What Happens if You Feed a Dog Chocolate While he Wears a Tin Foil Hat in the Microwave

I think it was about a year ago that I recorded this episode of Cavalcade of Comedy for Seth MacFarlane. I've been hoping to see it for months, but it wasn't until today that I read a post at CliqueClack TV about it, and BAM there it was.

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  1. That is SO freaky that you posted that today of all days…I literally JUST watched that video with my sister and said to her “Oh I’ll have to twitter to Wil Wheaton about this, ask if its really him”!
    So it was really you!? Thats fabulous, cartoon you is almost as cute as real you 😀

  2. Right…Did you watch the whole thing? The message (if there is one) is quite clearly opposed to animal cruelty. In fact, I think you’d have a pretty hard time arguing that anyone’s said something worse would happen if you abuse an animal.

  3. I laughed hard after my brain stopped doing this:
    “What are you watching?” “Are they really nuking a dog?” “This is perplexing me” “DUDE! What are you watching?” “AH okay LOL!”

  4. Yes, I did watch the whole thing…I think you missed my sarcasm in the animal cruelty comment. I don’t really think there’s a message here about animals one way or another. The bit is just another mashup of unfunny elements that Seth MacFarlane fanatics have had to endure for a few years now. This one just happened to have a dog in it.

  5. “Not that I don’t believe animal cruelty is good for the world…”
    So, following your double negative, you think animal cruelty is good for the world? I’m guessing that was just a grammar error. Also, entertainment (particularly comedy) tends to be subjective…something you find unfunny might be funny to someone else. Unless you’re claiming to be the absolute authority on all that is funny? I have a feeling you just have something against Seth MacFarlane.

  6. Jeremy: You win the Negative Nancy award! It’s also known by other names, like the “Hater for No Good Reason Award,” the “I Like Shitting On Other People’s Victories Cup,” and of course, the “I’m Clearly More Evolved Than All of You Chimpanzees When it Comes to Comedy Ribbon.”
    Funny as hell, Wil. I loved the look on the dog as he went in circles! Also: HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE IN THIS AND I’M SO FUCKING JEALOUS!!!!

  7. “Hi, I’m Wil Wheaton. I know! I can’t believe it either!”
    Believe what? That you’re Wil Wheaton, or that the dog blows up the Earth?

  8. I am too much a fan of Wil’s to say anything really negative. However, people who read this blog are too intelligent to not understand this is a cartoon. Kids who watch You Tube, that’s another matter.
    May the force be with you………….oh wait!

  9. Wow, I’m surprised it’s the first you saw of it, Wil! That totally sucks if you weren’t invited to the red carpet event that’s on the DVD. Then again, maybe you were and wisely stayed far away.

  10. AH! That was fn hilarious. NEVER FEED A DOG CHOCOLATE WHILE HE WEARS A TIN FOIL HAT IN THE MICROWAVE. That is so random. Thats what makes it so funny. Its like never put a rattle snake in a coffee pot while he has an Indiana Jones hat on. Well, that wont end up in tragedy. So, therefore, its not funny. AT ALL.

  11. Look, it’s just an opinion and you can take it or leave it. Others find the cartoon hilarious and that’s fine by me, it’s just not how I feel. I didn’t realize critical opinions were not welcome here, so I’ll stop following the thread and leave it at that.
    PS to cubegeek: The “not that I don’t believe” phrase was a sarcastic litote and worded deliberately. :)

  12. Jeremy, I didn’t mean to pile on and turn this into a YouTube comment string. Let’s all be friends. I respectfully retract my criticism of your criticism.

  13. So uh, after watching that, the only thing I can say is, “Dude, pass me some of that shit!”
    Seth MacFarlane is a mad genius, just like king Bumi. (And I almost said TODD McFarlane, which tell you how much of a nerd I am.)

  14. At first I thought this was going to be some of the Tries.Too.Hard humor that we’ve seen lately from Family Guy – pockets of funny, but nothing epic. Meanwhile, American Dad just gets stronger and stronger. What’s with that?
    Anyways, was thinking animal cruelty isn’t funny, and then we saw what happens, and get a PSA that turned a bunch of not funny into freakin’ hilarious.
    I mean seriously, besides it being a cartoon, it didn’t exactly say GOOD things would happen ya know. Bad things happen. That would be against and not for cruelty. 😉
    I hope we hear more from Whil Wheaton and more stuff that’s actually funny coming from Seth. :)

  15. @Jeremy & Shane: In all honesty, sarcasm is a VERY difficult thing to both convey AND detect in a text-only medium; smilies and emoticons may seem ‘uncouth’ but they DO help clarify what would’ve been clear through facial expression and intonation if it had been spoken.
    Back to the topic, I’ve become somewhat inured to Mr. MacFarlane’s comedy, but I did smirk slightly at the magnitude of the result, and grin at the quirks and twists of “Whil’s” dialogue.
    (sorry, man – couldn’t resist 😀 )

  16. That was so stupid. Everyone knows that feeding a dog chocolate while he wears a tin foil hat in the microwave would cause an implosion, not an explosion. It is how all known black holes were formed. Does no-one fact check these things?

  17. I know it’s a cartoon; I was amused at the result, & at Wil’s comment. But please don’t pick on PeTA, which is an organization that fights for animal rights. I’m a member of PeTA, & obviously have a sense of humour, since I found this funny.
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  18. Sorry Alicia, but PeTA does deserve to be picked on. They kill more animals than they save, and most of their money goes towards things like paying the legal fees of people who blow up/burn down labs – murdering the people and animals inside. Read the truth about PeTA’s agenda here:http://www.animalscam.com/peta_7things.cfm.
    PeTA & HSUS also spend millions of dollars lobbying for laws that help move towards banning pet ownership altogether, which is their ultimate goal. They are behind the breed-specific dogs and cat bans, (think Pit Bulls & Bengals), which have forced many people to have to either euthanize their pets, or move. Just look at the problems and heartache this has caused in Miami & Denver. More about where PeTA’s money goes to here: http://www.activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/oid/21. And here is more about the farce that is HSUS: http://www.activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/oid/136.
    They are also behind this ridiculous spay/neuter bill in CA. What will happen if animals don’t breed? We won’t have any pets left in 10-20 years. That exactly fits with the PeTA/HSUS/ALF agenda of banning animal ownership. So if you like having pets, riding horses, etc., don’t support these groups. Read more about the many failings of that bill, and why it’s just a bad idea in general here: http://tinyurl.com/nwmqj2.
    ~Renee (@trainerr)

  19. I am not going to turn Wil’s blog into an animal rights debate forum. Suffice it to say: two of your links didn’t work; the others, I’ve seen before. The only animals that PeTA kills are those that are too far gone to save. Spay/neuter: there are far too many unwanted animals in the world that need homes. We shouldn’t be breeding more. Not to mention, they’re living, breathing, feeling beings, not automatons.
    I’m Catholic, but I don’t necessarily believe every single thing that the Church teaches. I’m a member of PeTA, yet I don’t support every little thing they do. However, long story short, they’re fighting for the rights of animals, to eliminate animal suffering. I wholeheartedly support that. If you’d like to discuss this further, please e-mail me at [email protected], as I’m sure Wil doesn’t want his blog turned into our own private forum, either.
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  20. I’m a big fan of Wheaton. But that wasn’t funny. (I’m not deeply offended, I’ve seen worse on the Simpsons.) Remember when “random” and “funny” were two different things and they weren’t always connected? Though I usually get told when I don’t think McFarlane is funny that I, “don’t get it”.
    You know what would really be funny? Adapting some of Wil’s (Man, I feel weird calling people by their first name when I don’t know them.) essay material into a “Freaks and Geeks” type television show. Now, THAT I would appreciate. But I’m tired of McFarlane’s writing…it feels lazy.

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