getting the led out

Then as it was, then again it will be

An' though the course may change sometimes
Rivers always reach the sea

While writing today, I've been rocking my way through all my Led Zeppelin albums, in order. I'm currently up to Physical Graffiti, and have just discovered that I don't have the sound system, '69 Nova, or long hair needed to really do this album justice, and wailing on my desk like it's a drum kit really freaks out my dogs

Blind stars of fortune, each have several rays
On the wings of maybe, down in birds of prey

The sun is setting through my office window, throwing long shadows and golden light across my yard and into my house. The sky begins to darken behind a hazy gauze of clouds on the edge of a storm the weather man says will arrive Monday. My sinuses say it is likely to arrive sooner.

Kind of makes me feel sometimes, didn't have to grow
But as the eagle leaves the nest, it's got so far to go

Ten Years Gone is the perfect music for this precise, bittersweet, slightly melancholy moment, just before the unseasonable warmth of the day gives way to the chill of February night. I know that, before I even finish composing this post, the sun will drop behind the big tree outside and I'll have to close up the windows and pull on a sweatshirt. But for now … just for now … I can pretend that it's the end of a summer day, I'm 10 years younger than I am, and I haven't a care in the world.

Holdin' on, ten years gone

Ten years gone, holdin' on, ten years gone

25 thoughts on “getting the led out”

  1. I keep forgetting that you can’t “hear” me if you’re not following me.
    Quoth (or rather, “tweeteth”) I, “@wilw I have Houses of the Holy on vinyl. you kids today with your itunes nonsense! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

  2. Ha, and I just thought he was wisely ignoring my witty banter.
    “DetroitChris @wilw iTunes respect eludes you once again. Just load up some Slayer and scare it into submission. Fear is almost as good as respect.”
    Although the hair and sound system still doesn’t jive with Slayer I suppose.

  3. I think I was gonna retweet that I had the hair for Physical Graffiti…that was it. Otherwise… it was a no go.
    You set your twitter to get @wilw replies from friends only? Aww. I missed the memo. But then, with…118k (Holy fricking FSM!!) I see your point. Heh.

  4. RT (does this count as a retweet?) “@wilw okay, now you’ve done it, I had to fire up the iTunes and hit the Zeppelin like it was a bong at a Grateful Dead concert…”

  5. Ten Years Gone is one of my favorites of all of anybody’s songs ever. A very extended version of In My Time Of Dying was the last song they played in concert before the wreck that put Robert Plant in the wheelchair. Later on he called Achilles Last Stand one of “the wheelchair songs”.

  6. You are correct sir, there is no such thing as the perfect sound system for the Led Zeppelin stuff. I don’t want to come off as a total brown nose on my first post, but you are an amazing writer. I have been on Hardwicks website/blog for the past few months and I learned of your website through his. I have done the same thing with the Led Zeppelin stuff. Listened to the whole collection throughout a day of writing. I am in the middle of writing a script for a movie and those old songs, even though I am not old enough to know them first hand, seem to put me into the zone where writing is less work and more relaxing.
    Thanks for the post to light up my cold ass day here in Minnesota. I look out my window and I see snow falling and I can feel my balls hiding away to keep warm.
    Good luck, and you’ll be seeing me around here a lot. At least I hope.

  7. Please read my whole comment and not just the beginning. When you were on STNG i got the impession, deserved or not, that you were a smarmy little brat on, and of camera. By pure chance i came across your blog here, and 2 hrs later i had read dozens of your blogs, and am VERY glad i did. You are a very entertaining, and insightful young man now, (sorry i’m close to retirement so anyone under fourty is a young man/lady). I’ll definitely be back to read what i didn’t get to before. I just wanted to thank you for your funny/heartwarming/entertaining blogs, and for proving this old fart wrong about you.

  8. unrelated geeking…..
    Star Trek IV was on tonight.
    Man, that is one stupid plot.
    i was a bit confused when the 20th c. woman screamed as she was transported. Like she felt it….. Haven’t we seen many people transported and then act surprised upon discovering their new whereabouts?
    In other geekyness, i always thought that ferengi women should have exceptionally large lobes. Haven’t we seen Quark say, “The lobes on that woman….” with a lustful gleam in his eye?
    Yes, naked ferengi with lobes draping to the floor. Instead, they were given smaller ears. i think the largest lobes were on the Grand Nagus, which would be appropriate. Still, i think that in a culture which fascinated on ear size, women should have had the largest lobes.
    Man my geek is showing.

  9. I have been a fan of Star Trek since the fall of 1992, I was in the third or fourth grade, when a friend of mine brought his brand new TNG action figures and a Star Trek Fan Club magazine with him to class, he let me look at his magazine and see his figures , Picard , Data and Worf , and they all looked so much better than any action figures i had seen before . I began watching the show on DFW’s Paramount 21 KTXA and was quickly addicted to all things Star Trek .
    Cut to the year 2000 and I am listening to a classic rock station with a friend of mine and the “Stairway to Heaven ” begins to play and it’s riffs pour into my virgin ears like honey . I quickly made a b-line to the Outlet Mall in downtown Fort Worth and bought The Very Best of Led Zeppelin the Early Years and the Latter Years on CD , I wore those cds out over time . I eventually bought every album produced by Led Zep on CD and bit of Robert Plant’s solo work as well , and Jimmy page’s stuff .
    Cut to February of 2007 , we buy our first PC , a used 1999 Dell optiplex GX1 from a pawn shop for $135 and take it home an connect it to the internets , i quickly find my way around and create a myspace page for myself for fun .
    I find many people who are also Star Trek fans like me , finally people who understand the samethings I do!! I begin to get involved in RPGs with them . Through the RPing i meet a woman named Molly and the more we talk, the more we crack each other up ,and the more we find we have in common .
    I like Star Trek , so does she!
    I love to get the Led Out , so does she !
    Well she invites me to go with her to the 2007 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention with her out of the blue one night while we’re chatting online , So I was pinching myself .
    “A girl, who likes me, likes the same things I like , wants to take me to a Star Trek Convnetion!?!?! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
    We went and enjoyed the convnetion and our love continued to blossom and grow while we wove our way through the crowd of fellow geeks to see our favorite stars talk and then tested our resolve in the dealers room to find which goodies were worth dropping some coin on and which were better to just be seen .
    I had $300 in spending cash and i packed an empty shoulder bag so i was ready!!! Yes that bag was full by the ned of day 2 and i was broke as a joke by then LOL! Don’t blame me blame the utter lack of Star Trek merchindise in any retail stores for years LOL!!
    So each night before we’d get ready to sleep Molly and I would look at the program and look at all the schedualed events for the next day and discuss what we had to go see and what was worth passing up .
    So this one night we are looking at our program , and we see the choice of going and playing Borg Bingo , or going to a small cramped room to hear Wil Wheaton do a few readings from his books and other writings . Molly and I both looked ateach other and knew that we’d leave The Bingo to the Geriactric crowd (no offense to any older folks who may happen to read this) and we’d head down to listen to you amuse us and your self . So we go up to our rooms to get ready and put up our purchases , and we had down to the area with the small cramped speaking rooms when i feel a breeze move past me at amazing speed .
    Molly elbows me “There goes Wil!!” I was like , “Huh ? No way? ” I look up and see a guy speed walking 15 feet in front of us , then reconize the walk and the back of the head , it is it’s gotta be , so I take off jogging afterwards but my legs wont carry me fast enough , So I jog back to Molly who at this point is enjoying a luagh at my expense about how idotic I just looked . LOL!
    We go and listen to your wonderful reading of “Blue Light Special” and “Justice” Geek in Review .
    Then we stand in a very long line in order to meet with you and get a photo and signed and get and book of yours .
    I have this somewhat evil habit of making my girlfriend blush because I love to see her squirm LOL!
    And you had said in your reading of “Justice” that Edo’s like to make love at the drop of a hat , any hat tasha says with a knowing glance , so Picard decides to see just how many hats they are going to need …
    Then a light bulb went on over my head as we waited in line and i took off my hat and playfully began tossing it around in the air .
    We finally are able to step up to the table and molly hands you her picture of you in your Wesley Crusher starfleet cadet outfit if I’m not mistaken , and oneof your books she had bought before , “Just a Geek” and proceeds to slime you with adoration as you shake her hand . You graciously listen and sign her books and picture , and then stick out you hand to shake mine i shake it and slime you with my own adoration ,then remove my Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon hat and say “And on behalf ofmy girlfriend , who has had a crush on you for the longest time …..*Drops hat and gives her a wicked grin* Your welcome!!”
    Which made you LOL and made my girl Molly turn bright red and make her copyrighted “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” sound when she gets embarrassed .
    Well later that next day we go and get a pic of you and her made even allow her to shoo me outta of frame which amused you to no end LOL!
    Well cut to X-mas of that year, she buys me an Ipod shuffle and it is already loaded with music , Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant , hours worth of the tunes I love in a device the size of a postage stamp i can clip to my collar!
    I must say , that here it is in 2009 about 2 years after we met ,and we are still going strong mostly because we know to not be dicks to each other, we just laugh and have a good time and enjoy each others company and our mutaul geekdom !!
    Thanks for being there for us and being one of our mutual things we have in common !!
    Wow this post turned out much , much longer than I expected! LOL!

  10. Wil,
    I swear you’ve got some serious powers…how you do it, I don’t know! Related, but not exactly:
    I call my dad today to hear The Immigrant Song playing in the background.
    I walk into my four year olds room to see him holding the CD that has the same song for me to put in his player.
    While cleaning, that song came on(I have my player set to random shuffle) as I was vacuuming the area rugs.
    Led Zeppelin rules greatly this day!

  11. You have excellent musical tastes, Wil. I can’t help you with the long hair, but if a Ford will work you can borrow my ’68 Galaxie.
    I just found the perfect way to listen to Zeppelin: at an estate sale I found a 1969/70 high end Magnavox console radio/turn table for $20 (I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have an 8-track player though-lol). I truly think these old LPs, when played on an older player, sound much better then modern digital audio. Too bad I don’t have Zeppelin on LP :(

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