screencaps from my episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold

Warner Brothers has released some screencaps from Fall of the Blue Beetle. If I want to show you, all I have to do is remind you that it airs next Friday, January 23rd, at 8pm on Cartoon Network.

So, now that I’ve taken care of that little bit of business, check it out:

Ted Kord is The Silver Age Blue Beetle

“This beetle doesn’t have a flower vase, and neither does this one.”

Batman and Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle

“If you have a vending machine that needs guarding, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire …”

Both of these images can be embiggened in the usual way. Also, Warner Brothers gave me a preview clip, but I’m saving that for tomorrow, so we all have something to look forward to.

18 thoughts on “screencaps from my episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold”

  1. And of course, no one should confuse this with Harry Dresden’s Blue Beetle, which is mostly not-blue.
    Nicely done, Wil! Your character looks to be most debonair. I was never much of a comics geek, but I’ll definitely watch this.

  2. Why have I not watched this show before? I tivo’d the recent Deadman episode and really enjoyed it. Nice animation, great illustration style, snappy dialogue, and a really good sense of the history of the characters.

  3. Damn, that’s a square jaw!
    Looking forward to viewing the episode.
    Still hard to believe – Wil actually made it into a Batman episode.
    Very cool for him.

  4. Wow, that looks like an excellent Batman cartoon. I didn’t even know about this series. The animation style looks fantastic, in the vein of The Animated Series, but a bit more colourful. I’ll have to see if we get this new series in Canada yet.

  5. I’m loving The Brave and the Bold, as does my son. R. Lee Ermey as Ted Grant was awesome. I can’t wait for the Jaime Reyes and Ted Kord team-up next week. I hope someday they do a Batman – Omega Men team up.

    that rules. >.<
    More Technobable! you are docked 45dk points for not using more technobable…
    …holy hell i need to unplug. excuse me.

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