here i dreamt i was an architect

My brain desperately wants to write some stories, so I've been digging through the pile of Ideas That Didn't Quite Make It to see if anything in there inspires me, or is at least worth dusting off and poking with a sharp stick. So far, two stories look promising, though one of them needs a fairly serious rewrite. I also have this Batman story that I really want to write, that I know is going to be extremely awesome, but I doubt would ever find life at DC. It refuses to let go of my creative forebrain, though, so I may end up writing … fan fiction. Ahem.

During my travels though the pile, I found ePub versions of a few of my works, and I used Calibre to convert them into DRM-free .mobi format. Everything seems to be okay in the conversion, so I put Hunter and Sunken Treasure into the Kindle Store for 99 cents and 2.99, respectively. It looks like they'll get through the system there by the end of the week. If they do well enough, I'll make it a priority to get Memories of the Future Volume 1 and Happiest Days converted and published there before I go back to Eureka next month.

I would very much like to be one of those people who are making mountains of money self-publishing through the Kindle store, but I'm not all that keen on learning about sparkly vampires and bullshit, so it may be more like molehills for me. Still, the idea of being able to reach a zillion people as easily as "go to the Kindle store" in their Kindle menu is pretty awesome.

A question before I dive back into the pile of Ideas That Didn't Quite Make It: The Complete Works DVDs I took to ECCC were snapped up pretty quickly, and I probably could have sold twice as many as I took with me. I had a lot of fun putting them together, making the little sleeves and putting the seals on them and all that stuff, so I was considering making some more and selling them online, right here. Are you interested in that? Leave a comment for me so I can get a sense of what, if any, demand there is for that sort of thing, okay?

If you got one of the DVDs, I'd love to hear what you thought about it, and if you are happy with your purchase, too.

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  1. For those of us not privileged enough to make it to ECCC, having the opportunity to purchase this special DVD would be most appreciated (and full of sparkly stuff)!

  2. I would certainly be interested as I too was not able to make it to ECCC, as the globe is too big and my car not yet waterproof, nor able to fly. This is supposed to be the future I want my flying car, but seeing as that is unavailable geeky shiny things will keep me more than happy.

  3. I will definitely buy it. I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to buy it from you on a Con (I live in france) so if you put it on sell online I would buy one

  4. I have exhaustively studied the eBook self publishing phenomenon over the last, at least, day. It is relevant to my interests as a soon to (edit: the word “be”) any-day-now, maybe a year-or-two self publishing eBook author.
    But that’s besides (beside?) the point. The point is for all of you pioneer revolutionaries to buy each other’s eBooks and plug them on teh social networkz. That technique seems to be working out quite well for some. I’m rabidly following any independent author on Twitter and retweeting any self promotion they do for books I’ve read of theirs. I will certainly be forking out some moolah for your current and future works (when they arrive triumphantly at the Kindle store), based only on the fact that you mentioned them on Twitter.
    With your geek super powers, Wil, getting in on the courtesy retweets with eBook Internet God Authors such as @jakonrath, @amanda_hocking and meta accounts like @AuthorNetwork can only help all of them and yourself at the same time.
    Why am I preaching to you? In the comments section of your own blog, no less? Why, indeed.

  5. Isn’t ANY Batman story not written by Bob Kane fan fiction, in a way? It’s just that some of it gets officially published and some doesn’t.

  6. I would most certainly be interested! Especially since the last two copies of the book I *really* wanted were snapped up by the guy in line in front of me at ECCC. :-)

  7. Wil, don’t be afraid of teh ebookz. Among Smashwords, B&N, Amazon/KDP and my own sales direct from my site I do about $200/mo not counting paperbacks (another $20 or so) or subscriptions to my site (another $150 or so), and I’m a nobody; you have a name and a following. It’s early days for me still–about six months. I think when more of my series comes out I’ll do even better. And no vampires of any variety are in any of my books. :)
    I’d offer to let you pick my brain, but I’m sure you’ve got lots of help already. Jump in. You have absolutely zero to lose.

  8. Wil,
    First thing, thanks for coming to ECCC. Your Awesome Hour was awesome!
    I was not lucky enough to grab a DVD, but would still love one. Make it so…please.

  9. I would definitely be interested in one of those DVD’s… as long as you’re still selling them when I eventually get money to buy them; but it’s a great idea :)

  10. Wil, I’m listening to “Just a Geek” and liking it very much. Haven’t gotten a chance to read much yet, but will start shortly. For those wondering, this DVD was worth much more than the $100 I spent on it. The man, as most of us already know is not only amazing, but humble and candid in these glimpses into his life. Thank you again for the opportunity, Wil.

  11. Wil, count me in on the DVD list, a nerd wanting to read a geek’s work. you do have a terrific way with words

  12. Not only would I want one, I also would really like to purchase one for a friend of mine, as well!
    (Is there a way to get a copy that has sparkles on it? I’m not so much into the vampires, but if I could proudly hold my copy aloft, and watch the sun gleam off the little tiny metallic quadrangles, proclaiming, “I Got Sparkles from Wil Wheaton”, well, I’d quickly have to set new goals to achieve.)

  13. To be honest, after my first glance at this disk, I was disappointed in my purchase. I had only experienced your more serious writings, like “Hunter” (which we could discuss later), and “The Day After”, having just read it hours prior to ECCC opening. So, tonight I thought I’d give it a second chance, and I’m glad I did! In fact, I’m only writing this because I needed to breathe and take a break from laughing so hard during Chapter 1 of “Just a Geek”. I hadn’t experienced your humorous writings yet. I’m looking forward to hearing more and enjoying the much needed laughter. Thanks for doing this DVD!
    See you at PAX Prime.
    Dave (the annoying guy)
    #4 of 10

  14. That’s quite the comment.
    Since Wil has just started publishing his “non-humorous” fiction it’s awesome that he’s already received a “I loved your ‘new’ stuff so much I was worried that your ‘old’ stuff wouldn’t be my ‘thing.'”
    I bet it kinda makes him feel like Pink Floyd post Syd.
    Oh, Wil, wanna feel old? David Gilmour just turned 65… he’s a frickin’ senior citizen now! Sigh.

  15. Yes to your DVD (or flash drive).
    And a BATMAN, story? It’s not the one where your little brother says “I’m Batman!” is it? πŸ˜‰
    Seriously, why don’t you run it by @ThatKevinSmith since he has recently published one? Maybe he can hook you up? Or that other writer guy you know, that Neil guy, I bet he could help open a door. :)

  16. I was one of the lucky few to get the DVD, however I cannot speak to the content as I dare not break the seal and open it. It is a something to sit on a shelf and be admired. Of course if you were to sell more of them I could purchase one and then be able to enjoy the content.

  17. I’d buy one! Saw you at the Guild panel at ECCC. You were great! We (my hubby, son, and I) were sitting by the lucky guy who received your special doodle/drawing! Hilarious! I missed meeting you. We made it to the 3rd floor just as you were ducking out. So we met Jonathan and Brent instead. I have your books on my Amazon wish list and love radio free burrito. But it would be GREAT to have eprint versions on my phone so I could read them ANY old time! Thanks, Wil!

  18. If you were to put more DVD’s up for sale here, I would certainly want…… nay NEED to purch-ize one. Then you would need to come to Chicago to deliver it. You know, because you’re that kind of awesome. πŸ˜‰

  19. Yes. Kindle first, and then other stores as I get the files properly formatted and get set up for selling in B&N, etc.

  20. I say go for it! If I had made it to you in time I would have picked one up at ECCC, if not for myself, then for my partner. Though I think he would have your audiobooks playing non stop in the car which might start to drive me crazy… who knows.

  21. Just checked the Kindle store in the decrepit United Kingdom and the only Wil Wheaton listing they have is for “Just a Geek” which already owning in hard back thanks to my father having it imported from the US of A is, I hate to use the word for an item of your work, but superfluous. Am I missing a trick or do Amazon need a kick up the English arse?

  22. I’d love to buy any and all of your books in Kindle format. You are an incredible writer. Life tends to throw us all curves balls from time to time and you hit this one out of the park. Take that voice of self doubt! Your writting is both entertaining and enlightening. Thank you for the laughs and opportunity for reflection.
    As for the DVD I’d be happy to own such a collection.
    Best Wishes, Tim.

  23. Speaking of Memories of the Future… Are there plans for Volume 2? I really loved Volume 1. I would also be very interested in the DVD.
    Enjoy your burrito!

  24. Hi Wil!

    Good luck selling your books on Amazon, and thanks for making them DRM-free etc. As a fellow writer, I have some plans to sell some E-books on too and hopefully be able to sustain myself eventually (I have some aspirations of becoming the next “IT” writer, but I know that it likely won’t go to happen. (Though I’m not planning to completely give up on hope.) The way I see it, if I’m going to publish a book (including an E-book), it will need more writing and editorial work than just packaging a bunch of essays or stories I’ve written. My plan is to make the books under one of the Creative Commons licences (and admit it), but make it a matter of convenience and appreciation of my work to buy it on After a while, I may publish the book on my homepage in HTML form (and naturally the sources will be available for people who are tech savvy enough to use them.).

    Oh and truly awesome people don’t use the word “awesome” more than once in a post or a comment. Oh wait… damn! Where’s the cancel button?

    Opossumly yours and stay opossum, — Shlomi Fish.

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