here i dreamt i was an architect

My brain desperately wants to write some stories, so I've been digging through the pile of Ideas That Didn't Quite Make It to see if anything in there inspires me, or is at least worth dusting off and poking with a sharp stick. So far, two stories look promising, though one of them needs a fairly serious rewrite. I also have this Batman story that I really want to write, that I know is going to be extremely awesome, but I doubt would ever find life at DC. It refuses to let go of my creative forebrain, though, so I may end up writing … fan fiction. Ahem.

During my travels though the pile, I found ePub versions of a few of my works, and I used Calibre to convert them into DRM-free .mobi format. Everything seems to be okay in the conversion, so I put Hunter and Sunken Treasure into the Kindle Store for 99 cents and 2.99, respectively. It looks like they'll get through the system there by the end of the week. If they do well enough, I'll make it a priority to get Memories of the Future Volume 1 and Happiest Days converted and published there before I go back to Eureka next month.

I would very much like to be one of those people who are making mountains of money self-publishing through the Kindle store, but I'm not all that keen on learning about sparkly vampires and bullshit, so it may be more like molehills for me. Still, the idea of being able to reach a zillion people as easily as "go to the Kindle store" in their Kindle menu is pretty awesome.

A question before I dive back into the pile of Ideas That Didn't Quite Make It: The Complete Works DVDs I took to ECCC were snapped up pretty quickly, and I probably could have sold twice as many as I took with me. I had a lot of fun putting them together, making the little sleeves and putting the seals on them and all that stuff, so I was considering making some more and selling them online, right here. Are you interested in that? Leave a comment for me so I can get a sense of what, if any, demand there is for that sort of thing, okay?

If you got one of the DVDs, I'd love to hear what you thought about it, and if you are happy with your purchase, too.

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  1. Just a thought – have you considered getting plantable seed paper for your DVD holder thingie deals? You know, so that when folks have put everything from the disc onto their fancy technology, they can go plant the holder deal and then there will be flowers or herbs or lettuce or something leafy grown from it. I mention it because it seems a responsible resource use kind of thing, and you seem to be that kind of guy.
    Quite the cool notion, to my mind. I know that there are paper companies out West that make such stuff. @porridgepapers in Lincoln, NE (which is not the same as the West Coast) is the only place that I can think of, but that’s because they are the ones that I know! (natch)
    Also, very happy the DVDs were so popular. Something I would enjoy to have, yes.
    yep. the word is sleeves.

  2. I like your creative material and I like you, I mean I would buy a book or e-book download; don’t like kindle much, as I like flipping pages, and don’t like audio books as I prefer to read (and listening to occasional f-words is not fun for me, in print they don’t bother me that much), but probably I am in minority. Your stuff is fun and it would be nice to see it in stores, (and I hate stupid vampires). I think you could make money(!) if you put your stuff out (I mean your work stuff (ha-ha)). How about Facebook ?? I can’t sell much of my own work of paintings, but I have a feeling you could sell your work if you put it out more, and your style and humour is AWESOME

  3. I would definitely buy one of your DVDs if they become available. Since I live in the Midwest, my only opportunity of every meeting you in person is if you come to Gen Con, which I know is too far in the future for you to give a definite “yes” to, yet. (And, technically, I met you at w00tstock Chicago and NOT Gen Con, last year, because I was too pregnant too stand in your autograph line in August. Which is why I really do hope you’re able to make it to Gen Con, this year.) :)

  4. Interestingly, when I searched ‘Wil Wheaton’ in the Kindle store, the following resulted: 1. Just a Geek, 2. Amazon’s Wil Wheaton page, 3. Hunter and 4. The Definitive H.P. Lovecraft: 67 Tales of Horror in One Volume (Halcyon Classics).

  5. Impressive: I just checked and Hunter is available even in the UK Kindle Store and at a good exchange rate. What’s next? Flying pigs?
    One of the main reasons I don’t have a Kindle yet is that most of the books I want aren’t available on it in the UK…

  6. Wil, I would be totally keen to grab a DVD… or the USB version you considered. Maybe @ThatKevinSmith can get you an in for Batman stories at DC… also, please do things of amusing quality at his SmodCastle more often (hopefully when I am on that continent).

  7. Hey Wil! I would be very interested in a super special compilation DVD extraveganza of your collected works. I am thrilled that you are considering the idea as the world needs more Wil!!

  8. Dude.. you know people.
    And you know people that know people.
    What’s even better you have SNG as a calling card.
    Call up DC and get ‘er done!

  9. Hi Wil. I was lucky to get disk 2 of 10 at ECCC, and it was definitely worth it. There’s a generous amount of content included (I’m working my way through the audio section at the moment), you shouldn’t have any problem selling more.
    Thanks for helping to make ECCC awesome.

  10. I know it’s not a direct sale to you, Wil, but I just realized that hey – now would be a perfect time to buy Just A Geek for my Kindle, since I can never find it in my local bookstores. So… There ya go! :)

  11. Hi Wil – I thought I’d try this route to reach you. I need your help. I’m hoping I can use you – and your Twitter following, to help me spread the word about my brother. I’m not asking for money, just asking people to read my blog & then share/tweet about it to increase awareness. I’m using social media to help find my brother a donor kidney. I’m not a candidate, I’m just doing EVERYTHING I can think of to help find a donor.
    The more who read my blog, the more hope of finding a donor and saving his life.
    My blog is as
    If you COULD simply tweet it, its not asking much of you. Simple tweet, something you enjoy doing anyway. Twitter can be used for good!
    Thank you in advance! FYI-I’m Ladypn2 on Twitter.

  12. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy (disk 8 of 10) of your collection. My thoughts are as follows:
    1. I have not yet opened the package. I’m waiting for an appropriate moment, when I have time to do it properly.
    Part of me wants to keep it sealed, forever in mint condition, but I’m also aware it was intended to be enjoyed.
    2. $100 is a reasonable asking price for a limited edition, personalised product.
    3. It was a privilege to be one of the competent* and friendly volunteers wrangling your autograph line (*again, sorry we made you late for the photo op on Saturday).

  13. I came out as a fanfiction writer about two years ago on the SFX Magazine site. I’m one of their volunteer bloggers, and I wrote a blog about fanfiction before the site went all new-like and that blog, along with many others, went to the land of wind and ghosts.
    That was the first time I’d admitted my fanfiction writing in any sort of public way. I was very nervous to do so, but in the end I came out. Guess what? That blog generated gobs of comments and most actually followed Wheaton’s Law. I expected a huge backlash and the stereotypical responses of “fanfiction is for twelve-year-old girls,” etc, etc, etc.
    Didn’t happen.
    Turns out that a lot of people don’t judge fanfiction writers the way we writer-types think they do, and many people enjoy our meager offerings quite a bit. So you write your Batman story, Wil, and don’t let anyone judge you for it. (And that includes you and the Voice.)
    Fanfiction was my first step to actual writing, and while I contend that yes, there is a ton of crap out there, there is a lot that is very good, too. And since my fic led directly to my first paid writing job, I must say that I’m grateful there is an audience for such a thing as fanfic. I’m also grateful that fic writers are brave enough to put themselves out there for the world to see. Without those first stories I read years ago, I wouldn’t be writing anything now. So write away – even if it’s fic. Because writing makes writing easier, no matter what. Be brave, Wil. Write something crazy and new and *gasp* fanfiction-y. After all, I heard once that creativity is the absence of fear.
    Isn’t that right? *grin*
    (And besides, I’d so read that fanfic myself!)

  14. A little late. But yes please more DVDs. I asked every ECCC bound enforcer who was coming to east to try and get me one and they couldn’t get there soon enough

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