talkin’ teddddd kord (the batman and the beetle) talkin teddddd kord (and workin’ with good people) …

Last week, I did so many interviews for this week’s episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I told Anne, “I feel like I’ve reallly accomplished a lot, but I don’t have anything to show for it.”

Well, now I do, because the interviews I did are starting to come online, including this one I did with The World’s Finest:

Now, hopefully you won’t mind if we swing off-topic for a second. Now, this isn’t your first foray into the world of animation. What attracts you to voice-acting?

It’s really hard to do it right, so I feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment when I get to work alongside people like Yuri Lowenthal, Lex Lang, Kari Wahlgren, and Diedrich Bader. While some people can be stunt cast for their looks or whatever in on-camera roles, that just doesn’t happen in animated television, because there are so many truly talented people available to do the work. I feel like I’ve really earned a spot in the room with those guys, and that’s just awesome.

It’s also a different type of acting from on-camera, so it presents a unique set of challenges. I didn’t realize how much we rely on subtle facial movements and body language to convey intention and emotion when we perform, and I’ve really enjoyed learning and attempting to perfect doing all of that with just my voice. Also, voice acting isn’t nearly as repetitive as on-camera acting; we don’t have to do things for forty-seven different angles on Batman, so it never gets boring or dull.

There’s also this one with Comic Book Resources:

“As much as I’ve loved all the dark Batman series we’ve had for so long, I love the 1950s style retro look of the show,” Wheaton said of “The Brave and the Bold.” “I have loved Batman forever. My original introduction to Batman was, of course, the Adam West series. And I’m a little embarrassed at how crazy obsessed I was – what’s the Trekkie equivalent of a Batman fan? That was me for the original Tim Burton movie. And I really, really loved all of those comic books.

“But when I had my own kids, as much as I loved Batman – Batman was a little too dark for them. You could kind of show them ‘Superman’ and some other comics, but ‘Batman’ was a little too heavy. What I really love about ‘Brave & The Bold’ and what really excited me about ‘Brave & The Bold’ is that we have this Batman that is still true to who Batman is and is still true to the DC Universe, but it’s just not as dark. Diedrich Bader and I were discussing this when we were working on my episode. He has a five-year-old kid and was really excited that here’s a Batman that a five-year-old can watch. And it’s not watered down. It’s just approached from a slightly different angle.”

If anyone still doubts the level of my Batmania, I will simply reply with 1000 words:

I was a total dork in the 80s

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  1. So, I wrote the other day how a co-worker had given me her old locker pinups of you. I stuck them up on the bulletin board by my desk. I didn’t think much about it until I discovered yesterday that a staff member had told another staff member that they thought it was inappropriate for a high school teacher to have pictures of “young men” on her desk.

  2. I love the B&B series, and I hail the return of a lighter Batman; the current comics incarnation – OK, the immediately previous one who is now temporarily deceased – didn’t exactly adhere to the trademark advice in your website’s header. But I wouldn’t say the toon is quite appropriate for 5-year-olds, at least not always. The Christmas Red Tornado episode with the marauding robotic Santas getting decapitated/blown up and attacking kids? That was just a little too much, at least for my 5-year-old.
    Looking forward to this week’s. Hope my unreliable Comcast DVR manages to record it – it’s about 50/50 so far.

  3. There have been 3 Blue Beetles in comic continuity. Will Friedle does the voice of Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, and Wil Wheaton is doing the voice of Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle (who is currently deceased in the comics). It can get confusing, yeah. 😉
    I am SO nerdily excited about this episode.

  4. You know, I had the picture up on my wall for AGES. I think it was the last one I took down too, partly because I adore you as an actor, and the other reason was the whole Batman theme — rock on dot com

  5. Wow, how many different kinds of cool are going on there? I would have killed for that jacket, not to mention the Hard Rock Cafe button, the Swatch watch, or the Batman and Star Trek insignias.
    Geeks represent. :)

  6. Duuude! Like the ‘new’ site theme (it seems to take less time to load for me), but please!
    Next time you decide to haul my eyes back in time twenty awkward years or so, warn me first! ^_^
    Congrats on the success of B&B.

  7. OMG – the swatch!!! AAAAAHHH!!! THE SWATCH!!!! I had the all-clear one – it was given to me by Heather Gallatin, the ultra-hawt lifeguard at summer camp…
    Of all you’ve done for me, Wil, I SERIOUSLY owe you for restoring THAT memory…

  8. I told my hubby you would be voicing Blue Beetle, and his response was: “Well, if it’s Ted Kord, then that’s the perfect casting choice. Dan Garret would work, but Wil fits better with Ted Kord.” Dontcha just love geeks geeking out about other geeks?

  9. Sir Wheaton, before you became Ted Kord you were merely King of Geekdom. Now that you have become the best, bester, and bestest Blue Beetle ever in forever ever… you have transcended this mortal realm and become the God of Geekdom! I bow to ye! *bows*

  10. I too was introduced to Batman watching the Adam West series reruns. Then when Batman 89 came out, I was absolutely blown away. It seemed like it took forever for stuff to come out on VHS and I wore the tape out once I got my hands on it I watched it so much. I also had every bat item I could get my hands on…earrings, erasers, t-shirts, hats, magazines…and I was the only girl I knew that liked Batman so much. I don’t feel so bad about my obsession anymore after reading your post. :)

  11. OMG TOY SOLDIER is all i thought of when i saw that picture and i really have no idea… between you and Sean Astin my boy crush was torn.. on one side i had my nerd embellishment and on the other side I had looks.. I had to say tho that Sean did win that one with his devilish smile… well enough about that TOTALLY AWESOME PINS!!! If we where at disneyland Id ask to trade with you!

  12. What a great picture, Wil! :-)))
    I still have my Romulan Warbird pin and the communicator pin (don’t wear them anymore, I’m almost 48 now) but… still look at them from time to time.
    And: I like this new blog outfit!
    Regards from Germany

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