it was a very good year…

I spent a couple hours tonight going through my blog for the annual year in review series of posts. I thought I'd make two or three posts, but so much awesome stuff happened, I ended up with six – yeah, six – posts worth of stuff to pull out and comment on. That lead me to write this, which will come at the end of part six. (Exactly why I'm posting spoilers for my own blog posts that will publish in two days remains a mystery. I guess I'm just so happy and grateful for the good stuff that happened this year, I wanted to share that joy and gratitude right now.)

You know, it's really easy to look back on the year and only see the things I didn't do, the things I didn't finish, the stuff I missed out on, and the things that I failed to accomplish. In fact, it's really hard not to do that. But when I put this whole series of posts together, a pretty clear picture emerged: 2009 was an awesome year for me professionally, easily the best year I've had as an actor this decade. As a writer, I didn't do the fiction I wanted to do (again) but I released two books that people seem to like a whole lot, and began work on another. For the first time since I started this stuff, I finally feel – for real – like I can really make a living doing this stuff. I'm not getting rich (and it's not like I'm not trying, guys) but I'm not starving or struggling, either.

Over all, I'm grateful for my friends, my family, my health, my success, and that I get to share all of those things with millions of people (wow, that's weird) who I'll probably never get to meet, but who seem to genuinely care about all that stuff, and give me the wonderful gift of listening to me when I tell them stories about it. You're reading this, so you're probably one of those people, right? Well, thank you. I sincerely mean that.

Yeah, 2009 was a pretty good year, so I'm putting 2010 on notice: you've got some big shoes to fill, buddy. I think you should get on the phone with some people and get to work.

The 2009 year in review starts tomorrow morning, right here on this station. Now, stay tuned for your local news.

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  1. Well Wil, I tuned into to your site this year for the first time and I’ve enjoyed every minute since. I discovered Radio Free Burrito and Memories of the Futurecast and they are now among the most played list in my iPod.
    I understand that you can’t help but touch on the things you didn’t do, but that is always the case. You accomplished so much this year, I think you need to celebrate with a Guinness.
    I’m looking forward to new exploits in 2010. I wonder if they can top 2009, and I definately look forward to finding out.

  2. This year was interesting for me as well. I learned the basics of how to develop Xbox stuff. I’m still a newb though. I just released something on Xbox Live a few days ago. It sucks, but maybe you will get a kick out of it because it’s new years themed.
    The link will take you to MS’s marketplace, but you can also just jump on your Xbox and do games, indie, and it should be up front there somewhere.
    If you or anyone here wants it for free (it normally costs a dollar) just lemme know and I’ll send you a redeem code.

  3. Long time reader, Wil and very happy to celebrate another new year with you (or, err… your words!) – looking forward to much, much more. You’re an inspiration as a dad, a writer and as a person who is unafraid to be himself. Or, at least, if you’re afraid – you go for it anyway.
    Portland, OR

  4. I’ve always been happy to read what you write, and to see you get good roles, because watching you do what you love is a wonderful thing. And this year, which has been so full of awesome – well, it’s made me amazingly happy for you. Keep up the good work, Wheaton – and here’s to an even better 2010!

  5. Wil, you are truly a talented writer and storyteller. The story you shared on yesterday’s RFB (12/28/09) could have easily been just an everyday story with no real impact. However, your skills in both putting the words to paper (or monitor) and your ability to read them back to us with such passion is a gift. Keep up the good work, brother!!

  6. Every time I log onto your blog Wil, I feel as though I have stepped back in time. Being nearly 60 years old, I feel privileged to have lived during an era where people were kind and polite in public. And when people went to see a true artist perform, you could hear a pin drop and there was rarely, if ever, even one person jeering. Yes, when Wil Wheaton speaks, it is art in the making, and people listen. The comments herein say it all – respect, admiration and love for a really talented guy. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks Wil, as you continue to live the principle, “Don’t be dick” — a model for the famous and non-famous alike. You rock!
    Wishing continued success for you and your family in 2010. Happy New Year!

  8. I’ve been following you on twitter. I followed the links to a few of your blog posts, and I have to say: You are so much cooler than I thought you were. I enjoy your tweets. I enjoy your conversations with your cat. I love how you talk about your kids – you are so proud of them and I can hear your voice and see your smile even in a tiny tweet. I love your posts. You are funny. I mean, you’re really funny.
    I’m really glad that 2009 was good to you. You’ve given me some ideas for my writing (not the actual writing, but the marketing and getting my stuff out there for people to read…and buy, let’s be honest.)
    You’ve inspired me this year, and I recommend your twitter and blog to anyone who will listen.
    Have a wonderful 2010!

  9. I’m so glad I found your blog this year – it has truly been a lovely highlight for the year, along with the podcasts, and I’m soon to have my own copy of at least one, and possibly two of your books! Yay for me and for you!

  10. I too am new to your blog and writings this year. I have to say I completely enjoy it. The way you write really brings back the memories of playing old video games, going to mini-golf, and so much more. You’re words have helped to brighten my year. Thank you for that. I hope you have a happy new year and continue to do what you love.

  11. I discovered your blog and Twitter feed this year as well. Can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon it before. Memories of the Future in hand, and ready to order your other books soon, you’ve provided a ton of entertainment to me and my wife that we wouldn’t have otherwise. So thank you much for that.
    This indeed was a good year (thought it started out really crappy for me). I’ve finally broken into my career of choice (comic book artist) and on a book I never thought I’d work on (Doctor Who).
    2010 is already poised to be huge for us, as long as we’re careful. I’m sure it’ll be even bigger for yours.
    Happy New Year, sir!

  12. I started reading your blog this year and I am glad that it has been a good year for you. Your great posts made me keep coming back and thank you for the time you put in. Happy New Year!

  13. I think you had a WONDERFUL year. My husband ordered your book (MOTF) for me today and forwarded me the message that you send when someone orders along with this note:
    Don’t forget Wil’s enjoinder to “stay awesome” (it feels like he wrote that in my yearbook).
    I thought that was hilarious and thought you would like it too.

  14. I have enjoyed every minute of your blog, podcast, tweets, etc. this year. They are the one bright spot to my day. Thanks for all the great stories, books, awesome mug, EVERYTHING! Wishing you a very safe, and happy new year! Cheers Wil:)

  15. You’re more than welcome; thanks for the awesome entertainment. Speaking of which, maybe it’s just not been long enough since reading/listening to Memories of the Future(cast), but as soon as you said you wanted to share the “joy and gratitude” I got a flash of Troi from the end of “Encounter at Farpoint”…

  16. It’s not to often that WE as the readers of your or other blogs get the treat of sharing a bit of your life. To see your up’s, downs, gains and your losses in your daily life. Though you are still young, and many of us still see you as that youngster traveling through the Stars, foregetting that you are a father, and all grown up. Not many on the big or small screen will do this, Maybe Ashton Kutcher Ha! I hope that next year for you and your family is better then this. I as a reader enjoy reading 97.2% of your blogs (Thoughts and Life) Just wanted to say Thank you for your kind words and your welcome/ Peace Out!

  17. Excellent Wil. Glad to hear it was a good year for you. Hopefully all of us contributed to that.
    I can say truthflly it was THE GUILD that got me started on reading your BLOG and such. I didnt even know Fawkes was you until I had watched 2-3 epidoes with you in it… then in GAG reels I raised my eyebrow and said…”Is that who I think it is…”
    The decade seemed to have started out rocky for you from reading a few older blogs. It is nice to see a success story from — Oh god I am going to say it the dreaded phrase — a former child actor. LOL
    Congratz on this year and beyond!

  18. Hey thanks for all the awesome, Wil! I was a fan of yours on TNG, but it wasn’t until this year that I discovered all the great things you’re doing with your writing. Then to see you on Criminal Minds, Leverage, BB Theory, and The Guild — I was genuinely thrilled to see you getting acting work again. That’s so weird, as I don’t actually know you. But nonetheless, I’m pulling for you, Wil Wheaton. Best of everything in 2010!
    Side note: Over Christmas The Mrs and I were staying in a hotel in Kansas flipping through the channels before falling asleep. Your episode of Criminal Minds came on A&E, much to my excitement. But then as my wife remembered the episode (about a couple in a hotel!), she got kinda creeped out and didn’t want to watch it. CM is one of her favorite shows, so I was really surprised by that. But then I remembered your performance in the episode and how fantastically scary your character was. So kudos, you scared her onto another channel!

  19. Reading your posts has become a treasured part of my day. I love the way you write, and you’re definitely on my List of People I’d Love to Have a Beer With.
    Also, last night, Wheaton’s Law may have made it into the official charter and code of conduct of Roc City Roller Derby’s Referee Squad. All agreed that it should be rule #1. :)

  20. Rule 0 of the official Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association is a variant (“Don’t be a douchebag”… probably because it IS a women’s organization, with very few actual dicks amongst them.) But I prefer yours, especially considering there’s a larger contingent of men in the Zebra Zone.
    I do need to get one of the Penny Arcade shirts for wear in the center track… it’s a good reminder for refs, skaters, and other officials. :)

  21. “For the first time since I started this stuff, I finally feel – for real – like I can really make a living doing this stuff. I’m not getting rich (and it’s not like I’m not trying, guys) but I’m not starving or struggling, either.)”
    Making money is the natural result of doing something you love. Rich or not rich is totally irrelevant 😉

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