in which my brother gets excited and makes things

Whenever I write about and link to my brother's photography, the positive feedback is just overwhelming. It seems that people all over the world love his work just as much as I do, and as a big brother that makes me put my hands on my hips and smile like a goon.

If you haven't seen them before, here are a few of his pictures, from Jer's Flickr thingy (click to embiggen):

Jeremy Wheaton Photography at Flickr

Jeremy Wheaton Photography at Flickr

Jeremy Wheaton Photography at Flickr

On his website, Jeremy says:

I'd have to say that my father was my biggest influence for photography. While I was growing up it seemed like he always had a camera in one hand pointing it at us kids. But looking at his boxes of photos in recent years I noticed that he also had lots of photos of pine cones, rusty nails in boards, fence posts, etc. He didn't just capture wonderful moments of our childhood, he also captured the beauty of the world around us that we probably never noticed back then. 

I got my first digital camera only a few years ago but I quickly fell in love with the artistic value in photography. I love to get outdoors with my camera. Having the camera makes me slow down more than I would otherwise and look at my surroundings a bit more closely in different ways. The one thing I love about photography more than any other aspect is the ability to capture that one single moment the way I saw it. I hope you like what I saw in those moments. 

I hope this doesn't sound too paternal, but I just love it that Jeremy is carrying on the Wheaton Photographic Tradition™. I am as proud of him as I am happy for him*.

Jeremy lives in Montana, which means I don't get to see him … well, ever. I miss him a lot, so I talk to him as often as I can, which is pretty easy since we live in the future and everything. 

For at least a year, we've been talking about collaborating on a book together, where he'd take pictures and I'd write prose to go with them, but we've both been too busy with our jobs and families and dogs to actually work on it. Last week, though, I was able to convince him to get excited and make some things on his own with his pictures, which he put into a CafePress store. I think they're lovely, and I thought that some of you, out there in Internetland, may agree.

And if you see this post, Jer: I love you and I miss you.

*(That's a lot.)

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  1. These are freakin incredible. The wolf picture blows me away. He’s got an eye for it, no question about it. I only wish I could afford a better camera, I could take pictures of nature for like… ever. :/
    Tell him to keep it up. They’re amazing, and thank you for sharing these, Wil. :)

  2. Last year I came across Jeremy’s site and we had a brief correspondence about some of his pictures (one of which he graciously let me “borrow” for a reference for a work I was doing for a show in New York) He is a wonderful artist, and I am so excited about his new venture and wish him well for the future.

  3. Excellent work there and a nice variety of- subjects. You are definitely from a family of artists. :)
    I hope I win the lottery soon so I can quit work and spend as long as a visa will allow on that East-West-US-roadtrip I’ve been dreaming of. I’m certain I could make a Blurb book from the results.

  4. I’ve always wanted to photograph out west. The big sky has been a draw since I was very young. Unfortunately, I’m stuck on the Eastern seaboard, but it has its shining moments.
    Excellent pieces, from the largest cloud to the tiny grasshopper.

  5. Too bad. Would sure be nice to know what his settings were on those. I wonder what the privacy concern is, given the nature of that info?
    I took a look at some of his other stuff. Very nice PP work, too. I got a Wacom tablet a few weeks ago but have not had time to put it to use. Wish I had his talent.

  6. I'm not sure. You could probably contact him through his website and ask him yourself, though. I know he loves talking about photo stuff.

  7. I absolutely love his photography. I’ve favorited a lot of his work on Flickr. I think a macros calendar is on my Xmas wishlist. Also, the landscapes. Gosh, they’re good.

  8. These pictures just floor me, Wil. You are absolutely right to put your hands on your hips and smile like a goon. Further, between the two of you the balance is almost far enough toward excited/away from scared to make something myself. You guys are a real inspiration to me. Thank you.

  9. Of course the positive feedback is overwhelming – you’re brother is tremendously talented!! 😀 Thanks for sharing his photos with us again. I really need to stop by his site more often… *makes mental note to stop by JW’s site more often* I wonder how close he actually was to that wolf…?
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I have already checked his store out, and am making my wish list. Is there anyone in your family without a truck load of gifted talent?? These are some of the best photos I have seen in a long time. So this is what he does for a living? Wow! Happy holidays to you and yours. Keep safe traveling. oh, your awesome made mug is on its way to me!!!

  11. Wil,
    As a relative newcomer to your blog, this is the first time I have seen your brother’s work which is nothing short of amazing, spectacular and inspiring. I know where I will be purchasing some very unique Christmas gifts. Such talent in your family.
    Thank you for sharing this. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

  12. Great shots!
    I don’t think I mentioned this to ya Wil but I’m a nature / adventure photographer as well.
    I blame it on growing up in our hometown 😉
    That or The Twilight Zone.
    Pass along my compliments to Jeremy, and I’ve added him as a contact on Flickr too.

  13. I’ve been lurking here for a long time but never commented before…I grew up in Montana and my dad still lives there. Your brother’s photos are so beautiful and capture the exact spirit of the place. I know what my dad is getting for Christmas!

  14. Hey there!
    Long time reader, first time poster.
    All right Will, you’ve convinced me, I’ve made something and I’m pretty darn excited!!
    I used Lulu, since you use Lulu (and I’m also pretty darn excited to receive my copy of memories of the future, waiting….waiting…..still waiting…apparently it’s on it’s way 😉
    So yeah, here is what YOU inspired:
    Also, your Brother’s photography is really, really beautiful.
    In other news, your blog is a constant source of entertainment to me and I don’t know what I’m going to do after next Monday when you put up the last MOFT cast. It will be a sad day indeed. I suppose I’ll just go back to the first one and start all over again. And, I thought you should know that you’re worlds have become a standard phrase in our household, when ever someone is complaining about something they have no right to complain about they are often met with a cry of “How dare you move that button! I loved it where it was!” Ah too funny.
    Anyhoo, Thanks for being so awesome. Please continue to be awesome and provide me with much and more entertainment.

  15. Dang…awesome photography. He might want to consider Imagekind to sell prints (owned by Cafepress, but the print quality is seriously outstanding.) Heck, if he had stuff on Imagekind, I’d buy that wolf in a heartbeat…

  16. I was looking at those pictures and wondering if they were from Montana. Nowhere else has that look. I’m hoping to go back to Glacier National Park for some camping next summer. Beautiful pictures that made me wish I was there right now, instead of sitting at my desk in Cambridge Mass.

  17. *freaks out*
    first of all, that wolf shot makes me want to have very long conversations with your brother.
    secondly, I LOVE MACRO – it is my best friend. will post my food photography from class once it’s compiled.
    thanks for sharing, these are truly breathtaking.

  18. WOW … these are absolutely spectacular. I forwarded the link to this post to my wife so she could see, too.
    Everyone is talking about the wolf pic, which is amazing; however, my favorite one is the first one. I could so see myself waking up and getting out of a tent to that view. Yes, the Eagle Scout in me just had a naturegasm :) Next fave would have to be the farm pic, followed by the two animal shots.
    Wil, your family is immensely blessed to have such incredible artistic talent.

  19. Ohh Wil, I need to send him to my ranch up there. I’d love some nice photos of the place as I don’t get to go back up there that often. That being said, he really does justice to the sweeping picturesque nature of Montana.

  20. The Polar Kraken?! Where?
    /me looks around frantically (Harrison Fordesque)
    /me realizes that there is, in fact, no Kraken
    Don’t do that!
    I saw one once… it was big. Really, really big. No, bigger than that. It was big!

  21. I was recently driving through the Rockies (BC/Alberta) and was reminded how utterly spectacular those vistas are. I’ve seen other sights like the Grand Canyon and though they have their beauty – give me mountainscapes any day.
    Your brother’s first photo really brought me back to the Rockies, while at the same time reminding me of a Bob Ross painting. Thanks for posting that.
    I’d take a mug with that wolf on it, too. 😀

  22. You know I am proud of you both. You chose to do what you love and that is the greatest thing of all. You and your brother are gifted. I really love the pictures he took of the wolves. Melted my heart!

  23. your brothers pictures are cool.
    and your book – just a geek is cool too.
    your brothers pictures and your book are an insperation not only to me but to loads of people too.

  24. Holy freakin’ COWBALLS….ok Nikon D50 anyone – Anyone?? Mine goes spare now. After seeing these pictures why do I bother….ack.
    Seriously those photographs are ace, I guess there is another website I need to bookmark

  25. I was looking at these before I read the post and was like that looks like Montana. I live here (there?) and I forget how awesome it looks in photos because I see it everyday. I think I will be getting a couple calendars for next year.

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