anyone interested in a short fiction collection?

I have a question for everyone who reads my blog: if I put some short stories I'd written together into a little collection and sold it at Lulu, would you be interested?

I ask this because I collected a few short stories into a limited edition chapbook for last year's PAX Prime, and it's been sitting here, in my computer, just sort of staring at me accusingly and asking why I didn't release it to anyone in the world who wanted it.

It's just four short stories – well, two short stories and two stories that are slightly-longer than flash – that haven't been collected in any other place.

It will be available worldwide (anywhere Lulu ships). I'll keep the price down, and offer it in print and digital editions (probably around $7 and $5 each, if I've calculated the economics on Lulu correctly) … but here's the catch: it will only be available for one week. (I don't have a good reason for that, I just think it's cool to make something that's a limited edition. Wait, that's a perfectly good reason; a cromulent reason, even.)

Here's the introduction to the PAX edition:

The Day After and Other Stories

Every year, before the summer convention season gets underway, I pull a few excerpts from whatever I plan to release in the fall, take them to my local print shop, and make a deliberately lo-fi, limited edition chapbook to take with me on the obligatory summer convention circuit.

I’ve done previews of Dancing BarefootThe Happiest Days of Our LivesMemories of the Future, and in 2008, I pulled together a sampler that eventually became Sunken Treasure

While Memories of the Future is 2009’s “big” fall release, it didn’t make sense to me to release a Memories-based chapbook this summer, because one already exists. 

It looked like there wasn’t going to be a 2009 entry in the traditional Wil Wheaton Zine-like Chapbook Extravaganza, until I realized that I have several pieces of unpublished fiction sitting in my office, just waiting to be published. 

“Hey,” I said to myself, “people keep asking me to write and release fiction, and I’ve been waiting until I have an actual novel to give them. But these things totally don’t suck, and I bet readers would enjoy them.”

“That is an excellent idea, me,” I said. “And have I mentioned how smart and pretty you are?”

“Oh, stop it. You’re embarrassing me,” I said.

Together, myself and I collected some of my (mostly unpublished) fiction and put it into this chapbook, for safe keeping.

Even though this is limited to just 200 copies, it represents a significant step for me in my life as a writer, because it’s the first time I’ve collected and published stories that I made up. (You know, like a writer does.) I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support!

Wil Wheaton



So, knowing all of this, are you interested?

227 thoughts on “anyone interested in a short fiction collection?”

  1. Wil, I think your regular readers would like to buy anything you want to publish. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting for MotF Vol 2 lol. Looking forward to downloading!

  2. I’m totally in for a print edition, but would also consider an audio one as well.
    I would, though, like to echo something someone said earlier – if it’s only going to be available for one week please give us some heads up. Especially if it comes out during the summer vacation season. Someone’s awesome week long trip could be decidedly less awesome if they missed the book while away from the internets.

  3. Very interested. I know it wouldn’t be an audio book immediately, but I really dig the one-off audio diaries, which this feels like it could be.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. I hadn’t read your books, but had seen some excerpts once in a while on the site and was curious to see more. I got the audio book version of Just A Geek and finished it yesterday. It was fantastic and I’m not just saying that to butter you up (I have no reason to anyway!) Good enough that I am going out today to try and find a hard copy and if I’m lucky, some of your other titles.
    I would be very interested in reading some of your fiction and would gladly buy it, if only to encourage you to write more!
    From the responses so far, you should sell out pretty quickly even if only a handful of posters actually make the purchase!

  5. Wheaton, you could probably put together a collection of excrement and people would be interested. That being said, I love your non-fiction work so I imagine your talents would cross over into fiction too. (Despite your episode of RFB bemoaning the lack of excitement about previous fiction work)
    That being said, I thought of a potential future book:
    Whil Wheaton’s Guide To Parenting:
    Don’t Be A Dick

  6. I've met a couple of people who got the PDF of Memories or Sunken Treasure, and went on to print it and bind it themselves. I *love* when people do that, because they're making their own piece of art on top of my piece of art.

  7. YES! YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I’ve been wanting some actual fiction from you for ages. Personally, I’d like a paper edition. I’m old fashioned like that.

  8. Mmmm…hmm…yes, I’d prefer the physical copy myself. Though I hate to say it, I’d allow myself one, ONE, fanboyish moment and try to get you so sign it at Prime this year.

  9. Absolutely YES. I can’t wait.
    Also, the animal collection would be great. I can relate as I have a cat who can fall off the bathroom counter while just walking across it, but who actually caught and ate a fly today…after she ate my iPhone headphones.
    Sigh…LOVE your work!

  10. I’d be interested. Especially in the hard copy, assuming that shipping doesn’t cost as much or more than the book itself. I mean…that’d still be a good price, but on principle, I want the product to cost more than the envelope. :)

  11. Oh Wil, have I ever said no to you? The answer is always going to be yes. (Did *not* mean to make that sound dirty, I swear.) Print or digital works fine by me. Pick a format. Do it! Do it! Do it!!!

  12. To be honest, a limited edition digital book seems a bit odd. You get indignant when people pirate the electronic versions of your books, and rightly so. Yet with a limited edition, after the week is up, people who want a copy won’t have the option of paying you. With a physical chapbook, it’s clear that a bootleg just isn’t as cool an artifact as an original. With the PDF, there will be no difference. So, if you do decide to make a limited edition digital book, you should accept that people will share copies once you are no longer selling them. In a sense, you waive the right to be indignant.

  13. So, … Does this make us the Wheaton 200??
    I’m afraid I still prefer hard copy of books I plan to keep. And I just can’t imagine getting rid of any of Wil’s books. I’m down for one. :)

  14. Yes, yes and thrice YES! Please do it; I’d love some more of your fiction, and being over here in the UK I can’t very easily make it to the conventions where you sell the Chapbooks :-)

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