garage discoveries

I spent a little time in the garage today, and was rewarded with a bunch of nifty discoveries, so I thought I'd share pictures of a few of them. All of these images can be clicked to embiggen them at Flickr, where you can learn more about them:

Watchmen # 9

The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man!

Yeah, I have a Scott Grimes CD

Dancing Barefoot - original corrected manuscript

Christmas with the Brady Bunch - on tape

63 thoughts on “garage discoveries”

  1. Wow, that Pac Man record really brought me back to the days when Pac Man ruled the world! Anyone remember the ice cream? :)
    The only thing I have that’s almost as cool is an old LP called “Sesame Street Fever”. I don’t believe it was ever released in any other format…circa 1977 or so. 😉

  2. Oh man, too bad that PacMan record is still shrinkwrapped… I mean, you probably wouldn’t want to open it… even when it could be used for one awesome/hilarious interlude between segments on an RFB episode… not like I’m hinting at anything… or anything… #okayIreallyamhintinghere #hashtagsoutsidetwitter!

  3. Wil, this is just awesome! Those might seem goofy to others, but doesn’t it bring a smile back just thinking of those days? …..Hey, I still have my talking ALF circa 1986.
    Someone please invent a time machine cause I never quite finished living the 80’s.

  4. yea, somehow its survived all this time. not sure how. I have a few other similar items but they are in a box in the closet and not quite as acessible.
    I don’t know why but the fact it still has a price tag on the front amuses me.

  5. If I conjured up the energy to go through my garage I could probably find a few items I still don’t have the heart to throw away.
    Like all those old floppy disk games that i’ll never play again.
    Commander Keen in paticular! :)

  6. Alyssa Milano did an exercise video. I had it. I don’t know whatever happened to it. Maybe I threw it out out of embarrassment. I totally had a crush on her.
    I also had Tina Yothers’ Being Your Best: Tina Yothers’s Guide for Girls (I had to look up the title). I remember taking it to camp one summer. I think I loaned it to a friend but never got it back.

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