This is, without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve seen all year

Reader Robin Got Excited and Made 100 cupcakes. 

I know what you're thinking: "Well, that's a lot of cupcakes, but so what?"

Well, doubtful-person-I-just-invented, let me tell you what: each cupcake depicts a different board or video game, and she put them all up on a website where you can identify as many of them correctly as you can, with a mouseover button to reveal the answer. 

Allow me to share just two of my favorites:



Trust me on this: you simply must go spend a couple minutes and check them out. I promise that you will have your mind blown at least once.

64 thoughts on “This is, without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve seen all year”

  1. I love them! I’m a big nerd for clever cakes. What’s the best birthday cake you ever had? My husband’s mom made him a rad R2D2 one when he was like, 5, and he STILL talks about it. My husband made me a cool Hoth themed cake (which was really just white frosting for snow covered with my Hoth Micro Machines.) For my son’s first birthday next week I’m making him a 3-D devil ducky cake! :)

  2. @ES – Ahh, Adventure, the source of the original Easter egg. Got to grab the bridge, and all of items, and use the power of the magic dot. :-)
    Being a board game geek, was fun to see Carcassonne and Settlers in there. But being a general game geek, while I only got around 85 right, the only one I didn’t recognize or at least know the game play of was Bunco.
    What a fun project!

  3. That was so awesome I just had to submit it to Fark. I gave you credit in the headline and used the Wheaton tag, but sadly Fark told me to Fark off. :/

  4. Given that I’m German and that I don’t know that many games, I was astonished at how many of them I recognized.
    Oh, and I had the additional fun of learning their English names :))
    This is absolutely fantastic, thanks for posting this, Wil!

  5. Freakin’ AWEsome. I’ve worked with fondant, and some of those look terribly complicated. I wonder how big they are. Ace of Cupcakes! I LOVE the Hungry Hungry Hippos one!

  6. This brought up some great gaming memories. Wow! I can’t believe I remembered some of these. My boyfriend and I had a blast naming the games, and groaning over the ones we forgot. Thanks for posting the link, Wil. Kudos, dude!

  7. Thanks again, Wil! You have me laughing at a ridiculous hour at (as far as anyone else is concerned) thin air! In all seriousness, though, those cupcakes totally rock!
    Kudos to Robin for getting excited and making something that is not only something very cool, but mouth watering at the same time. Completely made of awesome and win!

  8. And here she is, the woman of the hour (so to speak)! WONDERFUL job you did there, you are truly ingenious for coming up with this idea. Everybody give her a round of applause, you all know that she totally deserves it! Glad you had fun while making these, I had fun *looking* at them, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in the belief that this is one of the coolest collection of things to have been created, and BONUS POINTS…they’re EDIBLE!!! Thanks for sharing your work with us, it’s truly remarkable.

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