this is the coolest picture you’ll see all day

Well it's been a wonderfully busy week, and now it's over. I finished Big Bang Theory on Tuesday, spent much of Wednesday wishing I was still working with them, and then recorded the voice of Mr. Qubit for the IRREDEEMABLE motion comic yesterday.

Since I'm too busy to write up the stuff that needs writing up, and I really don't like those blog posts that are about not posting to your blog, I thought I'd share this incredible picture that Warren Ellis showed me:

Mr. Spock on a Buick. Hosted by

Have a great weekend, everyone. Memories of the Future comes out next week. (I guess I probably should have lead with that, huh?)

75 thoughts on “this is the coolest picture you’ll see all day”

  1. Consensus of my household is that you’re on the wrong end of the temperature spectrum with your assessment of that photo as the *coolest* photo you’ll see all day.
    …my household has a number of women in it, yes. *g*

  2. That picture is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t really a fan of the original Star Trek, but my father really got a kick out of it.
    Can’t wait for next weeks Memories of the Futurecast and the book release! You just made my weekend!

  3. OMG. This is such a superb pic! Thanks for sharing!
    I was glad to hear the other day that Mr. Nimoy would appear in a TV show again. I envy all of you in the US or who have access to Hulu. (Sigh…)

  4. I look forward to Memories of the Future coming out, but I fear I’ll have to wait a while. I ordered Sunken Treasure over three weeks ago and am still awaiting delivery. I think it may have been sunken on it’s way across the Atlantic!
    Keep the Futurecasts coming, I’m really enjoying them.

  5. Hi Wil, are there more copies of your book “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” out there? Looking for one and looking forward to reading it. Point the way :)—->

  6. There is a special edition about to be released by Subterranean Press. It’s signed and expanded, and awesome. You can find info at
    There is also an audiobook that people seem to enjoy, that I am pretty proud of. Info at the same place.

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