a few programming and personal appearance notes

If everything goes according to plan, I should release Hunter later today. It's 2500 words, about the length of what you'd read in a magazine, I think, and I'm pricing it at 99 cents, for people who want to buy it. I'll eventually put it here or wil wheaton books for free, for those of you who are horrified at the idea of dropping a dollar on something that short. I am equally excited and terrified about doing this, which seems about right.

A couple of upcoming appearance notes that may be of interest to some of you: 

March 4 and 5, I'm going to be in Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Con. I love this show, and it's great to be back again. The show is three days, but I have a family commitment on Sunday, so I'm going to be there Friday and Saturday.

For the first time in almost fifteen years, I'm going to Europe for a convention. For the first time ever, I'm attending FedCon in Germany from 28 April to 1 May.

I'm super bummed that I can't make it to PAX East this year, but I plan to attend Prime this summer.

There is a very good chance that I'll be at a show in the near future that I've never been to before, in part of the country that keeps asking me to come visit. My agent is working out the details, so hopefully I can be less cryptic about it before the end of this week.

I've been talking with Paul and Storm about doing a w00tstock-ish program where I tell stories and they play music to go with the stories. Think of it as my part of w00tstock, except it's for an entire show. We're working on brand new material, because we all love The Trade and Rocky Horror, but pretty much everyone's seen that, so it's time for something new.

Speaking of w00tstock, we're looking into another show at Comic-Con, because last year's show kicked so much ass. #freemolly!

I can't talk about Eureka … except maybe I just did.

That's all. I have actual deadlines for actual projects that I actually need to get finished today, so this goof off blogging ends… NOW.

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  1. My brain somehow got out of sync with the periods and commas, so I read, “For those of you who are horrified at the idea of dropping a dollar on something that short, I am equally excited and terrified about doing this, which seems about right.”
    And I thought it was kinda cool that way.

  2. No PAX East this year? How will I get my pizza?
    Hope that GenCon is still a possibility for you this year- seemed like you had a great time last year, and there were a lot of people glad to see you there.

  3. i would gladly spend a dollar on “Hunter”. i really enjoyed “The Day After and Other Stories” and i’m sure that this one is going to be just as good, if not better! ^_^

  4. You got your pizza at GenCon! There was no PAX PIZZA AND THERE NEVER WILL BE MUWAHAHAHAHAAA. Ha. Ah-haha. Ahhh-heh. Heh. Heh. *Krusty The Clown groan*

  5. “There is a very good chance that I’ll be at a show in the near future that I’ve never been to before, in part of the country that keeps asking me to come visit.”
    If this is C2E2 in Chicago, my kid will be ecstatic. (Ok, I will be too.)

  6. I can’t wait to pay a dollar for something that short!
    Also, I just picked up the all-in-one set of TNG on DVD and it got me wondering: any news on when I can stop drooling over the idea of Memories of the Future Volume 2 and start drooling over the reality of Memories of the Future Volume 2?
    (On a side note: Has anyone ever mentioned that “Dialogue” is misspelled as “Dialog” on the back cover of MotF v1? Not sure what would go into correcting that but thought it was worth letting you know if you didn’t know already.)

  7. I thought that too about dialogue, but according to wikipedia: dialog is also accepted spelling in American English. I wonder if it’s a west coast thing.

  8. See you at Emerald City, if I feel up to standing in mega-line. We’re bringing our 5 yr old with us (no toddler along this time) so chances are 50/50 we’ll be visiting you. Most likely we’ll be too busy looking for a new Godzilla toy for her instead. Don’t take it personally.

  9. Wow.. First My Wife and I miss you at W00tstock Boston this year and then after winning passes for PaxEast, We STILL won’t get to see/meet you.
    Maybe next time.

  10. Too bad I was just in Germany a few months ago visiting my grandma and extended family, Düsseldorf is only 45 minutes away from them, but I think my boss would frown on a sudden vacation to Europe again so soon.
    Nevertheless I’m thrilled you’re coming back to ECCC!

  11. Will you have a more detailed schedule for ECCC posted? I don’t want to miss out, like last year. You helped me make up my mind to attend ECCC. See ya in Seattle!

  12. Twittered but just realised you’re more likely to notice me among the comments: Fedcon, thats just about 2hrs drive for me from holland across the german border! Will you be on the floor or just appearing in panels?

  13. Awwww drats! Must reconfigure the plan to get my copy of “The Day After and Other Stories” signed. Guess I’ll have to keep my eye on other East Coast happenings. In the meantime, I’ve earmarked three quarters, two dimes, and four pennies for “Hunter.” Wootstock-ish program sounds awesome; can’t wait to hear more about that!

  14. Is the place you’ve never been that keeps asking here in Pullman, WA? I hope?? We could use better Mom’s Weekend entertainment than the current line-up. I’d be all for trying something new like the Wootstock!

  15. Super-bummed there’s no PAX East appearance. Would kill to see the Acquisitions Incorporated show.
    Was the biggest reason I booked the show.
    Ah well, I’m gonna have to chalk it up to life’s many disappointments, like Firefly getting cancelled and the size of my junk.

  16. Very sad that you won’t be attending PAX East this year. I was really hoping that there would be another celebrity game of D&D furthering the adventures of Acquisitions Inc.

  17. Please post a note when you make your decision about PHXCC. We will be there SHOUTcasting it live again this year, and would love to see you again. ‘Twas fairly epic.

  18. I’m too sooo excited to meet you at FedCon :-)
    I love your books. I love “The Guild”. I love “The Big Bang Theory”. So I guess I just MUST love you being in germany 😀
    Looking forward (hope, my “the Wesley crushers”-Shirt will delivered until then finally)!

  19. No WW at PAX East? I have sad! I was going to give you another challenge coin (kind of like the one I gave you at PAX Prime) that would have great personal significance to you.

  20. I am soooo jealous! Two years ago I moved from Holland to Italy.. Italy-Fedcon might just be a bit too far. Oh wait, it is in Düsseldorf? In that case it might not be entirely impossible for me to be there! *fingers crossed*

  21. I think that if we are able to do that (we really want to, it's just a matter of working things out with WotC), it would happen at Prime.

  22. No way, man. That was WAY too much work to prepare, and we didn't have nearly enough time to play. It was awesome, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

  23. Yeah, I didn't realize until today that I'd forgotten about this thing (Anne was thrilled with me) so I'm going to incorporate Q&A into the Awesome Hour.

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