more stupid cell phone videos and the return of evil wil wheaton

In a couple hours, I'll be on my way back to Los Angeles for a few days, so I can work on The Big Bang Theory. I obviously can't say anything about the episode, but I got the script last night, and it's just hilarious. I can't wait to see my friends there again, and bring a little Evil Wil Wheaton to life.

I'm nearly finished with this season of Eureka. I only have two more days of production until next season (if Doctor Parrish comes back next season, which I really hope he does) and I have a lot of conflicting emotions about that. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to seeing my family again, and I plan on taking some time off to play games and recharge my creative batteries when I get home … on the other hand, I really love living in Vancouver and working on Eureka every day. The cast and crew are just awesome, and I've made some very good friends while working on the show in the last few months who I'll miss seeing almost every day. Yesterday, I was talking with Neil Grayston about this, and he said out that, since Colin lives in Los Angeles between seasons, a lot of the actors — including himself and Niall, who I've become very good friends with — come down to visit, and we'll have a few opportunities to get the band back together and hang out. I really hope that we do.


In other news, I made a couple more stupid cell phone videos:


When I posted this video on Twitter, I was delighted to get numerous replies from people who had made three, then two, then one frame summaries of it. I retweeted the ones that made me laugh the most, which you can see for yourself in my retweets, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Everything you ever wanted to know about that T-shirt is right here.

I am easily amused.

34 thoughts on “more stupid cell phone videos and the return of evil wil wheaton”

  1. Canada will miss you being in her. But I’m sure Pasadena misses you more.
    I’m glad that you’re stay in our lovely country has been a pleasant one.
    And these videos cause me to gigglesnort to no end.

  2. A very small number were made by Scott Meyer of A very, very small number. One for Scott, one for Wil and one for Adam Savage.

  3. Wil: Thanks for your kind words about Vancouver, the city I grew up in. Glad to see that you enjoy your time here.
    Good to hear that you have another guest shot on The Big Bang Theory.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing Eureka back on the air. Can’t wait till December/January for that.
    And don’t stop making the stupid cellphone videos – they are great fun.

  4. The recursive one is really well done. Shame you didn’t have the time to cycle it a few times.
    Excellent news for more Evil you on #BBT. I think the season has been a bit weak so far and could do with a little kick up its arse.
    How does working on Eureka differ from BBT (other than the sheer number and size of different sets and locations)?

  5. I find it a little horrifying that, while I was catching up on the stupid cell phone videos you made, I was being shown ads featuring a picture of Sarah Palin. I’m not sure what it was advertising – I didn’t read it once I saw her face. But somehow I doubt that would have been something you would have chosen to endorse. There should be a “I refuse to support this cause/ad” button on YouTube for those who post videos, don’t you think?
    Fun vids, btw. 😀

  6. Glad I could make you smile with my synopsis. Also glad that other people got in on it. That was fun.
    I’m a little jealous of the OMNOMNOMNOM one. Wish I’d thought of that :)

  7. One of the hardest things about the “get excited and make stuff” life is just how temporary everything is. Sure you’re making something that will (hopefully) stand the test of time and be something that people can enjoy forever but the actual experience of *making* it is so short and finite. Letting it go and going back to “real” life can be really hard. *Hugs*
    That said… Hooray!! I was really hoping we’d see more Evil Wil Wheaton this season! (Big Bang Theory has become my go-to for surefire mood defunkification when I get grumpy.)

  8. Yes!!! I am so happy that you will be returning to The Big Bang!….so wish they would make you a regular….do you know how AWESOME you are??! Yes, you are that awesome! I could not be happier for you, Wil. The best of luck with everything…you so deserve it. 😉

  9. Hey Wil…
    Just watched some Guild…
    Has anyone theorized you might be on the path to becoming the Dabney Coleman of our generation? I say this as someone who fuckin’ worshipped the Coleman back in the day…Saw Cloak and Dagger in the theater!
    The guy mildly famous for saying “Don’t be a dick” is shaping up to be a damn GRAND MASTER of pretending to be a dick! Keep going! Play every prick, every asshole, every shit, every bitchy, vicious, conniving, underhanded fuck that’s offered to you. You are so damn good at it.
    I know…actors wanna do the whole range, no one wants to get typed, all that. I dig. But I am crying bloody tears of laughter over your portrayal of Fawkes. Just the body language gives me spasms.
    And I would love to see it lead to something like “Buffalo Bill” or “The Slap Maxwell Story” where the asshole is the main character, deep, nuanced, multi-layered and funny as all get-out. You could do it.

  10. Just for fun, when Wil posts a pic or a vid in the Vancouver area – I play “Where’s Wil” – where I take a hard look at the background, use my knowledge of the locality and Google Maps and find where Wil was when he was pic’d. Here’s where Wil was for the pizza vid:
    Note the pizza shop right across the street “Megabite” pizza… I mean seriously, where’s an uber geek like Wil going to buy a slice? At a place that has a tech pun in the name, of course. :)

  11. Oh, and Wil says, “I really love living in Vancouver.”
    And Vancouver loves you living inside it.
    Er… let’s just say David Duchovny, you’re not.
    And we’re happy about that. :)

  12. Not for nuthin’ but there are plenty of places like this: that, in this softening real estate market, would be a great long term investment property, if nothing else.
    *I have no knowledge of that property aside from the 30 second mls search that I did to find it. I like the location and the view (but the bathroom would have to be redone 😉 ).

  13. Loving the cellphone vids, and can’t wait to see more of Doctor Parrish in Eureka and Evil Wheaton in Big Bang Theory!
    Also, the frame summaries are hilarious!

  14. Hey, I noticed we can win Wil a People’s Choice Award!
    Vote for Wil here:
    You have to write in his name after clicking “other” – seriously, Wil’s got to be in the running for FAVORITE WEB CELEB!
    Stuff that ballot box – I know we can do it – we’re geeks and we’re uber at teh internets! :)

  15. Hooray for the return of Evil Wil Wheaton!
    I have been wondering though, if there were a “Mirror, Mirror” style face-off between Evil Wil Wheaton and Good Wil Wheaton, who would win?
    Also, how would we tell the difference between the two, when Good Wil Wheaton already has a beard!? Conundrum’d.

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