The Circle is Complete

Late last night, we wraped season four of Eureka. During a break in filming, I grabbed Neil Grayston and made one final stupid cellphone video from the set:


You can see all my stupid cellphone videos at my YouTube page of stupid videos.

17 thoughts on “The Circle is Complete”

  1. Not a single comment yet? That’s strange.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you rocking the sweater in Eureka. I haven’t watched a single episode yet, but I will catch up over the course of a few weekends :)

  2. I think sweaters follow you.
    also dude, I can’t wait for your episode of the Big Bang Theory to air, or for the next season of the guild to come out (Fawkes! Codex! holy shit!)… if I watched Eureka I probably would be excited for your episode on that too, but I’ve never seen that show. might check it out just ’cause you’ve always done roles on interesting shows.
    (also at a star trek con last weekend Brent Spiner cast you as Tom Cruise in a hypothetical movie. I don’t remember the context of the question though…)

  3. Bah, that’s not a real earth-tone sweater….
    Now THAT’s a sweater! Booyah Pumpkin, baby! Wil I hope you were able to “acquire” that one from wardrobe once the show wrapped, because surely that would be the most appropriate sweater for October. You really are an “Autumn”, Wil…*
    *I keed, I keed! But it really would be meta to see that sweater on Eureka or BBT next season… Please tell us (if you can) that Dr. Parrish is returning?!?! I’m sure we’ll see more EWW (heh eww!) on BBT…

  4. yaknow… the thing I (and me wife) noticed about Dr. Parrish was that his wardrobe was decidedly… earthy (and a bit starchy). Kinda like a suburban living room in the late ’70s. Take that for what you will, Wil. :)

  5. W00t! Quite looking forward to it and your soon-to-be-aired Big Bang Theory ep. I wish you could have made it to RinCon, apparently they had a Shotgun Diaries LARP throughout the convention that was pretty epic. Sadly I was unable to participate in it.

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