It’s my birthday!


And I am having the best birthday, ever! Thank you to everyone who has wished me happy birthday on the Twitters, and if July 29th is your birthday too, happy birthday to you!

(Image by Chuck Gamble, found at WIRED's GeekDad blog.)

86 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!”

  1. It’s a little late but belated happy birthday.
    You have got a great humor. Keep it up!
    You are doing fabulous jobs with your webside, your books and your acting. I like all kind of your work.

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Wheaton !
    Are you “old” now ?
    … or still “not old” ?
    Personally, I didn’t grow up in one, but I like the idea of cultures where the birthday person gives the presents !
    My wife doesn’t understand this though.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (yesterday)
    My best friend had a baby on your birthday at 6:47. She texted me with “going in for a c section now” and i answered “don’t worry, this is the best day to have a baby because it’s also Wil Wheaton’s birthday!!! and NASA. i guess.” i also considered “today is a good day….TO BIRTH!” but i didn’t think she’d get that.
    i think it’s awesome to see how many people are excited to share that they or their new babies share your birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Crusher! I mean hurray for the leader of the Axis of Anarchy!!! I mean Mr Parrish!!!!!… I’m getting confused… Have a good one 😉

  5. I had to share this Birthday Present with you. Noticing the Ben 10 items in the above art had me searching to find which character you voiced. My 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son both watch Ben 10 and regularly incorporate the show into their games. I just confirmed the character’s name and called home. This is how the conversation went.
    Me: “Gabby, you know those t-shirts I got you guys last year, the ones with the D&D Dice on them?” Gabby: “Yeeeah?” Me: “Well the guy who made those shirts is Wil Wheaton, and he voiced that Morningstar guy on Ben 10.” Gabby: “EEEEEeeeeeeEeeEEE!!”
    My ears are still ringing.

  6. Late Happy Birthday, Wil. Wished you a happy birthday on Twitter yesterday but did not see this post until today.
    It was my website’s 1 year anni yesterday. That was not intentional. I was a little OH NO, when I came to the realization earlier this week.
    I hope you had a fantabulous day, sir!
    How does it feel to be 38?

  7. A day late, but none the less, happy b-day, You share the day with two very cool people, mine and my friend’s dad!
    A fun memory regarding your birthday, well I remember it heh. I sent ya a b-day card like ::gasp:: lets just say, we had not yet reached 20 lol as we are the same age >:) and like several months later, I got a response. I was a very happy geek! lol Recently my husband was going through boxes and found all my treasured teenage stuff and was like…what is this card and I am way I still have that…SWEET! so, I must ask, Did you ever find that country to rule? Again, Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy belated Birthday Wil!
    Sorry I’m late Wil, Been working hard on a presentation for an interview next week.
    Have a great Birthday week!!!

  9. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I can identify the timeline of all the various tops on the clothes rack (Clown sweater is… season nine, right?) but I regret the omission of the Giant Pumpkin-Colored Sweater. That must be tucked safely inside your Sunken Treasure chest-stool.

  10. hey, it’s a bit late, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday, from one July 29th-er to another. Was prompted to come over here and comment after seeing your tweet about Futurama’s Leela having a July 29th birthday as well. Also, not sure how into anime you may be, but Akira’s Tetsuo Shima (TETSUO!!) is a July 29th character as well

  11. Already posted my (slightly delayed) birthday greetings via Twitter (follower sheldonesque) – but just found a nice (more delayed, sorry) virtual birthday gift in form of a relativistic link:
    Hope you enjoyed the farewell to the prime number (looking forward to the next one in 2013).
    Best greetings from the “Heidelberg Institute”

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