Video of my reading from PAX Prime: Triple Word Score

While browsing Reddit during my morning coffee, I came across this:

I remember how much I liked writing this story for LA Daily, but until GenCon, I'd never read it in public. Both times I've read it, though, it's gone over very well, so I'll probably add it – at least temporarily – to my performance setlist.

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  1. Oh, yeah. She also DESTROYS me at Gin Rummy, which is weird, because you'd think that I could count cards and stay one step ahead of her … but you'd be wrong.

  2. Hey Wil, That reading was awesome. Thats how I feel when playing games with my girlfriend a lot of the time. She just destroys me.
    I’m the guy whose journal you really liked and tweeted about at your Sunday signing. Anyway, I’ve started some work on a new journal and I would really like for you to have it. If you want it, you have my email and my card, drop me a line. The journal will take me a few days to a week or so to complete. Thanks again.

  3. Memories vol 2 has been delayed because I just haven't had time to watch the necessary episodes and write about them. Looking at my calendar, I doubt I'll have time to work on it before January, so I'm planning a Q1/Q2 release next year.
    Those line pictures look like it could have been fun; was it?

  4. Like many of the people above, I too fail when it comes to playing against my girlfriend at Scrabble. She just crushes me. But I do it because I love her, and she also has a +20 You love me spell.
    This story was great to hear, and your wife is awesome. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see you at WØØtstock in San Francisco.

  5. I have a couple idea’s in the regard Wil. I’m a radio vet (put in 13 years). I’ve got most of your RFB’s here on my HD. Would you be opposed to me putting together a best of? Used to do it for Morning show’s all the time. Only thing I’d need from you is your blessing and maybe a list of things you’d like to see in that show.
    Or thought #2 – Johnny Carson always had ‘guest’ hosts, you’re connected enough – why not have a guest host on RFB. They record it, and blamo – guest hosts.
    Just a couple of thoughts for you. I may have babbled a bit – so hopefully you get the idea.

  6. That’s what I figured. I know you’ve been busy with, like ACTING. No worries, I’m just looking forward to it.
    The line was…okay. It was lively enough and most everyone seemed in high spirits, but OMG it was incredibly hot in there – no air flow whatsoever, so we were pretty uncomfortable. We had our DSs so hubby played Dragon Quest and I played Harvest Moon. Also had a good conversation with strangers about Battlestar, so overall it went by quickly. :)

  7. Weird, it didn’t seem overly hot to me. I had fun in both line rides, for the Acquisitions, Inc. panel and the Wil panel. (I was near the front of the line for both.) We learned and played Zombie dice with random people for the first. For the second, some people near us bought pizza for everyone nearby in line and had it delivered. It was great! Time just flew by.
    I never have much issue with standing in lines at PAX because it’s always nice to meet other PAXers and the end result is usually quite worthwhile. But then, I’ve always been a fan of the line event. (Midnight movie premieres and such…)

  8. I am a major Anne Fan based on the Anne stories Wil has shared with us. I knew she wouldn’t be there, but I imagined she might come to GenCon, so there would be someone else who got excited about sales at Home Depot! :)
    I loved the reading at GC – thanks again, Wil!

  9. It was probably just us. We were wearing coats, but our neighbors in line weren’t and were hot too. Maybe it depended on where in the room you were? Either way we kept busy and met some new folks so it’s all good. :)

  10. Your stories are always right on! My girlfriend of 6 years destroys me in Dr. Mario when I am on the first speed and she is playing on fourteen. It made me laugh so hard to hear your Scrabble story because it was so similar to mine. Thank you so much for sharing it=)

  11. Hi Wil! I saw your reading at PAX and I met you in Sunday’s signing. I’m the guy who was inspired by you to Get Excited and Make Something, and I gave you a copy of my novel.
    Your speech was really great. I have appropriated your term “nerd-adjacent” to refer to my lovely wife of nine years. When you write about Anne it always hits home because it reminds me of the relationship we have. It was really great to meet you.
    I will see you again next year with the sequel in hand!

  12. Thanks for this story. I loved it and can totally relate to it. My husband refuses to play cribbage with me because I cream him every time. However, we’ve discovered that we make a fairly formitable team at Trivial Pursuit. I Know nothing about Sports and he is a Sports Encyclopedia. He fails just about every Literature question, while I can answer Most of them with ease. We seem to Be evenly matched in Science, History and Entertainment.

  13. The anniversary of the podcast incarnation, anyway. Some of us remember the OLD Burrito, on Shoutcast, which is how I got introduced to Cake and quite a few other bands.

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