The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

I'm at w00tstock right now, and I haven't even seen the show, but I thought it would be fun to write a post in advance so anyone who watched The Big Bang Theory tonight would have a place to talk about it. If everything goes according to plan, this should post right as the episode is finishing on in the Eastern time zone.

When I get home, and I have the time near the end of the week, I have a bunch of notes from the production to transcribe, to give a fuller behind-the-scenes picture for anyone who is interested. Until then, though, two things:

First of all, for anyone who is wondering, the show's art department made actual cards with actual graphics and rules on them, and we all spent a fair amount of time making up some logical rules to go with the Mystic Warlords of Ka'a. As far as I know, there aren't official rules or an official card set, but I'm sure someone will create one within a couple of weeks if the show doesn't. (Oh please, oh please.)

When he first talked to me about working on the show, Bill Prady told me that I'd be playing a "delightfully evil version" of myself. This sounded like a lot of fun to me, but it was more difficult to find that character than you'd think. When I'm playing Fawkes on The Guild it's easy to slip into his kilt and be a jerk, but wearing my own clothes and essentially playing a stylized version of myself made it a real challenge to hit "delightfully evil" without veering into "not committed to being delightfully evil" or "just plain evil." Keeping that twinkle in my eye, and knowing that Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Version) is planning to scam Sheldon from the moment he sits down, was essential to this particular characterization working out, and I didn't completely find it until we'd run the episode a couple of times.

During one of the run throughs, when Jim did his Klingon bit, I turned to Kevin and asked him, "Did he just say 'revenge is a dish best served cold' in Klingon?" like I was trying to figure out if that's actually what happened, like maybe I misunderstood him. Chuck Lorre told me that it would be funnier if I was more exasperated. "You're just here to play this game, and now some guy is quoting Klingon at you. This happens everywhere you go," he said. 

I sighed dramatically, and said, "Oh, it does." Everyone laughed, hard, and Chuck pointed his finger at me. "Yes. That is exactly the way to play that beat."

When Chuck gave me that note, I grokked how to play Evil Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory version), and I could see the comedy in every beat I played for the rest of the show. I totally grew a level in comedy acting, and learned something about letting go of who I really am, so I could embrace the Delightfully Evil version of myself (who I seriously hope will return in the future, because OMG was it fun to play him.)

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  1. “Hi, I’m Whil Wheaton. I’m not a dick, but I play one on TV”
    Seriously, between DEW on BBT and The Guild, and other recent tv appearances, you sure have the archetypal “Dick” down really well. :)

  2. Great job on the Big Bang episode.
    Earlier on Monday my family & I saw you at California Academy of Sciences walking around the rainforest exhibit. I wanted to sell quick β€œHello” but I was feeling a bit shy. When I did get a little courage to try and say something my 2 year old started to have a melt down from the rainforest humidity and she needed lunch.
    Short Video of Wil at California Academy of Sciences rainforest exhibit
    Great shirt BTW.

  3. Super duper mega-awesome abounded in last night’s ep. I can see that fun was had. The look on Sheldon’s face was classic! Of course as it’s been said before the Fruit Fucker shirt was just simply gravy.

  4. The B-story (the other story) was “meh” at best – I thought you were under-utilized. The show didn’t make me laugh as much as previous ones but that is ok since I think BBT is making itself into the Nerd-Entourage (re: Summer Glau) with this (or Curb, pick your poison).
    I bet my ass we will see @wilw again in a future episode. And that’s why this one is ok for me, I didn’t mind that I wasn’t laughing hard all the time, I saw this as the beginning of a wonderful relationship of BBT with you. Can’t wait for more. I want Sheldon to make that ass Wil Wheaton eat his own words.
    Like, you know, a challenge. And the loser (@wilw) has to wear something truly demeaning, inconceivably, horribly ugly.
    Like a pumpkin colored sweater or something.

  5. That show was so funny! I’ve seen the ads for Big Bang, but never actually watched it. I will be tuning in on a regular basis now. Thanks for the new show to watch :)

  6. I’m torn. I enjoyed the show and performances but part of me is disapointed that they decided to go with the Wheaton Character vs a a different random character. I mean it worked for many good reasons but the celeb guest shot even if played evil seems a bit of a cop out. And they are better then that.

  7. Absolutely LOVED this episode and you in it. Your evil self seemed so sincere to Sheldon. lol! Very well done. Looking forward to more behind-the-scenes stuff!

  8. Oh my god, I’m not the only one?! I met Wil at PAX this year and I was trying so hard not to say stupid stuff that I couldn’t talk. My boyfriend had to intercede for me! LOL

  9. This was a fantastic episode and, yes, Evil Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory version) has to return at some point. I can see his appearances being a yearly tradition on the show, much like the old “Bar Wars” episodes of Cheers or the “Road to…” episodes of Family Guy.

  10. Snorkled with a double snicker when I heard the reference to the old usenet group — die.wilwheaton.die
    Will that joke never die? It at least echoes wil’s geek credentials from way, way, way back, eh?
    Along with everyone else, I support a comeback (or more) episode since the characters and comedic set-ups are such naturals.
    Thanks for the work, Wil. It is much appreciated.

  11. I read your blog, went to PAX, and watch the Big Bang Theory so I was geeking out when I saw you had the fruit fucker shirt on. This is my first time posting …

  12. Wil, I signed up to TypePad because I just had to post that you, sir, are an absolute legend. Your guest role on last night’s The Big Bang Theory was some of the funniest comedy tv I’ve seen in a while. I really hope that the powers that be at TBBT will get you back on the show again soon. Thanks for the laughs, take care. Dave from England

  13. Does it bother you at all that your motto “Don’t Be A Dick” conflicts with your Evil Wil character…or more generally, the perception of Wil that the whole world will see on TV? Those who aren’t fans might not realize what a nice, likable guy you are in real life.

  14. Hey, look what happened to Neil Patrick Harris after his work as “Neil Patrick Harris” in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” πŸ˜‰
    “Lap dance…”

  15. The only thing I have to say is when you said your grandmother died in 1995, I shouted at my television set “LIAR!” Then I thought that was a mean dirty lie and well played.
    Good episode. My youngest is angry with me today for not letting him stay up to watch it as he just adores you and everything you do. I didn’t tell him it was one last night because I knew the argument that would ensue. But my laughing woke him up and he come out to the living room and saw you on the TV and was crushed. Will have to figure out a way to remedy that.
    Well done, Wil.

  16. I am at once glad and embarrassed to ask this question: Did they say the Klingon phrase right because I don’t know a lick of the language except,
    ka’pla and gaak.
    I have to keep track of your TV appearances more now that I don’t associate you with, “The BOY??!?” anymore.
    Of course, since you’re a master of both time and space in the Star Trek world, only you, Shatner and Nimoy could appear with this new crew in a new Star Trek movie. I know, probably out of the question but if anyone could come full circle and become one of the “cool” Star Trek characters, it would be you based on this episode of Big Bang alone!!!

  17. The geek in me must point out that the game can’t be a CCG. If it was, then Sheldon wouldn’t have been able to memorize what cards were left to be played.

  18. Oh man. That was BRILLIANT! Thought I’d missed it because of Heroes, and then I got a text from-of all people-my 16 year old sister going “Big Bang Theory starts at 9:30, and Wil Wheaton’s going to be on it. I’m excited!”
    Cue my jaw dropping as I frantically happy dance around my room, glad that I didn’t miss it. My little sister called me when the episode was over, and was in hysterics that were just as bad as mine. I really hope they have you back again.
    Side Note: This morning, got a text from my little sister. Was annoyed because it was my day off from classes and I wanted to sleep, until I saw that the texted consisted of one thing: “WHEAATTTOONNNNN!” For the first time in about a year and a half, I laughed myself out of bed and onto the floor.

  19. “Die, Wil Wheaton, die!”
    Careful! It’s not wise to “vex” Sheldon! Kudos to you, sir. Kudos.
    (also loved the subplot with Howard and his date trying to one-up each other on how bad their mothers are)

  20. If he *did* appear in NuTrek, signals would get crossed and instead of Wesley “The Traveler” Crusher arriving, it would be Aeofel the Eladrin Avenger! πŸ˜€

  21. I would like to disagree that evil Wil was evil. Let’s recap…
    It was Sheldon who harbored a hatred for a decade over a small slight. Sheldon who muttered darkly about revenge and glared across the room at his unsuspecting victim. And Sheldon who did the classic Villain blunder of revealing his plans and motivations before making the move that would assure victory.
    Wil is the plucky hero of the story, turning the villain’s weakness against him and triumphing against all odds.

  22. Haha, you most certainly are not alone! I have talked to a few famous people and had never had this problem, I was concentrating on not making a fool of myself, I initially forgot to give him a 20 dollar bill! Luckily Wil caught it, I could never forgive myself if I missed something like that!
    P.s. it might have double posted….if so and I don’t catch it, sorry wall-ies.

  23. wil wheaton says “don’t be a dick” – but only because he can outdick you every day of the week . . . and twice on MONDAY!
    awesome show. awesome shirt. awesome acting. and dude, i’m sure your nana is soooooo proud of you. :)

  24. awesome to see Sheldon get passionate about anything…”WHEATON!!!!!!!!”. I pee’d my pants. “SILENCE!” cracked me up, too. I hope they bring you back occasionally to torment poor Sheldon. My favorite show on tv right now! Great job!

  25. I saw you on The Big Bang Theory and it brought to mind something from 25ish years ago. Did you do a print job for Purina? I think it was you. I was about 10 years old and doing a dog chow bag cover with a golden retriever.

  26. i was SOOOOOO excited! i had no idea you were playing yourself until i saw a promo on sunday night, so sneaky on your part. it was amazing i hope you go back on the show, it’s wonderful and you and jim were excellent playing against eachother

  27. Hahahaha! I just snort laughed myself, just a few moments ago when I realized that EWW stands for Evil Wil Wheaton! Nice acronym you made up there, Christina. I’ve said it before about a thousand times according to my internal chronometer, but what the hell? I’ll say it again: You fine folks here at WWdN:IX (yes Wil, that also applies to you)are some of funniest, most kickass people that I’ve never had the good fortune to meet in person. We do have a lot of fun on here, don’t we? “EWW…Game over, Moonpie!”

  28. What a FANTASTIC episode, Wil! Your performance was hilarious. I was genuienly surprised because I know you are not normally Delightfully Evil, but it was comedy gold. I hope you’ll be returning to the show in the future!

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