wil wheaton gets lucky … sometimes

This was the ultimate highlight of my #PAX 2009, and watching it again just now brought tears to my eyes again. 

I'm not worthy of something this awesome. Thank you Jonathan, and Paul, and Storm, and Molly for making me feel cool. I <3 you guys.

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  1. You’re such an entertaining, genuine, self effacing guy, that I think you’re totally worthy. Good for you for getting some good recognition for just being a fun bloke!

  2. Look at you! Look how happy that made you! Aww, that is so unbelievably heartwarming. You are a lucky, lucky man to be living this life.
    I’ve never heard “My Monkey” before, so you can bet I’ll never be able to sing it straight as long as I live. x x

  3. I think this was one of the highlights of the weekend for everyone! In my mind this is part of what sets PAX apart from every other gaming expo out there. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen at E3.

  4. It was great, I tried to get a picture of your reaction but you saw me and I got a “confused WTF” look. I’m sure it was nothing, but I wanted to apologize, because I’m like that. So I’m sorry!
    In any rate, I got a fairly good picture of the group hug if you want it (and a few other good ones of at the table as I was waiting in line). Thanks again Wil, You’re wicked, you deserved that song!

  5. I can’t imagine anything cooler not involving sex than being seranded by Jonathan Coulton.
    My friend Janani wrote a song for me shortly before a left for L.A. & she and her singing partner did it at NoShame (Iowa City’s premiere instant late-night live theatre event.)

  6. At this point of my night the PAX exhaustion was beginning to set in but this woke me right up. This was absolutely one of my top PAX moments too, the amount of joy coming from everyone involved (and everyone in the audience) was totally indicative of the giant celebration that is PAX. <3 indeed.

  7. You are adorable in that vid, dude! And what do you mean when you say that you’re “not worthy of something this awesome”?! You’re WIL freakin’ WHEATON, Secretery of Geek Affairs and all-around pretty great guy!

  8. Wil, you are absolutely worthy of something this awesome. I’m not putting you on a pedestal or anything. I’d say the majority of the people I met at PAX are worthy of something this awesome. You are a great guy, and the universe is starting to notice. Embrace it.

  9. Wil, that was so amazing and cool. You’re a lucky guy. And fortunate that “Wil Wheaton” has the same number of syllables as “My Monkey!”

  10. Tickets to PAX – $50
    Hotel room – $150/night
    Watching Wil Wheaton squee on Jonathon Coulton – Priceless
    oh, how I wish could have seen it live

  11. Having been there, I can confirm. That PAX concert was full of win. Cheerful Arrrr!
    The best part was watching you totally surrender all the cool reserve you’d built up when giving the “Secretary of Geek” speech.

  12. Wow. How cute is that. Thanks for being worthy, Wil. And thanks for being such a strong and positive representation of what it means to be “geek” for the rest of the world. We love you!

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