In case you missed it, Felicia announced her secret project

Remember when I said

Felicia is working on a Secret Project™ that I'm lucky enough to know about … holy frakking shit balls on fire, you guys. When you know what it is, your mind will be blown right out of your skull so hard it will bounce off the wall and land on the ground next to your socks, which were also knocked right off your feet and through your shoes.

Well, Felicia announced her Secret Project today:

Star of The Guildcostar of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, general Joss Whedon go-to guest star and geek dream girl Felicia Day is set to write and star in a six-episode web series based on BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise. The web series, dubbed Dragon Age: Redemption, will follow Day’s character and elvish assassin (of my heart) Tallis, who is in search of a rogue mage in the land of Ferelden, which is the world in which Dragon Age: Origins took place, as well as the world in which the upcoming Dragon Age installment will take place. 

I know, right? I've known about this for months and I couldn't say a thing about it. And you know what? [REDACTED SO FELICIA DOESN'T STAB ME IN THE NECK].

Oh, the terrible burden of secrecy, how will I ever shoulder it? Oh, I know! Guinness is +1 to Strength.

All kidding aside, I'm really proud of Felicia and as happy for her as a person can be. I know what she went through to make this project happen, and let's just say that it was a lot. She's one of the most remarkable people I know, and I consider myself lucky to be her friend and occasional co-worker.

22 thoughts on “In case you missed it, Felicia announced her secret project”

  1. Dude, that is awesome sauce. Felicia is pure gold and the idea of something she crafts in the Dragon Age world is GENIUS. I can’t wait. :) :)

  2. Great news indeed! Guinness may be +1 to Strength but isn’t it also -2 on Saves vs. Betray Secrets? Now excuse me, I have a mind to pick up off the socks on the floor.

  3. I did not know you can deliver such graphic description of excitement, Wil, but it is awesome that you are happy and that you have friends you feel lucky about.

  4. What is it we say? Squee? Well, SQUEE!
    Dragon Age is wonderful, for sure, but I’m sort of especially giddy to see Felicia Day, this great cast and crew, all being put toward a dramatic project for the web, which is sort of swimming in comedies right now. That this project will be tying that drama to Dragon Age is like a bonus.

  5. Do you get to have a part in this project in some way? I love a good Wil and Felicia combo. It’s level of awesomeness exceeds description.
    Either way, looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds. Talented girl, that one.

  6. Well since DA2 just came out I’m sure this is getting a spike. Wil, I kinda do want to gank you for not sharing this sooner. Just an FYI.

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