ugly bags of mostly water

I know, I know, posting Twitter conversations is the new posting pictures of your cat, but if you'll indulge me one more time, I think some of you will be glad you did:

@levarburton: The Angels have demonstrated genuine character tonite… Unlike the Dodgers who simply punked out!!!

@wilw: @levarburton The Dodgers were as lame and disappointing in the playoffs as the Ferengi were in season one of TNG. THIS IS A TRUE FACT.

@levarburton: @wilw LMAO!!! Genuine spit take.! Seriously…there's Pepsi all over the couch!!!!

One of my biggest, most lasting regrets from the TNG years is that I wasn't closer to the rest of the cast. I mean, we all liked each other, and we had a great time working together, but I couldn't hang out with them after work, because they were adults and I was a kid (and I doubt any of them would have been interested in playing 40K or Car Wars with me while we listened to Boingo, anyway). One of the many things I love about Twitter is that it gave me a chance to reconnect with LeVar and Brent, at a time in our lives when we can relate to each other the way I always wanted to. Technology is awesome. 

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  1. Hey I am on twitter all the damn time and I’m following both you and Levar but I still miss out on awesome.
    I don’t think you should hesitate to post something that makes you laugh.

  2. Was this something you could also do at conventions later on in life? I’ve always wondered about the convention circuit, if it was like a big get together of old friends or like an open mic comedy night you knew you’d do awesome at, but always wary of the other comics. Its good to see that technology allows folks to get back together, and glad to hear that you, Levar, and Brent are reconnecting. Also, you should let Brent in on your secret to on demand publishing: I’d love to read his twitter “autobiographical” short stories collected in a book. They’re hilarious.

  3. The funny thing is that when you’re 14 years old, 10 years is a massive age difference in relating to people. When you’re 24 or 34 though, ten years is nothing!
    Just had to tell you that my copy of Memories of the Future arrived today – it was a surprise from my husband! Lulu is great, even to ship to little ‘ol Ireland!
    Looking forward to getting stuck into it tonight.

  4. One of the things I love about Twitter is that it lets me listen in on conversations between my childhood* heroes.
    * OK, adulthood heroes. Who am I kidding? I just watched a pair of TNG eps last night.

  5. I’ve been wondering, Wil… Have you even been on a project where you’ve experienced that relationship from the other side? Like working with a younger actor who’s dealing with the same stuff you were during TNG, prompting you to think, “Ah, so this is what it must have been like to see it from Patrick/Jonathan/Brent/Levar/Michael’s POV?”

  6. so true, so true….it is fun relating to people who thought you were an annoying little brat back then, but because of age and technology there is a new connection….

  7. Just wanted to mention that I never hated the Ferengi nor Wesley. Never ever. I got TNG as one of the few shows on SSVC, the TV channel for the british troops stationed around my home, we had a Braun TV which was able to decode the audio from that channel and that way I got TNG two years before it aired on German Television. Together with Knight Rider TNG was the best thing on earth to me and my brother and the reason why I picked up “learning English” as my one true hobby. I loved that British guy posing as a Frenchman and that guy with too much makeup posing as a robot and the guy in the chair pretending to be Kirk and the woman with the boobs – and hey I was TWELVE back then and you were my hero. There, I said it. You were a geek, I was sitting around all day playing games on my Atari ST which NOBODY and I mean NOBODY else had (they all had C64s and put me on the instant outside).
    Anyway – I loved that Braun TV and it made me connect to you back then. I love technology too because now I’m able to tell you this from over here.

  8. Not to mention the fact that technology helps you relate with your fans, and they with you, in ways unthinkable just a decade ago. I like that side effect of our twittery bloggity world.

  9. I enjoyed the post so much, I took a screen grab and tweeted the exchange. Nice to see that sort of rapport from a bunch of guys whose work I admire. Thanks for the chuckle.

  10. It’s kind of neat to “reconnect” with you too c/o Twitter! If not for technology, we would be missing out on your wit & humor. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.
    Oh. And I agree about the Dodgers…foo.

  11. LOL I follow all three of you guys on Twitter and you crack me up ^_^ I grew up with the TNG cast (I watched my very first episode when I was seven), so seeing you all on Twitter is a very big treat for me :)
    I MUST get your books…I’m shocked that I can be a librarian and not know that you wrote three books 😮

  12. omg you’re right ^_^ Ferengi really weren’t Ferengi until DS9 started…same with Cardassians, they were just weenies when they first appeared. What was up with that headdress thing? *lmao*

  13. This small world has gotten even smaller, thanks to the Internet. You can now be halfway around the world and still visually carry on a conversation with someone as if they were in the same room.

  14. I was just talking to my husband last night about how awesome it is when you, Levar and Brent talk to one another on Twitter. Or when you reply to the myriad of other people I follow, such as Adam Savage or Zoe Keating.
    I love social networking.

  15. I feel so left out. I don’t even own a cell phone. Twitter, never have…..I am by no means old. I am only 38 but feel like I should say I’m 90 with all the tech that everyone else is using LOL

  16. Pff, I bet Patrick Stewart has a secret Ork army. I can just picture him, coming home from playing King Lear or whatever, going down to the basement and carefully gathering up his Waaagh! into a carrying case, just knowing that tonight, finally, he’ll crush Kenneth Branagh’s Blood Angels.

  17. There must have been some kind of psychic command in the subtext of this post. As soon as I read this, I had to go out the garage and dig out my old Car Wars stuff. I had the old ones in the little plastic folding cases. Spent a couple of hours looking over the various cars we had crafted and waxed nostalgic.
    Thanks man. That was awesome.

  18. Technology is awesome, I agree 100%!! I still can’t believe I am actually getting to follow tweets from Wil Wheaton, and getting to hear what goes on in your colorful life from the real you and not someone pretending to be you, you know? Growing up, I LOVED and still LOVE Stand By Me and TNG, so how cool is your website for fans like myself?!?! A friend and I were just talking about all the cool that is TNG at work the other day!! As much as I want to go back to those days, I don’t think I could go without the computer as we know it today. Have a great weekend Wil:)

  19. If it’s the future then where’s my rocket pack? Or my hover car? I’m so disillusioned. 😉
    “(It’s the eighties so where’s our rocket packs?)
    I thought by now I’d walk the moon
    And ride a car without no tires
    And have a robot run the vacuum
    And date a girl made out of wires”
    –Daniel Amos
    Vox Humana (1984)

  20. The problem with both the Ferengi and W. Crusher is that the writers/producers didn’tnow how to handle them and as such they were poorly written. Wesley had the potential to be an invaluable tool for the writers if they had understood his position in the character mix. He was the only character outside of the chain of command. Each and every character would have had a different relationship with Wesley than like the ones they would have had with each other. They would have been able to say things to Wesley that they couldn’t have said to each other. (As a class rject in college I wrote an episode of TNG woudl have submitted it too except for teh thrice damn writer’s strike. I really tried hard in my attempt to salavage both the Ferengi and Wesley. alas not to be.)
    BTW Loved you in TBBT, Wil, that was frickin’ great. Have you performed as an actor in front a live audience before or has all your acting been film work?

  21. ummmm. “indulge you one more time”? dude, it’s your blog. we come to you. you can post whatever you want and we’ll still come to you. of course you may have to endure snarky comments from us but what the hell. you’ll still love us. :) (you will still love us right? right? wil? right? don’t make me hire another giant machine of destruction to disturb your peace and quiet cause i totally will do that. . . . lol )
    oh, and for the record, i think brent spiner has completely lost his mind. :0

  22. Wait a minute, Wil… How have I been following your stuff (okay, loosely) for years now and not come across a Boingo reference before? Amazing. We’re few, far between, and far too reticent to make our presence known in public, I think. I salute you, sir.

  23. As bad as Season 1 was from time to time, I still love it just as much as I did when I was 11 and it premiered.
    Wesley was awesome for very personal reasons which I talk about in my book (which was published today and I can’t stop shaking or feeling like I am going to vomit) Last week on my show, the topic was “If you could spend 24 hours with any fictional geeky character (book, tv, movie, game, comic, etc) who would it be and what would you do?” Of course mine was Wesley as I was Wesley and we would spend 24 hours doing crazy science projects and saving the ship from imminent doom. Yes, I am dork and proud of it 😀
    Twitter is awesome!

  24. Ha ha! You made Levar do a spit-take! And I think we’re all glad to hear you’ve been able to reconnect with old friends as an adult. :0)

  25. That is my favorite line EVER from Star Trek. I tried to show it to a non Trekkie and she said “What? I don’t get it.” The true geniuses are the geeks.

  26. When I was a kid doing local theatre and whatnot, I often idolized the adults and really used to wish I could connect with them back in those days.. they were some built up figures in my mind of who I decided I wanted to be.
    Then of course, I grew up, actually worked with one and realized she was just another random person in the Universe like me.
    But it’s good that you get to connect with those forces from your youth. And BTW: that twitter convo was quite hilarious. Nothing like TNG references to bring back my own childhood. “Some kind of ugly.. animal things”

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