This is, without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve seen all year

Reader Robin Got Excited and Made 100 cupcakes. 

I know what you're thinking: "Well, that's a lot of cupcakes, but so what?"

Well, doubtful-person-I-just-invented, let me tell you what: each cupcake depicts a different board or video game, and she put them all up on a website where you can identify as many of them correctly as you can, with a mouseover button to reveal the answer. 

Allow me to share just two of my favorites:



Trust me on this: you simply must go spend a couple minutes and check them out. I promise that you will have your mind blown at least once.

64 thoughts on “This is, without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve seen all year”

  1. Um, sorry, Utilitygeek, but that is not a mis-anything. It’s “lama” as in “Tibetan teacher”, not a misspelling of the furry animal.
    I saw the first example, Wil, and quite literally yelled out “Defender!” right here at my desk at work. Nice. Thanks.

  2. I had to stop at the Adventure cupcake, because I’m afraid the awesomeness is going to throttle and disable me where I sit. I’ll have to return to Robin’s post in manageable chunks.

  3. A one-l lama is a priest.
    A two-l llama is a beast.
    And I would bet a silk pajama
    There isn’t any three-l lllama.
    –Ogden Nash, who followed up by noting that there is a type of fire called a “three-alarmer.”

  4. I liked them all, but I had to pick two that I thought were the strongest representations of both video and board games.

  5. G-d help me I remembered Battlezone! Not sure I get geek cred for that one cos it’s really old :) Awesome cupcakes with but one dilemma, to eat or not to eat? OM NOM NOM NOM!

  6. Just spent a half an hour running through all 100 with my wife and two kids. My son (10) got Joust. I wept a geek tear. My wife looked at me after Battlezone and asked if I actually attended class in college or just played games.

  7. I loved the retro card/board games! When i saw what looked like an old Atari game I thought “Yar’s Revenge? It can’t be..” But i was right.
    Also, the little red bell for ‘Pit’ is one that I’m sure most people wouldn’t get, but I got it πŸ˜‰ I’m so proud :)

  8. Ha! I mistook the Tiddlywinks one for some sort of Mr. Bill tribute.
    Don’t ask my why when I knew the theme was games…but look at it! It totally looks like Mr. Bills head as he gets smooshed!

  9. Holy Fondant Cupcakes Batman!
    Speaking as someone who does a fair amount of cakemaking and decorating, I’m completely in awe. Wonderful job, though I don’t doubt it was a very daunting job. Coming up with the ideas on what to do for 100 cupcakes would be insanely hard!
    Loved the Mario and Hungry Hungry Hippos the best. I just bought “Hippos” for my 3 year old at Christmas and it looks identical. And can I just say, OMG Q-Bert?! I forgot all about that game until I saw the cupcake.
    Absolutely Brilliant Job!

  10. I don’t care what they do with graphics, sound effects or any of it, no game has ever beaten Galaga.You CAN NOT win. There is no winning. There is only how long it takes you to lose.

  11. Thanks everybody! I love seeing what games strike different people. For the record, it’s almost all fondant except for a little piping and gum paste. I had some guidance, but this was my first foray into edible decorating (the jewelry and graphic design background didn’t hurt). I’d estimate somewhere between 40-50 hours including gathering reference images. I wasn’t really watching the time, though. I was just having fun!

  12. – Atari’s “Adventure”. Nice. Does anyone here remember the fun of finding the hidden “Easter egg”? For original 2600 owners only! Extra points if you can actually recount the process.
    – “Crazy Climber”. An original coin-op still stands in the Pinball Hall of Fame here in LV. Works like a charm. Mysteries of the Universe #457: Why did they play “The Pink Panther Theme” when the big ape was swinging in the windows?
    – “Pitfall”. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. Wasn’t that the game with the famous “Tarzan yell” as done by an electric razor?
    – “Life”. Time for a modernized version. Buy a house and watch it go into foreclosure. Besides blue and pink pegs add a green one for the sibling who’s hooked on meth. And allow terrorists to wipe out the entire board and instantly end the game with a nuclear suicide bomb. Oh, and line the border of the game board with obnoxious banner ads.
    – “Twixt”. Reminds me of the film “The Road”. Well, actually it doens’t. Not even close. I just wanted to find a way to toss in here that “The Road” was two hours of cheerless, actionless, grimey emptiness. And depressing–sheesh. How many times do we listen to Dad tell his kid that blowing his brains out would be a step up? Ugh. The staff at the cinema were handing out free samples of Zoloft as patrons as they were leaving. Take me back to Pandora.

  13. Wow, that’s genius. It even has Pass the Pigs, my favourite dice game of all time (which, oddly, is called “Pig Mania” on the website but that might be due to different marketing in the US and the UK).

  14. OMG, how could I have not seen this website before. Thank you tuttlesong17 for mentioning it. I’ve got a new obsession to haunt for a few weeks, catching up on old geek crafts! OMG there’s even a 10th Doctor Chibi and a Tardis Cake! *Heaven*

  15. It would be a shame to eat those. Did someone already say that? I think someone (or someones) already said that.
    Anyway. I also got excited back before Christmas, and started making planets — and stars. I made Earths and Marses and Moons; and then I got more excited and made Vulcans and Romuluses and Andorias and Qo’noSes. And a neutron star.
    Start here if you want to see.

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