LEVERAGE: day zero

Greetings from Portland! I'm here for the next few days to work on an episode of Leverage, playing a character who I have a few things in common with, as evidenced by something that happened earlier today during my costume fitting.

The costume designer is an incredibly kind and easy going woman. She was talking with me about who this character is, what he's like, and how those things would influence his decisions when it comes to his clothes. I was glad to have the discussion, because the clothes I wear for a show are very important to
me. I always work hard to find something that is appropriate for
the character, but that I'll also feel comfortable wearing.

She pulled a bunch of different shirts and things off the racks, and said, "So we thought we'd dress you like a nerd." She didn't say it unkindly, it was just matter of fact, the way you'd say, "You know, I think fish would be nice tonight."

I looked at the clothes she had in her hands: straight-legged jeans, slip-on Vans, a short-sleeved shirt with a collar and buttons.

"So, kind of like what I'm already wearing," I said.

We had a good laugh about that, and for the next few minutes I tried on a bunch of different costumes, all of which could have come out of my own wardrobe.

When my fitting was over, I got to visit with John Rogers and Dean Devlin for a little bit. I should probably get their permission before I blog about our conversation, but I think it's okay to say this: I haven't seen Dean since we played hockey together about 17 years ago, and it's pretty awesome to finally be working together on something.

They had to go do producer-y things, so I walked into the stage to meet with the prop department. On my way in, I stopped and introduced myself to Christian Kane (Spencer) and Aldis Hodge (Hardison), who were hanging out just inside the stage door.

Um, I need to just get this out of the way now: Leverage is the first non-animated show I've worked on in years where I'm such a huge fan, I've already watched every episode and know all the characters. It was a challenge, but I did a good job of not losing my shit while I talked with them, just like I did when I met Beth Riesgraf (Parker) right before I went into the wardrobe fitting. We only talked for a few minutes before I had to get out of the stage and do some prop stuff, but I liked them right away. I left the stage feeling pretty confident that I'm going to have a great time while I'm here.

Now I'm going to go learn my lines and prepare for filming tomorrow.

… I'm not going to lie to you, Marge: I love this.

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  1. Have fun while your there Wil, Portland is a great town and they have a thriving film production community. I only hope the shows producers hired crew locally rather then import from LA. It is important to those trying to make a living in a really tight market. Portland used to be the Goto town for a lot of Made for TV USA Channel type shows. I used to PA for a couple of LA based Car commercial production houses down there and was a juicer on ‘The Marla Hansen Story’

  2. I will now Squee in delight with the knowledge that you will be on one of the most awesome shows on television. This has totally made my day better. Wil Wheaton, you my good sir, Rock.

  3. Wow that is exactly what I’m wearing right now…. Except no shoes because I have a sweet tele-commuting programmer job. But wait, is that a 2, 3 or full button down?
    Keep up the good work!

  4. You’re going to be on Leverage…you are going to be on Leverage…On Leverage, with Christian Kane, you are going to be…
    I’m sorry I’m repeating myself, but my brain is overloaded on AWESOME(!!!) and it’s taking time to sink in.
    That’s absolutely fantastic, Wil! I hope everything goes amazingly for you!

  5. Too bad you didn’t head up to Seattle last weekend before going to Portland. You could have taken in the NW Pinball and Gameroom show. ~250 pinball and arcade games to play PLUS almost everyone from King of Kong were there – Steve Wiebe, Mr. Awesome, Walter Day, Mark Alpiger and Billy Mitchell, while not there of course, sent a case of hot sauce. Great gaming fun!

  6. Wil, if you need a game store fix visit @guardiangames. It’s about 10 minutes north of the studios. Great collection of old school RPG stuff for you to enjoy.

  7. Love, love, love LEVERAGE! Yay! Cannot wait until we see you on the TV in one of our favorite shows. Say HEY to Tim Hutton from me . . . Geri. Been watchin’ that boy act since he was a kid . . . too. But our hearts belong to Wil. Or as Stewie would say, “Whil Wheaton, Whil Wheaton, Whil Wheaton.”

  8. hey Wil – welcome to Beervana!
    don’t miss these pubs:
    The Horse Brass (try Hair of the Dog’s Fred on Wood if they have it)
    Roots Organic Brewing
    The Green Dragon
    Higgins Bistro (around the back)
    Moon & Sixpence
    it sounds like you will be here long enough to give the good folks over at Hair of the Dog Brewing a call – http://www.hairofthedog.com – and go meet up at their brewery for a tasting session – think Arrogant Bastard with a more mellow attitude – seriously HEAVY beer.
    You are working with some damn fine people on Leverage – stylists, H/MUA, crew, cast, extras – Leverage has been good to Portland.
    andy batt

  9. Cool beans. And funny tweets, BTW. So loved the one about it not being the first time you earned money in the back of a van! Can’t wait to see you in this episode, Wil. Dressed like a nerd. *Snicker*

  10. Wow so does that mean that you felt comfortable in that tight pink jump-suit type thing in Young Harry Houdini?! HA watched it today. Loved it! lol. I’m super excited cuz I remember reading Just A Geek and reading these blogs that you had written years ago when you got a new job so now I’m finally gettin to read them when they actually happen. I’m really happy for you and cant wait until the show airs.

  11. Excellent news, Wil, I’m looking forward to the episode with you. If you are still in the Portland area next Sunday, be sure to catch Christian & his band at Dante’s.

  12. “for the next few minutes I tried on a bunch of different costumes, all of which could have come out of my own wardrobe.”
    Shades of “and Kam Fong as Chin Ho.” Can’t really explain why.

  13. I just wanted to say that I think it’s awesome that you’re doing an ep of a show we both obviously really enjoy. I actually do a little of what the guys in Leverage do in real life–not as glamorous, kinda dangerous, and more of a hobby than a profession, but well worth it when you see someone get a justly deserved comeuppance they can hopefully learn from or, if not, at least be restrained from acting in bad faith against the valid interests of others in future. (It’s late and I’m on codeine from an injury sustained in the act of helping someone else, so if that last sentence was clumsy please be forgiving of my errors.) -I’ll make sure my friends know to watch it.
    Blessings, Break a Leg, and all that jazz–

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