piles of magic armor are hoarded in the southern caves

If deadlines were dragons, I'd be in the lair with nothing left but my trusty sword and a relentless determination to slay the fucker and take his heart back to The Adventure Hook Tavern as a souvenir.

So in place of a proper post, here's what I did this weekend:

I'm running a 4e dungeon delve at Emerald City Comicon this weekend, and instead of taking one out of the book, I'm creating my own. I haven't done this in at least 15 years, but after about 30 minutes with the graph paper, the Monster Manual and my imagination, it all came back to me. I ended up a little delve that I think could be part of a larger campaign if I wanted to expand it, and I've come up with some pretty cool (if I say so myself) ways to encourage the PCs to do some role playing, even though they're getting pregenerated characters and it's a one-shot.

Okay, I'm going back to work. This dragon isn't going to slay itself.

Ohh! Edited to add this from Level 1 Gamer in comments:

I had the privilege of playing in the one of your Dungeon Delves at Rincon (www.rincongames.com) and had a blast.  I'm happy you are continuing with the idea because it's a great treat for the players and a great way to raise money for charity.  Are the proceeds going to Child's Play again?

I'm sure I don't need to convince anybody here, but if you are going to ECCC, try to get into Wil's Delve.  You won't be disappointed. He's a great DM.

I wrote a post about the experience on my blog if you want to see some pictures and video from one of the Delves at Rincon: http://www.level1gamer.com/2009/11/04/i-survived-wil-wheatons-dungeon-delve-of-doom/

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  1. Little late to the party, but me too. Met the spousal unit of 25 years playing D&D, and learned a very valuable lesson about pissing off the DM!! – Picture 15th level Ranger walking around with her Ray Bans duct taped to her head because she was talking to someone while the DM was rolling and he chopped off her nose, and when she protested he rolled and took both her ears. She shut up and rolled for duct tape from her bag of holding and ran around that way for 4 more games. And they were such nice pointy elf ears too – LOL

  2. Hey, this is awesome, wish I could have joined in!
    I was wondering what’s involved in having you run this delve (or a whole new one) at another con? A friend of mine organizes http://www.gamesummit.ca and I told him I’d look into the possibility of having you run a delve in June in Ottawa. I also like the idea of proceeds going to a charity.

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