(RPG nerds(THIS)math nerds)

I love this shirt so much, I am in for three, and then in for three again:

The Science of 20-sided Dice at shirt.woot.com

It's currently in the derby at shirt.woot, and it really needs to make it across the finish line. If you agree with me, please give it an upboat. Godsdammit, the derby is closed. Well, enjoy what could have been, anyway.

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  1. This derby appears to be over? Gotta get one of these shirts to go with my “How we roll” – I’m wearing it out too fast, and have no viable means of replacement!

  2. I think it’s a winner. It’s in the top 9 and has “+?” votes listed. I bet it’ll show up on shirt.woot soon. (Refreshes at 10pm PST, if I’m not mistaken. Get your F5 ready).

  3. Wil, I am counting on you to tweet this when the time comes, because my small ape-brain will fail me and I’ll miss this shirt and that would be a Bad Thing.

  4. GAH! This sort of thing always seems to happen…a friend will email me about a kick-ass shirt, I’ll check it out the next day or day after, and then find out it was a super-limited-time kind of thing. I know this is done to keep the shirts unique, but still…GAH!

  5. That looks like 3rd edition math to me… standard 1/20 chance of rolling a 20, but you need to roll a 2nd 20 to confirm the crit, so you multiply the two probabilities together.
    1/20 x 1/20 = 1/20^2
    Although, that knight is clearly using a longsword, and that has a crit range of 19-20, so that’s a 2 in 20 chance of confirming that crit so it would be
    1/20 x 2/20 = 2/20^2

  6. < .< >.>
    Sorry. The “me” from 20 years ago suddenly surfaced, took control, and had a major rpg-related math geekout.
    He’s under control now. It won’t happen again.

  7. There’s a chance the shirt won’t get made, based on how Shit.Woot works. If it’s one of the unlucky ones, I suggest dropping a line to the artist. Just ’cause it wasn’t made on Woot doesn’t mean it will never be made. . .

  8. Unrelated to this post but didn’t know where else to ask, just a quick question…anyone else having issues with the Radio Free Burrito episode 29? About 22 minutes into the 32 minutes of awesome story reading it just went all to heck….I MUST know what happens, its a really awesome reading btw…even if Wil thinks its a silly story, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard :)

  9. I made it through Calculus III in college, but I still can’t follow that equation. I guess my brain has atrophied. :(
    Also, I never liked the idea of adventurers breaking into a majestic dragon’s home to kill it and take its belongings. Unless it is an evil dragon, which must be well established. 😉

  10. Haha, this is an awesome shirt. :) And I want to say that your blog is AWESOME too. So… Your blog is awesome! And I think it’s great that you connect with your fans. :)
    Have a great day!
    – Angie and Jen

  11. Well, you see, you clearly failed to notice that that is an ancient Green dragon which has Scales of Fortification +1, reducing the crit range of all slashing or piercing weapons by 1. Making the math on the shirt officially okeedokee.

  12. Hey there Wil, thanks for the support for my shirt design… Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be on sale at 1:00am tomorrow morning… (Sunday) But I have 7 other shirts that are up against me and I don’t know if I got enough votes before voting closed…
    Thats the last chance woot will print it unless they choose it as an honorable mention in which it will be entered in a another derby later on…
    @ScottyMet I play good old Ad&d (2nd ed) and used rules as such. confirmation sucks… a double 20 should mean just that a double 20…

  13. I did fail to notice that. Thanks for pointing it out. That clears up everything. :)
    Although… I have to say… That DM is kind of a douche for sending his player up against a monster that he can only hit by rolling a natural 20. 😉

  14. Oh! 2nd Edition Math? Awesome! :)
    Granted, my DMs for 2nd edition never used the double 20 rule.
    Anyway, 3rd Edition makes things so complicated, probability-wise. First, you have to account for the threat range of the weapon, like with the longsword example. Then you have to account for the fact that the confirmation roll only needs to HIT the opponent, so if you only need to roll a 13 on the die (plus your bonuses), then your confirmation roll only needs to be a 13… so you end up with 2/20 * 8/20 = 16/20^2.
    2nd edition was so much more elegant. If the shirt goes on sale, I’m grabbing one!

  15. Looks like I’ve still got a chance to get this one printed by woot… they’ve given me an honorable mention… which means It’ll have another go in the second chance derby (in a few weeks)…

  16. Okay, you MUST let me know when you get into the derby again, so I can do my best to fill the harbor with upboats for your design.

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