is start out with a rough sketch or construction lines and then ink and color from there.
    I used to think that the inking stage was just tracing too. But as I became more of an artist, I learned that the process is still ongoing whether you are inking, coloring or penciling.
    Wow…Wil Effing Wheaton posted one of my vids.

  8. This is completely unrelated to this particular post, but I felt I needed to share. Paul and Storm (friends, fellow comedic musicians, and sometimes backup band to Jonathan Coulton — see? I found a connection!) are celebrating our first geek president by holding votes for the “Secretary of Geek Affairs,” and voting is coming up soon for the Jor-El region, including the battle of Wil Wheaton vs. Wesley Crusher. Check it out:

  9. As well you should sir. As well you should. I’ll let it pass this one time…but just once! I can only forgive so much.
    …pardon me but I just had a geekout telling my wife that im replying back and forth with you and she gave me a look of “Ok. So?” *flails*

  10. Hey man. No problem, I enjoy reading your blog…
    Oh you meant Len… I was sitting here wondering “why would he like to look at an IP scope and router configuration?” MY BAD! πŸ˜‰

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