In which I am a HPOA

I'm working very long hours on Eureka, so I don't have a lot of time or energy to post more than silly things on Twitter, but I did this over the weekend, and I wanted to share:

The w00tstock organization wishes to post the following photo correspondence from “Wil”—which is most certainly not a hoax, and is not just a derivative attempt to cash in on some meme that was funny for 36 hours last week—without comment.

We will, however, attempt to rise above this hardship and continue somehow. The next w00tstock shows will occur September 16 & 17 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

We’re working our contact for “Wil’s” last name.

Wil Wheaton "quits" w00tstock, whiteboard-style

This idea was entirely Storm's. He wrote most of it, and then we all brainstormed (brainSTORMed! HA! HA!) some of the other bits. I improvised the photo effects part, and it was Storm's idea to put me on a boat.

And no, I'm not really quitting w00tstock.

44 thoughts on “In which I am a HPOA”

  1. So happy to read the last line of your blog…I read (viewed) the whole photo chain earlier, very funny, but I was expecting “April Fools” at the end. Now I just have to actually get to wootstock…

  2. Loved this! We know you’re working on Eureka (so awesome), but we can’t wait for your GenCon wrap up and putting up the pictures of all the dice you got!

  3. Damn man, that was hilarious! Scary too. You got the laugh, now NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! I have been planning to make the wootstock pilgrimage in the near future and hope that you will still be a part of it when I do. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go cry a little from that scare.

  4. Man. I actually came across this on StumbleUpon before you posted it here. So, you know, good reaction on the Internets, there Wil.

  5. Wil,
    You will be happy to know that me, the geek wifey, the geek son and geek daughter, all now have tickets to the show on the 17th. The geek son may even write up a report on it for school.
    I missed it the first time it came to town so I am so glad you’re back!

  6. Love the graph and the Venn diagram! You guys are too funny. Very relieved it was a hoax–my hope is to someday get to a Wootstock, complete with Wil Wheaton, if you guys get over to the eastern part of the US.

  7. Firstly, don’t scare us like that, I got this news from reddit first and the link there didn’t give us the relief of your final sentence, I was almost in tears, man.
    Second, LOVE THAT HAT!!!
    Do you know when you the w00t will be in Portland again? I’m planning a trip out that way and it would be the highlight of my year to see you marvelous geeks.

  8. Awesome story,very funny and creative but you should be nicer to Wesley – he’s a good kid and very cute. Can’t wait to see Wootstock on the east coast, Boston area.

  9. I believe the Evil Wil is bridging the gap from fiction to reality, for only Evil Wil would be so devious… well, and Paul and Storm… and… never mind… it just serves to remind me to never take the internets at faceless value.
    Note: Just realized, most Epic evil team-up: Evil Wil and Evil-Lyn!
    That is all.

  10. Awesome! I shared this with my hubby, too. I had avoided viewing the original HPOA girl, but did to understand the depths to of Storm’s humor!

  11. Barely slept last night (stupid sleep apnea!) so I saw this in a state of relative stupefaction. Giggled like a demented prepubescent girl. At work.
    Still a bit confounded by the little flame wars it caused in the Fark comments section. I suppose it was going to happen eventually, as it has with many other internet communities; but exactly when did all those eternal noobs with expensive computers take over? They’re like gnats of negativity! I’m convinced these are the same d!cks that tortured geeks through their 30s and now that the truly cool kids are letting them in to the party they’re back to their true form. Their auras are shaped like Florida. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. I’m not even attending Wootstock and I was scared that it wasn’t a joke (even though it was hilarious), so thanks for the clarification :) I’m now addicted to Eureka thanks to you and was able to watch season four from the beginning thanks to on demand. Can’t wait to see Parrish again!

  13. Didn’t think there was any way you were actually leaving…glad to here you are not. Now come to Cleveland!!! We have snow! and rivers that once burned! and economic decay! Wait I’m not selling this right….
    Please come to Cleveland anyway? I like it, Wootstock might too.

  14. is it bad that I am less “Aww, Wil is quitting” and more “Ooo I wonder what iPad app that is!”
    Speaking of which Wil, how is it? Can we expect a post soon on your thoughts on the forbidden device?

  15. Gentlemen, you may have create a work of humorous photojournalism which will resonate with future generations and long survive this little temporal blip we refer to as the “now.”
    Or, maybe you just made me laugh and feel somewhat nauseated by the thought of beer/pee.
    Could go either way.

  16. Wil,
    I’ve known you’re a HPOA for years. As for quitting w00tstock, please don’t scare me like that. Just convinced non-geek hubby that going to the next show closest to us would be beyond super-rad.
    Of course, now I have to go to a slew of hockey and football games with him this winter as part of the compromise. :/

  17. It's an app called Penultimate. Molly Lewis found it, and told me about it. It's pretty neat.
    And, yes, I suppose I'll write a post about my filthy, filthy iPad…

  18. Wil – this was AWESOME! And it’s fantastic to see the participation that was involved. :) I do especially LURVE the Karen Gillan pic – AWESOME Dr Who tie-in to the hottest Scot since Sean Connery. :)
    Thanks for making my Wednesday even awesomer.

  19. I’m having such a lousy week and that was so frakking funny! Thanks for the laughs. And although I love all you Wootstock guys, you Wil Wheaton, are the obvious actor. Those facial expressions…

  20. Wil,
    I saw you on The Weather Channel last night doing a Lasik commercial. That was really you, right? You look great! Love to see you on “the silver screen”.
    Live long and prosper! \\ // _

  21. So glad this was fake because I saw the post literally MOMENTS after I had purchased and printed my tix to the SF show. I was going to send you an invoice for 25% (or $15) of the pair of tickets I bought. At least Favre fans know he’s NOT a sure thing!

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