hey, look, that’s me!

I was really happy with my appearance on KTLA morning news earlier this week, even if the HD really showed off just how profoundly fucked up my teeth really are.

If you have a minute and want to see me talking about books and technology and geek stuff, you can watch it at the LA Times Jacket Copy blog.

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  1. Wil, that was a great interview! :-) My fave part was the black hole/worm bit. BTW, a) you do not have a big fat stomach, and b) your teeth looked fine to me. As someone whose teeth were pretty messed up, though, I know how it makes you feel. If you want braces, get ’em. They’re not that bad, & if you have them tightened once a week or every 2 weeks, it’ll be more painful, but go that much faster. That’s how I did it. However, *don’t lose your retainer*!! I did, teeth shifted… am now looking into stealthy Invisalign. Can’t really afford it, but I didn’t go through braces to have crooked teeth. So anyway, great interview, & do what makes you feel best! 😀
    -Alicia (@aliciawag)

  2. My teeth are messed up too and I was considering the Braces route too. I am the same age as you so don’t feel so bad. I don’t even have a public appearance to worry about, but I can see why you would want to fix something you are uncomfortable with. However that being said, I don’t think they are that messed up dude. I don’t normally look at guys teeth, but with your posting it was hard to stop staring. I think they look just fine.
    Great interview though. I thought “Just a Geek” was a little older though…LOL. If I was in L.A. I would stop by and say hello. As always great to read your blog.

  3. Your teeth look fine, bud. I’m actually really looking forward to your thoughts/review on the new Star Trek film. Speaking as someone who never liked Star Trek, the movie (so far) appears to be a TON OF FUN. And I think a WWdN review will be something I’m really looking forward to. Have a fun time at the festival. Wish I was there, Charlie Huston is a great guy, and I’m a fan of his for life.

  4. Well done! Great interview.
    Consider moving to Greenland. People here don’t brush their teeth and therefore no one above the age of 25 have any teeth left :-) You will have the most beautiful smile of them all ha ha..
    Kangaatsiaq, Greenland.

  5. Wil,
    I’m 34. I’m about to get braces to fix my teeth. It’s amazing how conscious you become of it as you get older.
    I have found a secret to getting them affordably. Find a good dentistry school nearby. Talk to them. Most of them are starved for patients, and give outstanding deals over regular dentists.

  6. Wil,
    This is completely off topic but I tried to go back and post a comment on a more relevant post but the comments were locked on all of them. I picked up The Happiest Days of Our Lives from you at Phoenix Comicon and have been reading through it bit by bit.
    Tonight I read ‘let go – a requiem for Felix the Bear’. I almost couldn’t finish reading it, it impacted me so very strongly. In many ways, it mirrored my own experiences with my cat Johnny, who I put to sleep just over a month ago after a difficult struggle with Feline Leukemia. Every time I come home and he isn’t sitting there waiting for me to walk in the door, put my stuff down and scoop him into my arms. As much as his insane 8 cylinder engine of a purr would drive me nuts as I was trying to sleep, I miss it more than I ever thought I could. I raised him from the time he was 3 days old and had 2 amazing years with him. Some days I’m ok, others I have to remind myself that he’s not here with me anymore and that won’t change.
    Really though, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing that, thank you for publishing that. You put into words things that I could not express. It means ever so much to me to know that I’m not alone in this…
    Thanks again,

  7. Oh please you’ve been SKINNY your whole life! Haha actually you make me wanna loose weight cause whenever I see you you’ve always been real thin. Well it helps me with my diet! lol. I’m not fat I just get insecure with myself. And seriously Wil, your teeth aren’t as bad as you make them seem. And the only reason all you saw was your teeth is because we all notice our own flaws, when other people don’t.

  8. That was so cute. You always sound so smart. And your always cool and laid back, and that’s real cool man. Speaking of worms, I watched The Curse a few hours ago. I ordered that and The Last Prostitute and The Liars Club off of eBay. I also ordered a copy of The Man Who Fell To Earth but it came from the UK and it’s not compatible with my VCR player so I’m gonna have to buy a PAL formatted VCR just to watch that one movie.. Oh well. And Wil? Stop being so conscious about your f***ing teeth! They look fine! I always thought they fit you well.. I can’t see you with a perfect set of straight white teeth. I like them how they are now.

  9. whenever i see you smile, i dont really notice the teeth. But again i tend not to look for the flaws in someone im friends with. As someone else said in this blog “if there not falling out…’
    The fact you can still smile says alot in the world today. sides that, the bottom teeth in my mouth are not perfect either. But i dont hear any complaints. Now if I mispell something, that is another story…

  10. to be honest, i didnt notice. then again the picture online wasnt too large.
    I dont have the fortune of owning a HD system.
    My laptop is my multimedia platform. a PS2 doesnt work too well for movies i find.

  11. hows the saying “we are our own worst critics”
    Granted, im not an actor, but i have found it important to be comfortable with my self. If i am not, then i have to change something.
    I struggle daily with self confidence issues, but the point is that im still trying to better my self. Now the friends i have say that i dont have the problem in my gamer group. it is quite a bit different in front of others rather than friends. They have yet to get me to sing in public, heh heh. last time they tried i was carried home.
    in short i agree with CrusherLuvr4Ever.

  12. I have other comments along that line, but they arent something that should be said here…
    Dont worry, they are all good thoughts.
    Heh heh, I sound so like a post troll, it can be kinda creepy.
    keep the smiles goin and you will do fine.
    Family, I didnt know you were married Wil.
    I guess it shows how well i keep up on things.
    Howmany do you have? (kids yeah)

  13. Someone at that age having them is definately unusual.
    My lil brother just got his off, and hes glad to be out of them.
    Im sure Wil could pull it off and get away with a comment like “Yeah, I am trying out the new Borg Dental system, Though the Subspace transmitters keep me up at night. I am not sure the feeling of tiny robots working on my teeth is too comforting.” -advertisement provided by ‘Singularity smile’ will suck you in.
    Heh heh

  14. Wil – sincere apologies for poor attempt at sarcasm on Twitter last night. I’ve sent similar notes to your followers who mentioned me. I’d have sent one to you as well, but it appears that you rightly blocked me. Again, poor judgement on my part. – Bryan

  15. I really don’t get what’s wrong with your teeth.. Is it the canines kinda protruding a bit? I think that’s a really cute feature, as long as it’s not too prominant, and it doesn’t look it for you in this video.

  16. I can’t believe y’all made me go back and watch the KTLA appearance again. I had to see what the heck you guys were talking about. Wil your teeth are fine. Of course in your business I can see where image can be everything especially in the light of HD t.v., just don’t pull a Michael J. And you do NOT need to diet. Despite missing out on getting tickets to see you at Festival of Books we were able to get in to your panel by getting in the Stand-by line. You were such fun to listen to and you look just fine. We took our 16 year old son with us and I’m glad we did. Hopefully he learned a thing or two about how not to embarrass himself using fb or twitter. We love you most. he he

  17. I didn’t really notice the teeth Wil. I was more interested in the discussion.
    Sorry pal, I guess I watch for the content and not the package.
    jdifran is right though about never being too old to fix your teeth.
    I had braces when I was in my mid 30’s.
    Stay well,

  18. Please don’t get veneers. Please don’t get veneers. It’s the equivalent of a botched facelift in my opinion. Your teeth are perfect as they are. You’re a gorgerous man, don’t mess with anything.

  19. I don’t think your teeth look so bad. For the record? I’m looking into Invisilign, too. My teeth are worse than yours.
    Cool interview!

  20. Wil, I have a question. I have been really thinking about getting a Kindle, but what did you mean about Amazon being not liking what you are doing and being able to just not show you things if they don’t want to? I haven’t heard anything like this before.

  21. Wil, Just when I thought, “he couldn’t get any cuter or cooler…” You go and do it! Yay for your interview. I used to live in LA and KTLA interviews are often like yours. The poor interviewee has to sit and try to navigate an “interview” between themselves and four or five interviewers! Terrible. But you handled it like a pro!
    Man, I really wish I lived in LA just for the weekend of the Festival of Books just so I could come and see you speak.
    But alas, I do not. I will have to just be happy with reading all your books and reading your blog. Thanks so much for being you! Your writing really cheers me up!
    And I totally get your teeth thing. I had braces as a teen and now as a 38 yr old, they totally moved!!!! I now have a few gaps where my teeth spread out so I have to find a more permanent solution. Sigh. I heard Invisilign does work.

  22. Wil I thought you were fantastic in the segment. You handled yourself expertly.
    I didn’t like any of the anchors. Could they have talked over one another more?
    I believe there is an old saying which states:
    “Too many anchors spoil the on-air segment”

  23. hah loved this! The book to the head bit cracked me up, too. ;D
    Do you like libraries, too?? I totally love going into libraries just for the smell of all the books. *le sigh* Trouble is if I like a book I want to own it, so it’s hard for me to really utilize libraries. ;P
    And ftr, you totally made me want to see the Star Trek movie, which previously I had been not wanting to do at ALL since, there is only one Spock!! buuutt… ok I’ll give it a shot now. ;D

  24. Being told not to stare at the giant mole is only likely to cause a mesmerizing few minutes staring at the mole. I watched again for the interview without staring at the teeth.

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