Programming note: I’m on LEVERAGE tonight

At long last, the wait to learn the backstory behind this:

Chaos Elf Wil Wheaton LEVERAGE

is over.

Tonight, Cha0s returns to LEVERAGE, to bring his own special brand of delightful evil badassery to bear on the good guys.

The Ho Ho Ho Job airs at 9pm EST and PST (8pm CST MST) on TNT. Immediately after (at 10pm EST), I'll be joining the cast for a live webchat at 

I hope you'll watch, and I really hope you'll join us for the webchat, because I haven't done one of those in at least a decade, and they are awesome examples of why it's so cool to live in the future.

11 thoughts on “Programming note: I’m on LEVERAGE tonight”

  1. ^^ in the same boat, so sad that the UK is so behind the times. Face it, we only got the interweb because we’re all so polite, drink tea and think bow-ties look cool!

  2. depends on the series, FX UK showed The Walking Dead in the same week, as were BSG and Lost, some other series are a few weeks behind while things like Leverage are a whole season behind. :/

  3. Apparently one of the cable channels (114) in Seattle is showing the Wil Wheaton version of THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH opposite this, so not sure how to choose.

  4. That. Is. So. Awesome. Even without a backstory.
    To note, my first “acting” role was “Elf #6″ in a stupid Christmas play. I’m having flashbacks. It was 24 years ago, and some of the lines still haunt me.
    “Come on, Pixie! Where’s your Christmas spirit?”
    Thank you, Wil, for that post-traumatic blast from the past… now, with attitude!

  5. Actually, he was one of the criminal santas. The santa who fell to the ground was the real santa from the episode. The actor who played him was incredibly cool.

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