echoes beyond the infinite

I found this video while putting together the show notes for today's Radio Free Burrito (wherein I perform yesterday's story for you, with music and puppets*) as I said on Twitter, it's not the same as syncing it up with a record and the laserdisc, but it's still pretty awesome if you have about 24 minutes to spend however you want.

Anyway, I'm very proud of today's RFB, and just wanted an excuse to mention it here, because not very many people seem to be hearing it over there.

So now you know, and can tell your friends! Yay!

*please note that RFB is audio-only, so you'll have to use your imagination to properly enjoy the puppet portion of the production.

13 thoughts on “echoes beyond the infinite”

  1. Great job tonight Wil!! When you read your story, I felt as if I was actually in it. I loved it!! Please do more like that. I see your Cat was part of the audience too:) Sketch?? Is that right? Or do you have more cats?? You have the neatest animals.
    Pat on the back for you. A very good night to you my friend:) Thanks for the wonderful RFB episode.

  2. You know, it just so happens that I have a high-res copy of 2001 on my hard drive, so I’m going to settle in here with it and the music on this vid, and enjoy some old-school Pink Floyd trippery.
    After which I will enjoy your podcast of that excellent entry from last night, having been duly prepared. Thanks very much, Mr. Wil.

  3. First, I have to admit before listening to this episode of RFB I had never listened to a podcast before. I really enjoyed this one and looking forward to going through the archives! I love all the little details you put into it (the airline ad especially gave me a chuckle.) Thanks!

  4. Cool…but still not as cool as Dark Side of the Rainbow. I keep an AVI of it all synced up on my HTPC, for the nights when we feel like zoning out. My fave part of Dark Side of the Rainbow is that it is its own self-contained story! Dorothy helps the Strawman find his lost friend…and free him from his rusted prison!

  5. What makes this ironic is that back in the day, there was a dispute between Pink Floyd and Mr Kubrick over music from Atom Heart Mother to be used in A Clockwork Orange, and that Kubrick would have free license to edit the track in any way he wanted. Roger Waters said no, and that was that.
    Later on, with the Waters album Amused to Death, Kubrick said that Waters could not use soundbites from 2001… so Waters backmasked them.

  6. Dude. That's Floyd trivia that I *didn't* know. That's the first time this has happened to me since we all tried to solve the Publius Enigma.

  7. So, as a similarly earnest and serious Pink Floyd fan, I have to ask: have you heard the Super Audio CD version of Dark Side of the Moon on good, high specification audio equipment? If you haven’t, you really should arrange to do so, one way or another — you’ll hear the album anew.

  8. That is a total trip and something I watched straight through without a thought. I love old Pink Floyd stuff. The rest of “Meddle” is not that great to me, but “Echoes” makes up for the rest of the album. I wish they would release “Wish You Were Here” as a SACD version, like they did DSOTM, which completely blew my mind when I heard it on my high end stereo system. I will never hear that album the same again. It was so much more open and dynamic, I nearly started to cry in knowing I could listen to it with all it’s glory from now on, instead of listening to my old Harvest Album to get a decent translation of one of the greatest albums ever made. Don’t get my wrong the Harvest Album of DSOTM is really good, but this new SACD version is mind-blowing. I write like a sixth grader because my mind has been blown out by Pink Floyd.

  9. I’m so glad you mentioned RFB! I’m new to itunes, and was subscribed to MOTF, and now to RFB! Do you have any other hidden gems that us relative noobies can access?

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