you can finally watch Kyle + Rosemary this weekend! (Updated with correct time)

Years ago, I played the part of Kyle, in an absolutely wonderful animated short film called Kyle + Rosemary.

It was supposed to air on Nickelodeon, but there was some sort of disturbance in the force, and the Zaldans never ran it. I finally got to see it last summer, and it was just as wonderful as I knew it would be, making it even more distressing that they were only allowing Top Men to watch it.

Well, as they say, Good News, Everyone! I know it's super late notice, but I just found out that Kyle + Rosemary is airing on the Nicktoons network at 10:30pm 10:30AM EST on Saturday, January 17.

I hope you'll set your DVRs, reschedule the surgery, and postpone the wedding to watch it. It's really great, and I want as many people as possible to see it. I don't know if it'll end up online, but if it does, I'll link to it.

Edited to add: I'm an idiot, and got my AM/PM confused. This is part of a block of programming called Random! Cartoons and it's on in the morning on Saturday. It is NOT happening at 10:30PM as I originally wrote, but 10:30AM, as in, in the morning and not at night. As in, get it straight, Wheaton, or I swear to god I am coming down there for you.

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  1. That is SO awesome! I always wondered what happened w/ Kyle + Rosemary! Unfortunately I can’t watch it (no cable) but I’m very happy that it’s going to see the light of day! Yay!

  2. WEWT!!!! I had SO been looking forward to it, then forgot about it.
    …Now to find Nicktoons on DirecTV. The only thing that search comes up with is KyleXY. This is bad. :(
    Okay. Nicktoons Network on Direct is showing El Tigre at that point. Or atleast mine is.
    <—Not a happy camper.

  3. I heard about it so last minute, it’s possible that Nicktoons is running it in between programming, so it’s not going to be on the schedule in the DirecTV guide.
    I’m telling my DVR to record the channel from 10-11, just to be sure.

  4. PVR SET!!! I don’t know why, and this is apropos of nothing, but I woke up this morning with a Bizarre and desperate urge to see an adaptation of “Revolutionary Road” starring Wil and Grace Park… Call me crazy, but I think it would be squee-worthy.

  5. I must be psychic, I was just looking around the web last night wondering when it was going to air. Very cool, I’ll run up to set my DVR now… thanks for the tip about the time!

  6. I think the world just wasn’t ready for a Goth/Geek relationship on television. This combined with Obama’s inaguration are clearly signs of the dawning of the age of aquarius.

    I need to see this!
    I think my best bet, however, will be to wait for a re-airing seeing as how:
    1) I don’t have a PVR (so sad, I know…)
    2) I don’t get Nickelodeon or Nicktoons
    3) I won’t even be in town!
    I can’t wait to actually see it animated… I loved the comics and stuff that were released on the blog, way back when.

  8. WIL!
    My wife has been following your blog and twitter for over a year now. (She’s the one who keeps sending you invites to be a guest at Anime Festival Wichita for this July)
    But Im writing you because I cannot tell why we aren’t good friends. Here’s why:
    Star Wars since the original
    Star Trek since the 70s
    Original D&D from the 70s players (colored in the yellow dice man)
    – Loved the Original
    -Loved the DC comics mini series (and still own them)
    -Own and have read GURPS PRISONER rules
    -both twittered Be Seeing You at the news of McGoohan’s death unknowing the other did as well.
    Counting down the last 100 hours of President Bush’s presidency
    Knows, understands and LOVES THAC0!!!
    Fans of Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle
    Fans of
    Has moments when our step children tell us to ‘Chill’
    Both have geek cards that can never be taken away – in fact they will be bronzed and mounted on the Game Lodges for ever.
    So, yah. I thought it was time to let you know I was out here and looking forward to talking with you. In fact, you should call in on my show – HOUR 42 – this weekend as we are going to discuss the Prisoner (I was watching it Tuesday night just prior to hearing the news of his passing), Batman’s Death, Ricardo Montalban’s death, and Milestone Comics.
    Sorry, that last part was an afterthought, but anyway…
    Peter Pixie

  9. Confirming the above poster, I’m showing it as a 1:30 EST showing of ‘Random Cartoons’ with ‘Kyle+Rosemary’ as one of the segments.
    Also, Wil is going to be portraying the Ted Kord Blue Beetle on Brave and the Bold next Friday at 8:30 EST.

  10. Geez, Wil! You’re bad with time today. As others have said, it’s on at 1:30 PM EST. I suppose I can’t blame you too much tho for mixing up EST with PST… I do it all the time with other time zones. Anyway lookin forward to seeing it later today.

  11. Dang it, I figured the cable guide was wrong and Wil was right. I should have checked more closely. Recorded El Tigre, did not record K+R.

  12. Here I’ve been checking the internets periodically to see if this was ever going to happen and now I find out I missed it. NERDS!

  13. Kyle and Rosemary was excellent!
    Is anyone else seeing strange things with the RSS feed? I seem to get the newest three or four posts randomly reordered and re-dated every day.

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