for the record, that beetle weighed 800 pounds and was carrying a knife

Season Three of The Guild is well underway, and Felicia just released the gag reel for our first four episodes, so I thought I'd embed everything that's available so far in one convenient place:

Episode One:

"Yes. We are."

Episode Two:

"To clarify: your group should be behind the others who have arrived previously."

Episode Three:

"I'm going on the road."

Episode Four:

"I was really drunk, and he had touched Chuck Norris!"

Gag Reel, Episodes 1-4:

"Let's take a ride in my windowless white van."

Finn Smulders dot Com FTW, by the way. Axis of Anarchy RULES!

69 thoughts on “for the record, that beetle weighed 800 pounds and was carrying a knife”

  1. While your performance so far has been awesome Wil, I have to note something.
    Why is it you’re making windowless white van jokes, but my idea for “Escape From Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement,” was too much?
    Just Kidding, keep up the awesome work.

  2. Oh my.. how did I ever not see this before.
    And I do like you in the villain role…. though being in the UK and not having the substantial numbers of channels at my fingertips as you American’s do.. I have missed out on many of your other villain-like parts.

  3. OH awesomesauce. One has now been introduced to The Guild. Will Felicia Day ever stop spouting pure greatness? There should be a song about you in a kilt…

  4. I personally think it is beyond awesome that you have fallen out of the “nice guy” typecast or idea among casting agents and are getting roles you can really sink your teeth into.
    So very amazing to be able to watch these transformations.

  5. mmmmm That he does :)It is nice to be able to have the opportunity to safely express ones darker and more dickish sides of their personality.
    We all have them. Roles like these IMO are the best roles to be cast in. It is easy to move someone to the lighter sides of emotions and make them laugh, smile etc. But the reward is so much greater when you can bring and move people into the darker sides.
    Everyone loves a good bad guy.

  6. Hush, you. Everyone here knows for a fact that you’d be shortlisted for the role if they ever decide to do a Half-Life movie, just from the crossover fanbase alone. …Or is your response there just you superstitiously trying not to jinx it?
    Mentally prepare by carrying a crowbar everywhere you go, to, uh, get into character. I guarantee that after about a week, your first reaction to anything insectoid would be to smash decisively.
    By the way, I am absolutely in awe at the sheer sense of …discovery that your delivery of the word “Motherfucker!” expresses that I am convinced that that inflection cannot be reproduced by anyone else ever. It’s no “Eureka!” but I have the feeling it’ll be just as memorable thousands of years later.
    Thanks again for The Guild link consolidation, and to everyone involved with its production!

  7. It’s almost creepy how you guys captured our guild chat. Are you sure you’ve never lead a progression guild in World of Warcraft? Either way, I’ve really enjoyed The Guild, and episode four was probably my favorite so far!

  8. I don’t blame you for freaking out over the beetle landing on you. I have a terrible fear of spiders. I have a very good reason for disliking them. It is a long story of course. Just know that when I see one, I completely loose control and I scream for my hubby to get rid of it.

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