Many Bothans died to bring you this…

I'm in Canada, working on Eureka, so I couldn't watch the previews CBS put online for The Wheaton Recurrence. Using all of my Evil Wil Wheaton powers, I contacted a sympathetic mole deep within the CBS Fortress of Power and got my hands on this preview.* I'm sorry I had to disable embedding, but it's the only way I could outrun CBS's army of lawyers. I'll leave it online as long as they let me.

Believe it or not, it was really difficult to get the timing just right on the reveal of Evil Wil Wheaton. The camera had to move into a precise position, and then Jim and I had to be in exactly the right place when he sat up and I turned around. I think we had to try it eight times before we finally got all the pieces to click together correctly.

The Wheaton Recurrence airs Monday, April 12, at 9:30pm on CBS.

*CBS asked me to take the video down once the episode aired. Since I'd like them to employ me (and let me do awesome stuff like this) in the future, I complied.

51 thoughts on “Many Bothans died to bring you this…”

  1. im just stoked that you are appearing in eureka
    next…they gotta bring you to england to be the new leader of the daleks
    only one man can take down that doctor…and that is evil wil

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