if i could only have one sweater for the rest of my life? that’s easy…


(from TotalFarker Cretinbob)

59 thoughts on “if i could only have one sweater for the rest of my life? that’s easy…”

  1. Wow…. Thats just perfect. Me and my wife are cracking up right now…:) Also we just happened to be watching TNG. I thought the sweater thing was strictly a Wesley thing.

  2. Another, more applicable, King quote-“No matter how much you shake and dance, the last two drops end up in your pants.” I think the pic and quote say it all.

  3. My sweater had a horse on it. The irony of it is that a horse ate the sweater while I was wearing it. I guess he just didn’t like the representation. Stoopid horse.

  4. That sweater should be against the law. I’ve never been particularly frightened of clowns, but after being exposed to Killer Klowns from Outer Space one too many times at a young age they make me homicidal.
    Sweater aside, I dig the haircut.

  5. Nah.. its the Killer clown sweater from Derry Maine..
    Pennywise is the name deadlights are my game….lol
    Where’s Big Bill when you need him?…

  6. I still want to (re?)hear the story of that sweater.
    After looking at you in that photo, I find myself having an irresistible urge to see the young you in action in Stephen King’s “It”. :)

  7. Josh, I am in complete agreement that the creepy clown sweater. Some lighter fluid and matches would destroy it very efficiently.

  8. Oh that is great! Especially as that comes on the heals of me watching Stand By Me again with a friend of mine the other night.

  9. OMG, I almost spit water all over my keyboard when I saw that! If Chopper had seen that sweater, he probably would have run away with his tail between his legs instead of chasing Gordie. :)

  10. Crazy.
    I have never seen this movie but everyone keeps telling me to. The other day my friend stopped by and when he left the DVD was sitting on my TV. So it’s here and I was literally minutes away from watching it.
    Let’s get started…

  11. Oh, Wil, let’s not pretend that the whole world doesn’t already know that the clown sweater did it. That’s like claiming that no one’s aware that the ending of “2001” is just a massive ad for Myspace.

  12. Finished.
    Wow. I don’t want to kiss your ass TOO much, but the leach scene, the campfire, the final body scene… well done dude. Gonna watch again with the director’s commentary.

  13. Oh, I like you, Sean! You’ve got me literally laughing out loud just in time for the drunken neighbors out on their deck to hear me laughing at thin air as far as they’re concerned. First, with the spoilers and then with the sweater being knitted from human hair…OMG, my face hurts, man! Of course my good buddy Wil’s reaction to your spoilers contributed to the laughter, but you’re hilarious!

  14. No, it’s more like WTF?! closely followed by WTF?! again! As if that sweater needed to be even more creepy than it already is. Dammit, now I’m gonna need to sleep with the lights on tonight because Floyd Hansen will be in my dreams wearing that sweater tonight for sure!

  15. Thanks, Danyiel, very kind of you. I have two goals with my posts:
    1. To make people laugh.
    2. To shame Wil into giving me that sweater.

  16. Well, Sean, you’ve managed to complete one goal on your agenda. But I must ask you what you intend on doing with that sweater after shaming Wil into giving it to you. And one other thing — whose hair is the sweater made from? I’m dying in anticipation of finding out who was victimized to make that hideous thing possible!

  17. Clowns scare me. A lot.
    Mr. Wheaton, this is definitely off topic, but I didn’t know where else to post it: I want to thank you for your series of blogposts about running 4th edition D&D for your son and his friends. Today I ran Keep on the Shadowfell for my friend’s two young nieces, as well as the rest my gaming group, which has been a little reticent to upgrade our 5+ year campaign to new rules. I had to keep things fun and balanced for a group that ranged from a 9-year-old newbie to my regular DM who started roleplaying before I was alive. I turned you your posts for inspiration and good common sense.
    I’m making a note here: The game was a huge success. I’m glad to have had a hand in starting two bright girls on the path to being third generation gamers–I know, three generations!–and injecting some fun into our group. Thanks again for writing as both gamer and dad, and letting your enthusiasm show. You gave me a +2 bonus to courage!

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