24 thoughts on “it’s the final countdown (to PAX 2009)”

  1. *sad grown* is there ANY way possible for us poor saps who cannot attend to get these awesome goodies???!! pretty pretty PRETTY PLEASE?? *batting my eyelashes*

  2. You are giving buttons and selling books?! WOOT!
    I arrived here for PAX yesterday. Finalized my schedule (I think) and begin the festivities tomorrow after hanging with friends and fellow Paxers today.
    I hope I find time to make it to your booth before all your lovely books are sold.
    2 more day till PAX!

  3. Those buttons ROCK!! I met your friend Rich at Comic Con last year and got myself a “Crush the Cook” BBQ appron. I talked with him about his Photoshop technique used in creating this cool 8 bit look. Really nice guy. Even offered me a Sierra Nevada. How cool is that?? Hella cool I’m say

  4. I want that chapbook. I want it now, and those badges! The only problem is, that the next convention in America that I’m going to is the Phoenix Comicon in May. I hope you will be there Wil! And with more great goodies.

  5. Wil, when are you going to start selling books in bandland? I’m flying in on Friday and I’m worried you may run out on the first day before my flight arrives. I still can’t believe they’ve sold out the entire convention center.
    News: Also, a shiny new DnD podcast featuring Wil, PA, and PvP has arrived.

  6. I’ll park myself in Bandland around 11 on Friday and hang out there until about 15 minutes before the keynote begins, I think. I’ll work up the rest of my schedule when I get there, and post it in the booth.

  7. -holds up bag of shiny gold rocks- I must have these. One problem however, I will not be attending PAX. Any thoughts on offering this as a nice little package online? Maybe? Please?

  8. Oh, please could you keep a portion for those shiny new chapbooks/pins combo for us poor folks who reside outside the US? I’ll trade you shiny gold rock for em’!! That would be great. Ta. Thanks.

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