Memories of the Futurecast: Episode Seven

Futurecast700px-CHoly crap! It's time for Memories of the Futurecast.

Memories of the Future, Volume One, covers the first 13 episodes of TNG, so each week, I'm choosing something from one episode, and performing an excerpt for you. It will mostly be from the synopses, which is where I think the real humor of the book lives, but from time to time, I may work in some things from the other parts.

Three important things:

  1. This does not mean the book comes out in 13 weeks. It comes out much sooner than that. In fact, it is available right now! Woo!
  2. These are not excerpted from an audiobook. These are recorded specifically for this podcast. I'm not sure if I'll do a full-length audiobook, yet, but I'm open to the idea.
  3. Did I mention that you can get your very own copy of Memories of the Future, Volume One, right now, for $19.87, or as a $10 DRM-free PDF? Okay, just checking.

Episode Notes:

  • The Memories of the Futurecast works hard to earn its [EXPLICIT] tag. You have been warned.
  • This week's theme music is Shame of the Otaku (MP3 link, y'all changed the link to point at the song's lyrics page. Now iTunes subscribers should get the podcast), from MC Frontalot's sensational album Final Boss. It's used with permission, because Front is my BFF.
  • I have a seriously smooth, chocolately voice at the beginning. Man, I wish I sounded like that all the time … ladies.
  • This week, I feature an excerpt from episode 7 of TNG, Lonely Among Us, which gives me an opportunity to make a whole lot of references to Parliament Funkadelic. Ohhhh yeah.
  • Anne pointed out to me that I seem to have this horribly annoying verbal tic where I go, "and . . . um . . ." a whole lot. I was not aware of that, but now that I am, I am horrified, and vow to ensure that I don't do that in the future.
  • Memories of the Futurecast is almost 24 minutes this week. Get comfortable.
  • Memories of the Futurecast is 22.9 MB this week. Make room! Make room!
  • Memories of the Futurecast has wicked topspin.
  • Memories of the Futurecast wants you to go to w00tstock.
  • Memories of the Futurecast has a vest made from real gorilla chest.

Download Memories of the Futurecast, episode seven

Buy your own copy of Memories of the Future, Volume One.

59 thoughts on “Memories of the Futurecast: Episode Seven”

    I love The Frantics, and Ed Gruberman is one of my favorite all-time characters of theirs. I’m so glad you got the reference, in the context (I, too, think of that sketch when I hear the word ‘patience’)!

  2. Is it a fixable thing? I was able to get the direct download into the podcast directory of my iTunes with some adjustments to the file’s info, but I can’t get it to become a part of the list with the other Memories of the Futurecast episodes I got previously. I’m saving them all (this is not something I do lightly with podcasts–only the PA/PVP/WW gaming podcasts also get saved forever), and would like them to be all together in a neat stack if I can.

  3. I thought the “and… um…” was part of some twisted drinking game. Was I wrong? And who doesn’t know about The Frantics and Ed Gruberman? That’s like never having been to Bala.

  4. Awesome! My Memories of the Future (all three books) just arrived! Just in time for my friend’s birthday this week, and just in time so I’ll be able to read it before uni today…

  5. Never liked TyPhoo; I was brought up on PG Tips and the occasional pot of Tetley’s, (tea, not the beer!).
    Loving the podcasts, btw, (even though I’m listening to this one a week late).

  6. My copy of Memories Of The Future arrived here in sunny Australia yesterday, and I slacked off in my cubicle for a few minutes to read a bit.
    I’m so glad you’ve been doing these podcasts because as I’m reading the text, I can not only read the words but hear, in my head, the way you say the things you’ve written. It adds somewhat to the experience.
    It struck me that the answer to the “Should I have become an actor or a writer?” question is that being both has resulted in a creation that is more than the sum of its parts. Many excellent writers have books in audiobook form, read by famous and skilled actors/voice artists. But to have the set of skills you have – to be able to do it yourself and be funny and interesting and entertaining .. it really brings the reader into the story.

  7. The only real thing of note from this episode is that the Anticans and Selayans become some of the few very humanoid species in any Trek series that don’t look exactly like Humans with crap on their faces. The costumes aren’t perfect, but they are probably the most ambitious until the Antedeans show up two years later. (Do Armus and the Sheliak really count?)

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